1. Unexpected Turn of Events

    Date: 7/11/2018, Categories: Crossdressing, Author: jessicaCD08, Source: LushStories

    I sat in my favourite bar sipping at my glass of Chardonnay; I had been coming to ‘The R Lounge’ for a couple of years. I watched the guy talking to his friends across the room. They were all dressed with a bit if style but he had caught my attention. He was wearing trousers with a casual blue and black stripped shirt. He was probably five feet nine inches tall. He had an average build; not to slim but trim enough to know that he tried to stay fit. I guessed he was around forty years old. But what drew me to him was the way he looked. He had more than a passing resemblance to Harrison Ford in his Han Solo phase. I just loved that look and had had many a dirty dream in my younger days about that scoundrel Han Solo. I had come out this evening with the intention of finding a date. So I had dressed a little sexy, smoky eye shadow, long eye lashes, blusher and my favourite cherry red lipstick. My hair falling to my shoulders with subtle curls. A silk navy blouse and a floral above the knee length A-line skirt. Under neither I was wearing my brand new ‘Pour Moi Amour Basque’ and ‘Pour Moi Amour’ shorty panties, both in a lovely black blue colour scheme. Attached to the Basque suspenders a pair of deep lace top black stockings finished with my favourite blue four inch heels. I crossed my legs just enough that my skirt gave the tiniest of glimpse of stocking lace and hoped my prey would notice me. I tapped my red painted nails against my wine glass as I watched him. I saw one of ... his group point in my direction and as he turned my way I smiled. Hoping that would be a signal to him to come over. The barman brought me another drink. I was surprised as I had not yet ordered another one. He saw the confused look on my face and just said, “From an admirer, Jessica.” I looked at the guy across the bar to make an effort to thank him. But he was not looking at me; in fact he was not paying me any attention at all. I scanned the bar looking for my mystery admirer and could not work it out. “Hi,” came a voice behind me. I turned and saw Geri; my neighbours' twenty-nine year old daughter. My mind raced from this unexpected turn of events. I had kept my crossdressing from those I knew including those where I lived religiously to avoid any abuse and here in front of me stood someone who could bring my world crashing down. “Hello, Hun,” I responded pretending not to know her. “What’s your name?” Geri asked. “Jessica, what’s your name? “Jessica like you don’t know, you’ve lived two doors away from me for six years!” Geri said with a big grin on her face. My mouth went dry and my heart virtually burst from my chest. Geri giggled as she saw the emotions of fear run across my face. “Please Geri, I don’t want a scene, please I don’t want people to know?” I stammered, not knowing what I was going to do about the situation. “Relax Jessica, who do you think bought you the drink?” “You?” “Yes, I did. Now take a big sip and let’s talk.” Geri explained that there had been ...