1. Slut : The Poker Prize

    Date: 7/11/2018, Categories: Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Hardcore, Anal, Author: neilmc123, Source: xHamster

    Slut: The poker prize.You may already of read some of my escapades involving different cocks sliding in and out of my pussy and ass. I’ve worked as a Stripper for a few years, have enjoyed the lusty pleasures of the swinging scene, been on the receiving end of a few photographers cock whilst posing for them and I’ve enjoyed the immense pleasure of numerous lovers.With regard to my next tale, it involves the time my husband James wanted me to be the perfect slut host to him and two friends for an evening of poker. Both guys were unaware of our open relationship lifestyle and James promised if I found them sexually attractive I could engage in some extra marital activities.Most of you will be aware of my 36DD-23-36 figure that is always on view, due to my penchant for the tightest revealing clothing. You all know by now I’m a massive exhibitionist who loves to be the centre of attention. At tonights poker game I was dressed in a skin tight top in shiny black care at the front and black fishnet at the back. It was lace up at the front which my large firm breasts were stretching dramatically. I’d foregone the wearing of a bra and my nipples were like wine corks, pushing against the thin wet look material. I had chosen to wear a tiny, tight black mini skirt, underneath I was wearing fishnet stockings held in place by a sexy black garter belt.My tiny feet were adorned in the most incredibly high heeled black strappy platforms, something I often wore when I was out working the ... stripper circuit. If nothing untoward was to happen, at least I would be sexually gratified in the knowledge that I would tease the living daylights out of the guys tonight.James had prepared the card table, ensuring the chips were near each player, that a glass was at the ready for the beers and the MP3 Player was on low volume playing all of my favourite sexy R&B tunes. On the worktop surface was bowls of potato chips, peanuts and various salty cheese snacks.I walked into the kitchen, my heels clicking loudly on the tiled floor, causing James to turn around. His jaw dropped and a smile broke across his face when he saw my attire for the evening.“Will I prove to be a distraction to your friends?” I smiled seductively, walking across the kitchen, swaying my hips deliberately.“You’re proving to be a distraction to me dressed like the perfect slut!” James grinned, his eyes following every move.I leant against a worktop surface and turned slowly to face James. I moved the tight mini skirt above my pussy, showing James my tight shaved pussy, covered by the most see through thong imaginable. I smiled looking James directly in the eye, which proved fruitless as his eyes were staring at my barely covered shaved mound. Running my middle finger of my left hand, slowly up and down my lace covered slit.“So do you like my outfit for tonight?” I purred, watching James swallow heavily.“I fucking love that I married a dirty slut!” he whispered.I was just about to open my legs and tease James ...