1. Daddy, The Devil, and Me: Day 01

    Date: 7/11/2018, Categories: Gay, Author: byDarkBroski, Source: Literotica

    DADDY, THE DEVIL, AND ME: OPENING "Do it." He whispered into Drake's ear. Drake had found himself. Kneeling before his son. Looking up at him. Staring into his eyes. He couldn't tell if it was a look of terror, or total submission. "Give into it," whispered the voice again, "This was meant to happen." Drake could feel all rational thought leaving him. The voice seducing him into acting out the most depraved thing he could think of. And he liked it. **********A few days earlier********* Day: 1 Year: 1982 - Summer Location: Car garage on the outskirts of a town in Massachusetts. (Drake's Shop) Drake was a car mechanic. Most days he'd be at the Car Shop he owned working on the neighborhood cars. He had a couple employees, they were loyal, but never quite understood the way a car works like Drake did. He had started the shop 18 years ago, when he had just turned 20. He accidentally got some stupid bitch pregnant, she had the baby and left it on his doorstep for him to handle. He didn't really mind though, due to his knowledge of cars, and dreams of college suddenly taken away, it was only natural he start his own car repair business and it let him live a simple life. With his new born son. His son's name is Adam. He couldn't remember why the name Adam was chosen but that's what it was. His 18th birthday was approaching and he was hoping to fix up an old car and give it to him for a birthday gift. He was also hoping his son was staying out of enough trouble so history didn't ... repeat itself. He was working on said car, underneath it on his back trying to find an oil leak. He never heard the suited man come up. When he rolled out from underneath he jumped at the unexpected appearance. "Holy SHI- . I'm sorry I didn't notice you there." Drake said to the man. "No worries. I think I'm to blame on that one." His eyes glinted as they made eye contact with Drake. "What can I do you for?" Drake asked. "Well you see, I was passing through town, and sure enough as soon as I got to the other side of it my car broke down. I just walked about a half mile down the road there and this luckily was the first building I came up to." Said the well-groomed man. For some reason Drake paused. Somehow, this man he was sure he never had seen before had a very familiar quality about him. As if maybe they had met in a dream. And though the man was very well groomed and definitely fit, he had an almost larger than himself stature. Making him look much bigger and taller than what he probably was. Black hair, dark brown eyes. Those eyes. Something about those eyes. Peering down at him. Enveloping him, making him feel... "Drake?" "Oh, sorry," Drake shook himself together and began to stand up, "Wait. I didn't tell him my name... did I? Maybe he saw it on a card somewhere." Drake thought to himself as he reached out to shake his hand. "And you are?" "Clarence." Said the man as he firmly grasped Drake's hand. He flashed Drake a smile and his eyes seemed to shine even brighter. For a ...