1. Eyes of a Siberian Husky

    Date: 8/10/2018, Categories: First Time, Author: byJoe456, Source: Literotica

    The woman saw the guy, almost a boy yet, coming in, and snorted. At least he had made up his mind. It was clear that he had noticed her. Many people did it. Tall, long light brown hair, superbly thirtysomething, In fact, almost forty, but no one would have said it... While the guy came closer, looking to the left and to the right, to simulate an unlikely happenstance, she was checking him with more attention. Young, maybe good stuff, but to be refined, definitely: too casual dress, sloppy attitude, too insecure, social experience very limited. Intentions? Guess what... "May I sit here?" he asked, looking in her eyes for the first time. She snorted. He did not want to sit at her coffee table, just at the next one. Of course he could. Was he so insecure to think to bother her just sitting one meter away? Or was it just an ice-breaking line? Well, better than "What time is it, please?"... "Sure," she said. "Thanks..." he said. He sat at the table and looked around, breathing a bit too hard. He had mustered all his courage for that approach. Now he felt as a soldier just landed on a beach, lying behind some shelter... The woman smiled, without showing it too much. She was still smiling when the waiter came and put on the table the ice cream she had ordered some minutes before. The waiter turned and looked at the guy. "Do you wish to have something?" he asked in a professional but wary tone. "The same as the lady," he said, promptly. The waiter look at her, with a questioning ... glance. Is this guy bothering you, madam? She nodded lightly: all in order, let him stay. That guy was totally inoffensive, She could manage him by herself. The waiter went away. The guy waited half a minute, looking around, and then looked at her. "Sorry, may I know, what did I order?" he asked. The woman smiled. A typical old style sophisticated comedy line, but said with the right tone. She pointed at the ice cream with her spoon. "Coconut, chocolate, stracciatella and coffee. And a bit of whip cream." "Hm!" the guy said, raising his eyebrows. The woman snorted. "You are thinking that I don't care too much about calories, don't you?" "Well, I guess you don't have such problems..." "Oh, yes, the damage is done, already..." she said, looking at her own prosperous cleavage. "Oh, no, I did not mean... You're fine... You know, where there's... " the guy said. And blushed. "Where there's what?" "Ow... never mind... " the guy muttered, in confusion. The woman smiled. "Where there's fat, there's heat... That's what you meant, right?" "Well... yes!" the guy admitted. She shrugged. "And then... Why bother?" she said, taking another spoonful of ice cream. She never had any obsession about diets and so on. And clearly even that point had given the guy the courage of approaching her. Her thriving, buttery body, the fruit of her genes and of the absence of sacrifices, contributed to her cheerful, extroverted appearance. And it even suggested a warm softness in bed. There was no risk of ...