1. Breed Beach 4: Assorted Artisan (os)

    Date: 7/11/2018, Categories: BDSM First Time Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: Poet-PETER, Source: xHamster

    BREED BEACH NEEDS EXPERTS AND SPECIALISTS OF ALL SORTS, NOT ONLY BREEDABLE BABES OF TWENTYBREED BEACH needs lots of artisans and specialists to help to build a society from nothing. I select as well on that aspect.BREED BEACH needs nurses and doctors, constructors, economists, PR-people to attract tourists, who'll pay for all of that.Breed Beach Boss Prof. PoPE uses all possible sources: girlfriends from the net from all over the world: Facebook and LinkedIn.Breed Beach Boss Prof. PoPE invites friends from real life, mainly from Europe: England, France, Germany, Holland and Poland.Breed Beach needs spiritual leaders to help me. I invite Marjoleen, my eldest sister, who is only four years younger with her dod.Breed Beach Boss writes a letter to his colleague contemporary student Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam, hot Helena.Breed Beach Boss invites a lot of great gals from his scene of Go-players in Europe and Asia. All are bright & very well-educated.Breed Beach Boss invited his best friends & top-professionals from Poland: journalists, directors, medical specialists & scientists.Breed Beach Boss is happy that most of them are still highly breedable as his brides to be. Others are too old for that, but wanted.Breed Beach Boss previsions dual nationality and resident members, who might be often abroad because of their missions in life.Breed Beach needs helicopters pilots, sailors, farmers, botanists, artisans, musicians, ...
     IT-specialists, and scientists, next to lovers.Breed Beach needs next to wives midwives, to help girls to become my wife by giving birth. We want artists, poets and performers.Breed Beach wants writers, polyglots. language teachers, mathematicians, anthropologists, psychologists and an University Dean.Breed Beach wants filmers, directors, scenarists and camreawomen in large number. Everything 'in eroticis' shall be video-recorded.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BREAD BEACH BOSS HAS HIS CONTACT ALL OVER EURASIA AND THE AMERICAS, EVEN SOME IN AFRICA & AUSTRALIABreed Beach warmly welcomes a plane from Poland with his medical and publicity specialists, as well as a builder with his dod.Breed Beach warmly welcomes his fine friend Marzena to run his clinic, with her three main specialization. As well her parents.Breed Beach warmly welcomes his top-journalist ex-wife withher husband the main constructor, and his BOOBY brunette Beauty.Breed Beach starts to drop their names: Ania, Karol and his Karolina. Gosia who also brings along her dad, who is in his 90-ies..Breed Beach wants mostly women and virgins who fulfill both criteria: breedable young enough, and professionally old enough.Breed Beach presets a few erotic examples below, like Eriin erotisizing economy sexy student, somewhere from the Phillipines.