1. Madison's Awakening Part 2, January, Saturday 28th-Sunday 29th, 2017

    Date: 5/17/2018, Categories: True Story , Bisexual, Consensual Sex, Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Lesbian, Lesbian, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Written by women, Author: Little_Lexa, Source: sexstories.com

    Madison's Awakening Part 2, January, Saturday 28th-Sunday 29th, 2017 Note: This is second part of the story of my roommate coming out to me as bisexual, how our relationship has developed, and how she became a part of our friends with benefits group. This Friday night started out with my best friends and me getting ready to go out and have fun. Some of us made other plans but it was made clear tonight was all about Robin and Charlotte getting Maddi to be more open with her bisexuality while I went off to have fun with a couple I have been going out with recently. This story picks up after I left the girls at the bar and went to my friends place. Part2: As we arrived and Pete and Amy’s house, I went through my weekly routine letting the others know exactly where I landed. I also decided to share my location with Maddi too. After a minute or so, I got the alert that she was sharing hers with me. We went inside to enjoy each other’s company for the night. I arrived home early in the morning, so early it was still dark out. I made my way in through a side door to the Dorm so as not to catch hell from the R.A. for being out so late. I walked into my room to find two, beautiful naked women asleep in separate beds. Maddi was on her bed and Robin was on mine. I dropped my stuff and stripped out of my clothes. Robin was sprawled all across my bed. Maddi was curled in a ball leaving enough room for me on her small, twin bed. I stepped up on her bed to settle in behind her and slipped ... one arm under her neck and the other; I lay on her side and let my hand rest on her firm belly. I noticed her wake slightly and smiled as she pulled my arm tighter, against her side. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and a few minutes later, we were sound asleep. Somehow, through our sleep, I managed to roll over to face the wall and Maddi was pulled in behind me tightly as big spoon. She had pulled the covers up over us to keep the winter chill away. I moved slightly to keep from waking her when she raised her hand up and whispered, asking if I was awake. I rolled my head over and smiled before kissing her lightly on the lips and just said “Yes, how are you feeling this morning?” She told me that after I left, Robin and Charlotte brought her back her and they had a wild night of their own. I asked what happened and she just told me they were her memories and that she might share someday and have me write about them, but for now, she wanted to keep them to herself. She told me Charlotte decided to head back to her and Robins room because he left her medication and had to go take it, and that left Robin and Maddi alone. She said they fooled around for a little while longer and took a shower together before Robin got out, and toweled off. Maddi said when she stepped back into our room, Robin was passed out in my bed. I laughed and told her that I saw her. Just then, Robin pounced on both of us asking “You two bitches talking about me?” and began laughing. She told us to get dressed ...