1. My Boldest Dream Come True

    Date: 8/10/2018, Categories: Wife / MILF, Author: riederfrank, Source: LushStories

    I have always loved old women. When I was young all of my friends were into girls more or less their own age. Once in a while, a friend of mine would find a mother hot but nobody was into old women. Only I was. And I mean old, women in their sixties, which was very old for a teenager. My own grandmother was not even that old at the time. I loved Sunday church because I could oogle the old ladies. At home I would fantasize getting bathed by them and spying on them to get a glimpse of their droopy breasts. It was my favorite and pretty much only masturbation fantasy. In those days which were the early eighties we didn't have the internet and we could not search for porn. My friends had porn magazines and we would all look at them marveling at the female beauties, except I was making it up. The young women didn't really do it for me. There were no magazines featuring naked women in their sixties. Of course, I kept this all to myself. When I entered college my taste in women had not changed at all, I was still obsessed with old women. Fortunately, by then there was a porn magazine for sale called "60 Plus MILFs". I would buy it religiously and would masturbate once or twice a day in my dorm room looking at the beauties. I was obsessed with wrinkly saggging breasts, especially the big ones that fell down to the navel or even waist lines; Absolutely arousing. I did have a problem though. I was, and still am, a premature ejaculator. A few strokes and that was it. Regardless how ... often I masturbated in a row I would never last. If I was really excited I would even ejaculate without touching myself. It was very embarrassing and I was very self-conscious about it. Of course, I had to hide the magazines carefully since I had a roommate and it would have been difficult to explain my preferences. I knew exactly when the new edition would come out. My favorite book store was right around the corner. The cash register would always be operated by part time college girls. In the beginning I would be very embarrassed by the strange looks they gave me, but eventually I started to enjoy it and made sure that everybody in line would see what I was buying. Once the girl at the register even remarked that it was great for a young guy to be interested in old women and not just the usual barely legal. She smiled at me and I promptly ejaculated in my pants. This went on for a while until one day I opened my dorm room door and there was my roommate with two girls leafing through a copy of my "Sixty Plus MILFs" magazine. I was mortified. "Hey Frank, this explains why we never see you with a girl. Maybe I should introduce you to my Grandma," one of the girls giggled. From that day on I noticed all the odd looks I got from the guys on my floor and I heard all the giggles of the girls. I had become the laughing stock of our floor. I had to find my own place. There were several apartments available that suited my needs but one place stood out. It was an extra room in a regular ...