1. My Neighbours

    Date: 7/10/2018, Categories: Mature / Older First Time Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: Davo60, Source: xHamster

    A TALE OF TRUTH & FANTASY3 doors around from where I live, 14 yrs ago a young Pakeha family moved in, mother gorgeous to look at but she has a potty mouth, father handsome enough is a career person with a little pot stomach, the daughter spotty nosed teenager and about 10 yrs ago the family adopted a black African Boy.The daughter has had a trail of boyfriends since finishing Senior high the same year my boys did, she is now 23yrs old, the Africa boy has just started Junior High [yr7].Things have changed the father isn’t around anymore, daughters boyfriend aint around either. The mother is dressing like her daughter.Over Christmas a big black people mover van started parking on our street or up there drive and every weekend a tribe of k**s rolls out of the van.The driver is of Maori descent solid build. His legs are muscle all the way up under his short shorts, his arms are all muscle too. His chest is awesome, his man boobs are muscled & firm. He is a 40 something Maori hunk.Looking at the bulge in his short shorts he would be a good 10-12 inches long and thick to go with it. Man I am drooling just writing this. In the still of the evening you can hear his love making efforts with the mother you know it’s her voice as his cock is in her hot pussy and her multiple orgasms till you hear his bull roar and her scream then everything goes quiet for a while then it all starts again this time taking longer, longer gaps between her mini orgasms ...
     and then his bull roar & her scream are quieter [still audible].I wouldn’t be surprised if he is also servicing the daughter too. The daughter looks different and looks fulfilled, she was constantly mouthing now she is polite. The other night I heard a younger female voice been fucked and the Bull roar when he came. Sounded like she was riding his huge dark cock minutes after her orgasm this time she was having minor orgasms till I heard his roar an hour later. His stamina and ability to fuck so much.A couple of hours later I was woken by a car roaring into that neighbours drive and within an hour I could hear her riding his huge Maori cock he roared and you could hear her muffled scream. I start fantasizing of his huge cock filling her mouth till she gets him wet, it sounds like he is chewing on her pussy lips creating mini orgasms till I here her telling him to ride her pussy harder then a slap oh I think his cock slipped into her arse then you hear the riding and the moaning out loud as she is about to cum then everything goes silent, by this time its nearly 3am.Were the father has gone we have no idea, but long may the new mans cock touch its mark servicing both females in that household. My cock is so hard now.This summer has been so so hot everyone in our neighbourhood has their doors & windows open to get some air circulating while the ceiling fans are going 90 mile an hour just so we can sleep at night.Hope you enjoyed this story