1. Girl Meets World - New Influences

    Date: 5/17/2018, Categories: Celebrities, Group Sex, Lesbian, Author: LouiseFairfax, Source: xHamster

    Girl Meets World - New Influences[Takes place during:Girl Meets Demolition]Have you ever had one of those days when you sit by the bay window in your room with your best friend and you two try to come up with a good scheme to make money by selling all of your clothes? Well, that's what happened to Riley Matthews and Maya Hart. Riley and Maya came up with a good scheme to sell all of their clothes and where did they sell their clothes at? A certain little clothing store called Demolition. The best friends entered the store to sell their clothes and they met a salesgirl named Aubrey and Riley bought the Imaginatia dress with the card that her mother gave her for emergencies only.To make a long story short, Topanga found out about this and confronted Aubrey and Riley came up with a plan to get their clothes back. Later that evening back at the apartment, Riley, Maya and Topanga were sitting on the couch folding their clothes until somebody knocked on their door. Topanga walked over to the door and opened it; the person who arrived was Aubrey. Riley and Maya looked at each other and wondered what Aubrey was doing here."You really think I could become a good lawyer?" Aubrey asked."You've got skills, but you use your skills against people." Topanga said as Aubrey enters the apartment. "I use my skills to help people who have a voice. You want to be a good lawyer, first you gotta be a good person. Do you want to be a good person?""How would I do that?" Asked Aubrey."Well, first ... you find a friend like her and never let her float away." Maya said. Riley smiles at Maya as Maya laid her hand on top of her wrist."Can we talk about it? I could maybe use some new influences." Aubrey said."Oh, we have a great place to talk." Riley said."Yeah, and we can stay there as long as you want." Topanga said as Riley and Maya lead Aubrey into her bedroom to talk. Topanga gently pinches Auggie's cheek while he was colouring a picture with his father."Auggie, do you think that look worked for me?" Cory asked."Yes, Mr. Timberlake." Auggie said looking annoyed as he stopped colouring and put his head down on the table while Cory smiles happily with glee.While Cory and Auggie were colouring pictures in Auggie's colouring book, Riley and Maya entered Riley's bedroom and sat down by the bay window as Aubrey and Topanga entered and closed the door behind them."This is our special place to talk." Riley said."Feel free to sit down." Maya said. Aubrey walks over to the bay window and sits down next to Maya while Topanga sits down next to Riley."So, you want to be a good person?" Riley asked."Yes, I was hoping that you three could make some good influences in my life." Aubrey said."Oh, yeah." Topanga said. “Is there anything else you want to talk about?" Topanga asked."Yes." Aubrey replied."Well, what is it?" Riley asked."Well, I find you, your mother and your best friend attractive. Maybe we can have some fun." Aubrey said."Aubrey, my husband and my son are in the other room." ...