Date: 7/11/2018, Categories: Anal, First Time, Gay, Author: laceysgirl, Source: xHamster

    His name was Harry Balzer but I called him Hairy Balls he was my college professor in advanced arts class we became friends after a term paper that I wrote caught his eye I think what really caught his eye was my cute round butt that I inherited from my mother but I like to think my term paper was good too! We stayed friends even after college and one weekend Hairy invited me over to his lake house he said he wanted to show me a painting he just acquired I said sure I had nothing going on anyway and a weekend at his lake house sounded like fun! I showed up at his place and we threw my stuff into the back of his SUV along with all his luggage he had packed light just a small suitcase and we got in and drove for hours up in the mountains to this beautiful Crystal Lake his house was amazing and I stared in awe at the spectacular view he told me to unpack and come have a drink so I did and after a few drinks and a lot of small talk about art Hairy asked me if I would like to join him in the hot tub well I was tired and sore from the long ride up there and a soak in the hot tub seemed just the thing I thought we would put on swim trunks and go in but Hairy just shucked off his clothes and his big hairy naked body so unbelievably hairy it was he looked like a bear that had wandered in from the woods He laughed at me staring and said "Don't be shy Sally come on we're both grown men!" I was looking at his huge cock really that was hanging down out of that forest of hair between his ... legs and I thought boy is he big! He called me Sally because my name is Salvatore I'm half Italian on my fathers side but I take after my Irish mom fair skinned and thin boned...I hesitated a moment then I said what the hell and shed my own clothes as well we climbed into the tub with fresh drinks and relaxed I saw Hairy kind of looking at me a little funny there was a kind of horny gleam in his eye that I pretended was not there and we just made small talk about art and the house paintings he had and things going on later he said we should get out and have some dinner so we climbed out and he gave me a towel to dry off with before I could finish drying my hair I felt myself being picked up Hairy was cradling me in his huge hairy arms I said "what are you doing?" Hairy said "What I've been wanting to do since we met Sally!"He carried me off to the bedroom ignoring my protests he lay me on his huge bed and finished toweling me off I just lay there kind of stunned but kind of a little turned on too I had never been with a man sexually but I had thought about it...Then Hairy opened that small suitcase inside was not clothes but oils and lotions and a large assortment of dildo's I stared wide eyed and wondered what he was going to do with all that stuff well I found out soon enough he told me to lay on my stomach so I did I was kind of trembling inside but soon relaxed after he spread oils on my back and began to massage me it felt great then he did my ass rubbing my ass cheeks ...