1. Waiting After Work - Part Two

    Date: 5/17/2018, Categories: BDSM, Author: kyra1284, Source: LushStories

    "Rough day, babygirl?" You're eyeing me up and down unaware that I look slightly disheveled because I've just been fucked by the four friends you'd invited over before your arrival. My pussy is still throbbing with burning need, but I'm aware of the bruises on my thighs, caused by their hands gripping me, are starting to darken. You slowly move closer to me, still examining me as I nervously smile and kiss your neck. "I'm gonna need your help with my friends, dear," you say as I sink to my knees and begin kissing the bulge in your jeans. I'm thinking of all the ways I could " help" your friends, knowing we are on two completely different pages at the moment. "What kind of help?" I ask, looking up at you while I undo your belt and slip your jeans down over your hips. "The guys are here to watch that UFC fight and I'd love you to make some food and grab everyone drinks, babygirl," you tell me. A wave of unease moves over me at the thought of serving your friends who have already gotten what they need from me without you knowing. I look up at you before my mouth begins exploring your exposed erection and say, "Of course love, anything you need." I squeeze my legs together on the cool floor of your bedroom, trying my best to conceal the marks of my recent infidelity. You drag a finger slowly across my cheek and down the side of my throat before grabbing a strand of my hair. I freeze as you curiously rub my hair between your fingers, examining something, and dread pools in my ... stomach. "What is this?" you ask, yanking my hair in front of my face. I see the dried cum from who-knows-which of your friends. "Umm... I... I'm not sure," I stammer after I remove my lips from your cock. You cut me off by shoving it back in, deep into my throat. I close my eyes, blinking away tears as I gag on your eight-inch member. "You think I don't know what my cum looks like dried in your hair?" you say angrily while you fuck my face. As quickly as you filled my mouth, you remove your cock, a trail of my saliva dripping off the head. "Tell me," you pull my head back by my hair so I'm forced to look up and lock eyes with you, "who did you let take your body without my permission?" "I... I don't know, sir. I was blindfolded," I respond nervously, the dread becoming a heavier weight in the pit of my stomach. "Why were you blindfolded?" Your tone is demanding and angry, yet I can see a hint of excitement. "Sir, I bound and blindfolded myself waiting for you to come home, but your friends --" "And you let them cum on my body?" you interject, pulling my head back harder and rubbing your bulging head across my lips and cheek. "Yes, sir." I close my eyes, knowing I have completely disobeyed you. I await my sentence. "Did you enjoy it?" "Yes, sir." "So, you never once told them to stop. Just let them all fuck you like a cheap whore?" "Yes, sir, that's correct." My pussy aches with need and I know my punishment will only delay the orgasm I've so desperately wanted all day. You pull ...