1. Revealing Vacation Pt. 07

    Date: 5/17/2018, Categories: Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Author: byffmballsdeep, Source: Literotica

    We were nearing the end of our vacation and were almost wore out from all the sex. Once again we slept in and lazily decided what to do for the afternoon. I said that I could sure go for another massage with Mercedes and my wife gave me that look like she was concerned I was actually falling in love with Mercedes. She was right to some degree as I really did want to make Mercedes a long term fuck toy. She thought it might be a good idea to not get a massage that day. After being so cooperative the last several weeks she may have finally came back to her senses a little bit. I hoped not. We decided to hit the pool and it felt great to get in and out of the pool sunning ourselves. There were a few other couples in the area but nothing that caught our attention. We eventually finished with a trip to the sauna. As we enjoyed the hard sweat two women entered and it was Heather and Lara. My wife had not yet met them and she had no idea they were even at the resort so I began fantasizing about what that dirty girl Heather may have planned. My cock immediately stuck straight out which made my wife curious why those two set me off so quickly. All I could manage was, "Just look at them. They both look yummy." They knew that because I didn't introduce them my wife didn't know who they were. All four of us had swimsuits on and none of them had much coverage. It was obvious that Heather and Lara had amazing bodies and they couldn't stop staring at my wife's beautiful, curvy body. Her ... tits were bigger and fuller than theirs and the two women were already under their influence. Earlier I had been pretty shocked to see the sisters kiss and touch each other at the pool while watching my wife masturbate. I already knew they both were very naughty and I probably shouldn't have been too shocked by their behavior but I wasn't expecting them to finger fuck each other in public like they did either. From everything I knew about them I was confident they were up for anything. We all sat making small talk and there was nothing I could do to make my cock calm down. Not that I really wanted it to. It stayed thick and hard the whole time we talked and finally Heather pointed at my cock and asked my wife, "Is it always like that?" After some nervous giggles my wife said, "It must be very, very hungry this afternoon." Lara asked my wife, "Does it like a buffet or is it a picky eater?" We all had a pretty good laugh about that one and still my cock was rock hard. I had been waiting for this day for several weeks and I finally was going to fuck all three of these women together. After an awkward pause my wife decided to drop the pretenses and told the two women that I obviously wanted to fuck them both and then she told them she would like to watch. She told them that I had watched her fuck two men earlier in the week and it was a huge turn on for her. They both knew that my wife fucked their husbands but my wife still didn't know who they were. I had all I could take at that ...