1. A Naughty Schoolgirl

    Date: 7/12/2018, Categories: Love Stories, Author: SeanR83, Source: LushStories

    My name is Ethan James. I am by no means a ladies’ man, but every once in a while, I get a bit of luck, but no more. Now I am a one girl kind of guy. I am a twenty-five year old and have been going to bars and clubs from the day it became legal for me. (And even a little before I was legal too. Don’t tell the cops.) I have short brown hair and light brown eyes. I keep my beard trimmed close to my chin. A bit like a stubble effect, but I keep it like that. I go to my favourite club every Thursday night and over the past three years all the staff know me. It was a normal Thursday night about two years ago, and I got dressed in my white shirt, dark trousers and dress shoes. I splashed a little cologne on my cheeks and made my way to my favourite spot. When I got there the queue was longer than usual. The bouncer, a big guy by the name of Jason let me through in front of all the others, much to the anger of some of those waiting. I walked up the stairs to the VIP and another bouncer let me past. When I got to the top of the stairs and walked into the VIP I thought I had by mistake gone back to school. Dancing on the VIP dance floor were twenty or so teenagers dressed in different types of school clothes. Some wore full school uniforms and some wore school skirts and white shirts and a school tie. The boys there were the same. All of them were in some form of school clothing. I walked over to the bar and the barmaid laughed at the confused look on my face. “It’s an eighteenth ... birthday party. They all came dressed in school uniform.” (In England, we are legal to drink from 18.) I smiled at her as she poured my beer out. I slowly sipped my beer and watched as the teenagers danced and had fun. I could already see that some of them had too much to drink. That was when she caught my eye. She was as cute as a button and very sexy too. She was about eighteen years old, same as the rest of them, but she had something about her. She had short blond hair tied into two little pigtails. She had light blue eyes and a smile to die for. She wore a school blouse that was tied in a knot, showing off her flat belly and a mini plaid school skirt showing off her amazing legs. To finish off her outfit she wore a school tie and white socks. I do have to say I got a bit of a hard-on just looking at her. It must have been a sixth sense or something because she looked right up at me. I smiled at her and motioned her over. She smiled and walked over to me. “Hi, I am Ethan can I buy you a drink?” I shouted over the noise of the music. She smiled back and nodded. I got her a beer and she took a swig before turning to me and saying, “I am Marie. Thanks for the beer.” I smiled back and soon we were talking like old friends. Marie was eighteen years old and was in a school not far from where I live. She and all her friends (well, the ones over eighteen) came out to celebrate a friend’s eighteenth birthday. She pointed the girl out. She wore a school uniform and a tiara. I commented ...