1. Night visit

    Date: 7/11/2018, Categories: Incest / Taboo, Mature / Older, BDSM, Author: swwws, Source: xHamster

    It wasn't quite a thing she thought she would resume. She had come to think of it as of mistake. Andrew could thank Olivia who'd been tended to trust her inner feeling and might've been influence mom in some ways. They were kinda best pals, Nataly and she. At the age of almost forty, they both happened to have in common this strange sentiment, a certain propensity to feel light hearted. Though, it wasn't the Olivia who decided first to act on it. And that is uneasy part. Nataly ended up with a bit of resentment towards her friend, 'cause Olivia had become so relaxed about the whole thing. And what about those sleepovers? Nataly couldn't pretend she didn't knew why her Andrew been spending so much time at his friend's house. The thing is, Nataly felt kinda resistant to be objectified in a sexual way, she preferred something more gentle. And Andrew... He had been watching a lot of porn. He grew to like seeing women reduced to a certain state. It just felt wrong to let him torture her with his needs. On the other side, Olivia didn't seem to mind that at all. Nataly made her a visit once. At night. The unexpected one. Olivia's husband opened the door. "What a wonderful surpise!", he said. Nataly got freaked out for a moment. Half naked man was standing in front of her. How could that be? Does he know about... Did Olivia told him? "John!", Nataly exclaimed, "I'm just... I..." "Have you come to check on your boy? Come on in! They're in our bedroom..." She stepped in. Her ears ... reconized some sort of whimpering. She cautiously, step by step, made her way along the corridor. She was afraid of what she might see... How bad could it be? Nataly had happen to see her friend tied up. Olivia was helplessly moaning, while being mercilessly objectified. Her hands were immobilized over her head. She was unable to bring her legs together, even, cause in between there was some kind of a rod, a stick horizontally placed. And those ropes... They seemed very tight. They constricted any little movement. So, there she was. Olivia. Having no control whatsoever to move away, to prevent her private parts from being exposed. Richy, the younger one, been moving his hips somewhat clumsily, but that's only because Olivia tried to shush him away with her dangling feets. Still he was able to remain his pelvis movements. Every time he slammed into her, Olivia been making a muffled squeal. Her mouth was gagged, but her eyes spoke instead. Could it be some kind of a sick joke? A prank? On Olivia? She never mentioned about Richy being involved. Its all felt too surreal. Nataly stood there dazed. She even hadn't notice someone hugged her from behind. She was too weirded out by watching Olivia getting ****d. Jimmy, Olivia's oldest one, snuggled in to Olivia from a side. Seemed, like he'd been taking a break from the action. His hands were all around her breasts at the moment. Sometimes he'd gave them a loud slap, right before Olivia's another squeal. On the bed there was someone else. ...