1. My Angry Tenants Ch. 15

    Date: 7/12/2018, Categories: Gay, Author: byrae121452, Source: Literotica

    It was a hot August night with a full moon. Ron and Gary had been working since sunup to finish a remodeling job in a un-air conditioned building and it had been in the 90's all day. Even now, at 10pm it was still in the 80's and they had 20 miles of country road to cover to get home. Gary was in his favorite summer work outfit; a tight pair of 501's cut off so high they barely held his balls in and a worn old white wife beater. Ron's outfit was a pair of nylon gym shorts and a white tee that was cut off at the mid-chest level. Both were wearing work boots and thick work socks and neither one of them had bothered with underwear that morning. The first thing they did after leaving the job was pull in to the all night market on the way home to get a 6 pack for the road. When Ron got out of the truck to go into the store, he noticed a state trooper car parked on the dark side of the building, hidden in the shadows. It was too dark to see who was inside, just the silhouettes of 2 heads so he saluted the car and went in to make his buy. On his way back out, with his 6 pack swinging in one hand he called out, "Have a nice night, officers." as he climbed into the truck. Gary pulled back out onto the road and Ron cracked open a can of beer for each of them which they both downed in one long chug. They hadn't even gone half a mile when the rearview lit up with revolving lights and the trooper car from the market beeped the siren for them to pull over. "Fuck! This is the last thing I ... need tonight. "Gary said as he eased over onto the shoulder. The trooper car pulled in behind them and both officers got out and approached the truck on opposite sides. They both shined their flashlights into the cab and the cop on the driver's side said, "Well, what have we here? Looks like drinking and driving to me." "Aw, man! The moon is bright as daylight, there's nobody else on the road and we're just trying to get home after working all day! Why are you hassling us?" The cop on the passenger side said, "Damn, I think I smell weed in this vehicle, too. I'm going to need both of you boys to step outside the vehicle and show me some identification, please." "Fuck, you're the Man." Gary said as they both climbed out. The cop on Gary's side was a black guy in his 40's, lanky but muscularly built and with a short mustache. Even pissed off, Gary couldn't help noticing the large mound straining at his fly. Ron and the other cop came around the truck and stopped at the tailgate while the first cop herded Gary back to stand beside Ron. The headlights from the squad car lit them both up like they were on stage. Ron's cop was a white guy, also in his 40's with blond hair and a thick build, more muscle than fat. "Where'd you two get those outfits?" the black cop asked. "Is that what you wear to dance on the bar at the fag bar?" Both cops laughed. "No," Gary said. "This is what I wear when I go out cruising for an off duty cop to suck my dick." "You've got a real smart mouth on you, ...