1. Brother Taboo Series: My Master

    Date: 8/10/2018, Categories: Incest / Taboo, Author: byLucyKim, Source: Literotica

    Laurie "Wow, that looks delicious!" I'm greeted in the kitchen by the pleasant smell of fresh brewed coffee and pancakes. There's a plate loaded with them waiting for me at the table, topped with perfect, round blueberries. "It's really good, your brother made them for us," Dad says, sipping on his black coffee with a content smile on his face. "He had it all ready before I got up." It's unusual to have Dad around the apartment. His crazy work schedule keeps him away most of the time, though it does pay for our comfortable lifestyle in one of the most expensive apartment buildings of the city. Breakfast is one way for my brother to show him our appreciation. "You made it all by yourself?" I ask him as I take my seat. My older brother Henry turns his face towards me as he stands by the stove and gives me a caring look through his thick framed glasses. "It's nothing," he says as he flips more pancakes. "Hurry up and eat." "Really Henry," Dad adds, "I don't know what would I ever do without you. You do all the housework, the cooking and the budget, without a single complaint. I'm blessed to have such a good son." "Come on, I feel like I do the bare minimum." "You are humble. I'm sorry I have to rely on you for everything. If I didn't had to work so much, maybe I-" "That's okay, Dad," Henry walks to me and pats my head affectionately, as he's done ever since we were little. "You know I love looking after Laurie." A tingling sensation runs in between my legs as he says this and ... the familiar sensation of getting aroused makes it hard to focus on my food. I give a concealed glance at his crotch, almost eye level to my face, as he stands this close. I have to press my legs together, feeling my panties getting wet. Dad finishes his coffee in one gulp, standing up to grab his coat and suitcase. "Well then, I'm off to work. I don't think I'll be home early, so go on have dinner without me." We wait until we hear the sound of the front door closing. My heart is beating faster. I toy with a berry on my plate, rolling it with my fork, as I wait five second...ten seconds...twenty seconds... The hand that had been stroking my hair so tenderly, now grabs a chunk of it to keeps my head firm in place. I can't even look up. "All right Laurie," Henry's voice is deep and commanding, nothing like the mellow, loving tone he used until now. "You know what's next. Take off your panties." I let out a sight, relief. This is what I've been waiting for. "Yes, Master." ... I had recently turned 21 when this whole thing started, and it's almost been a year, though I must admit a part of me always wanted my brother, five years older than me, to keep me by his side forever. When we were little I even asked him to marry me. "We can't get married, silly, we are related." He said back then, laughing at my innocent proposal. "Auntie said that when people love each other, they get married." "There are different kinds of love. The way a brother loves his little sister is not the same ...