1. That Feeling

    Date: 7/10/2018, Categories: First Time, Mature / Older, Author: CandidBootE, Source: xHamster

    I see her and she looks up to me as I look down at her. For a second it is as if motion slowed down and then she falls forward into my chest and gives me a long hug. We both know, or I know the passion I have for her. Still thinking how it cannot be possible that this amount of beauty can look at me, stare at me with words of how handsome I am. I don't believe it, but I know how beautiful, pretty, how hot she is. Her face is sexy. Her whole body and aura breaths sex, exhaling lust though I feel something different.This feeling is a feeling all people try to run from. We run through red lights, stop signs, we'd run through a brick wall if it didn't leave us thrown to the concrete on our ass. Concluding why we run is like success to some and failure to others, we are scared. This feeling cannot be matched, however, the high of this feeling comes with the same low when you scale both one-to-one. Is it better to have had this and lost it; a question asked far too many times.We talk and I cannot help but smile, I cannot help but try to comfort her as she tears up from the events that had lead her to keep me a secret. She continues on about the emotional, physical and mental abuse and I hurt, my stomach knows I cannot help but it continues to tell me that she and I share this feeling.She turns her head like every movie with any girl you ever saw. Lucky I know, so we began to kiss. This feeling of having her soft lips pressed against mine and her warm tongue batting back and forth ... with mine made me float as we fell from sitting up and bounced on the bed as we stayed latched to each others mouth. It is so amazing that she wants me the way she does, I think. Her hands rubbing my back, the back of my head, her brunette hair so soft. I feel the back of her head and have to stop for a moment. I put her glasses to the side of us, still afraid to look her in her beauty, her eyes, for I still run from this feeling.We breathe, still laying on our sides with our chests to one another. My thigh on her crotch. Our foreheads touching we whisper the same thing. The same nothing about the same feeling we both have no control over. I look at her before we begin to kiss wondering if that is why we run from this feeling. All of these thoughts go through my mind within seconds. It must be our lack of control, our fear of failure, our fear of success.I whisper for her to give me her bottom lip and I suck on it. I then tell her to give me her tongue and I suck on her tongue. As if I am guiding her with a beautiful fluidity I whisper for her to let me lick her teeth. Her tongue was so soft and so plump for a petite little thing. I wanted to suck her tongue until I fell asleep. The passion was so thick, so potent, so intoxicating.She reached down to touch my cock through my jeans and told me that she knew I was big. I began running my tongue to her neck. Her straight brown, dark brown hair was tossed back by my hand running across the back of her head. I ran my tongue, again, ...