1. Hollys Big Adventure

    Date: 8/10/2018, Categories: Interracial, Author: Holly4bbc, Source: xHamster

    It’s saturday evening. My wife Holly is out of town at a tech seminar for her job. She has to learn how to use some new video conferencing system. I’ve been putzing around the garage all day and now I’m watching college football. The phone rings. It’s Holly. She tells me that the class is over and she’s all excited about what she has learned and what it will mean to the office. After detailing her travel plans and telling me what time I can expect her tomorrow, she gives me an IP address to type into our computer, and says goodbye. I go over to our computer and type it in. There is my wife smiling and saying hi as soon as I connect Wow! I can see and hear her but she only knows that I am connected since our computer doesn’t have their software. Uncharacteristically, she does a sexy little striptease, sits down on the edge of the bed and teasingly holds up her breasts for me to see. This is awesome!! Then she gets into the shower and I can no longer see her. Boring!! She gets out and I watch her towel off. As she is getting dressed, she tells me that the instructors are treating them all to dinner and drinks, and that she might call me back later. She turns to leave and I am left staring at her empty hotel room.It is nearly 7:30. I open a new internet page and leave hers up so I can check back occasionally. I surf for a while checking out some of my favorite interracial porn sites, and scope out her empty room every once in a while. It’s around 10 o’clock. I’m going to ... check her room one more time. If she’s not in, I’m going to bed. I click over and the picture is in motion. There’s Holly turning to follow as the camera pans around her. There is a male voice explaining something about the camera. Then I notice a man standing slightly behind my wife holding two drinks. The man with the drinks is black, and when the camera comes around again, I see in the mirror that the voice I heard belongs to a black man as well. I hear my wife thanking them for taking the time to show her the additional features of the vid-con system. Apparently, they are in no hurry to leave. She thanks them again for the dinner and drinks.“Well if you really want to thank us, how about a blow job?” the man with the camera asks.“I can’t do that” she stammers “I’m a married woman”“Yeah, but you want to” he replies “You waited until your co-workers where gone and invited us back to your room. And there’s only one thing a middle-aged white woman does with two brothers in a hotel. You are obviously interested in a different kind of hardware.” he laughs.I notice Holly’s nipples are now visibly erect. She’s getting turned on.“No, honestly” she protests looking at the camera. “I really just needed clarification on the.......... The man behind her reaches around and grabs her tits.“You say no, but these say yes.” he tells her. Holly moans as he pinches her nipples through her silky top.“I can’t go through with this” she declares. “I’m married, I shouldn’t.”“I shouldn’t is what ...