1. Blackmailed by Fater-in-law

    Date: 7/11/2018, Categories: Anal, Interracial, Incest / Taboo, Author: runzaton, Source: xHamster

    Blackmailed By Father In Law Ch. 1by hot-hot (C) thanks you all liked my first story " spying the sister"hope you will like this one also.Toby was moaning in her bed as her first door neighbor pushed his cockin and out of his beautiful cunt. She was urging him to do so. She wasin so much heat and in a wanton state for his cock. His huge cock wasgoing deep in her cunt. Their affair started two weeks ago. Toby was25 years old and was married for 2 years. She was living with herfamily in a good house and was having a very comfortable life. Hisnext-door neighbor, James was a 40 year old and was having his ownfamily with a son and wife. Toby's husband Jack was gone to a tour andshe was free of any fear of being caught by any one. So she has calledher boyfriend to have a hot fuck. Now she was enjoying his cock in herpussy. She was having a very beautiful body with shapely legs and bigboobs. " Oh. James fuck my pussy with your hot and big cock I am inneed of it. Please give it me deep." She moaned. And James pushed hiscock deep to her womb.Mr. Jon entered the home. He heard the moans of her daughter in lawand smiled on that. "Jack is always crazy about that hot bitch." Hethought. He moved to his own room and then heard. "Oh James you are sodeep in my cunt oh I want it hard and deep." Jon stunned to hear thatname. He knew that he was his next-door neighbor's son. He moved toher room and looked through the open door, as it was not closed. Jameswas on her beautiful daughter in law ... and his cock was deep in herpussy and he was fucking her. Jon was surprised to see that. Hethought something and smiled. Then he opened the door abruptly andboth were surprised to see him. Toby was not expecting him so early.James pulled his cock out of her pussy and she gave it up with a moanand both stood up. Toby pulled a sheet on her naked body and Jamespicked his clothes and ran by Jon standing near the door.Toby was yet naked under the sheet not able to see into her father inlaw's eyes. He came near her and said, "What was that dear?" shemumbled am sorry Mr. Jon." He ignored her apologize and asked, " forhow long its going on?" she was unable to say any thing. He smiled "Jack will really be shocked by this when I will tell him about you.That her wife is fucking another man. He might leave you or may killyou. What do you think Toby?""No please you will not say anything to Jack. It may ruin my life.Please Jon. I promise you that I will never do such thing again." Shelooked to him and found him looking on her body curves and nudeshoulders and upper parts of her boobs. He was having a shine in hiseyes. "Yes Toby here can be a deal between us." He said. "What type ofdeal?" she looked at him with surprise. "It depends on you what youcan do for an old man of 60 like me." he said while rubbing hiscrotch. She was frightened. She looked at his hand on his growingbulge of his crotch and understood his demand. "No you cant do that.It's impossible. I will not do anything for you. No. ...