1. Wedding Interrupted 2 : Wedding Night Blues

    Date: 7/11/2018, Categories: First Time, Author: seeker4, Source: LushStories

    “They’re not here,” read the text from my pal Greg that was the first sign of trouble on my wedding day. Greg, a grad student who worked part-time as a limo driver, had gone to pick up my bride Julia and her bridesmaid Marcy from Marcy’s condo. “What do you mean not here?” I texted back, my heart starting to race. “Literally. The girls are gone. The lady next door thinks she heard them leave around noon,” came the reply. The blood left my face. I sank into a chair and stared at my screen, not quite believing what I was reading. Fortunately, I was in the pastor’s study and not out in public view. My best man Ross and the pastor exchanged worried looks. “What’s up, Curt? You look bad,” said Ross. “Come back then. I’ll try contacting them,” I texted, then turned to Ross. “The girls aren’t at Marcy’s place. Greg says a neighbour told him they left a couple hours ago,” I explained, my voice audibly quivering. “Left? To go where?” my friend asked. “No idea. I’m going to call Julia and find out.” I called my fiancée’s cell phone. After two tries both went to voicemail, so I tried texting instead. “Where are you? What’s going on? Greg says you’re not at Marcy’s place,” I tapped out in a mix of confusion and rising fear. April, Ross’ girlfriend, appeared at the door as I awaited a reply. “Is something wrong? They should be arriving, shouldn’t they?” she asked. “We can’t find Julia and Marcy, hon,” Ross answered, “Just stall for now. Get the pianist to fill the space with some ... suitable music and tell people who ask that there has been a delay in the bride’s arrival.” April frowned, but nodded and left. I kept staring at my phone but no answer appeared. “Nothing?” Ross asked. “Nothing. I’ll try Marcy.” Finding the bridesmaid’s number, I fired off a text similar to the one I’d sent Julia. Moments later, a response from my bride finally arrived. “We’re fine Curt. Didn’t you get my email this morning?” she wrote. “What fucking email?” I fired back, “I didn’t get anything. I have a church full of guests. Get over here.” “Can’t. Not even in town.” “Where are you?” I asked, my worry rapidly giving way to anger. There was a lull before Julia responded to that one. “Can’t say right now. Just forwarded the email. Sent it to your work by mistake.” “Can’t say? Or don’t want to?” I texted. “Both. I really need time away to sort out my feelings, Curt. Read your damn email.” I just about threw the phone across the room but took a few deep breaths instead. An email alert popped up so I opened it. It was the expected one. “Dearest Curt,” she wrote, which had me rolling my eyes, “I have had my eyes opened to how little of life I have experienced. There’s so much more that I want now that I never even thought of before. These new desires are driving me a bit crazy and I need time to sort things out. By the time you read this, I will have left town for a while. We can meet and talk when I get back. All of this means that the wedding is off. I can’t marry you right now. I’m ...