1. birthday party

    8/31/2017: I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years and before that we were talking for about a year. I met him in high school and I truly love him with all of my heart. I want to be with him and love him and share everything with him but right now I just don't know what to do. I can't tell him because I know him and I know this would break his heart and there is no way he'd forgive me. I know how much he read Sex Story
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  2. Game Night Pt. 07

    8/31/2017: A very special thank you to BarefeetXPetrichor who has put forth great effort in working with me to edit this chapter. I could not have made this story what it is without you. Allow me to apologize for the length of time it has taken to complete this chapter. During this time I have had some personal issues, some family issues, and some life-searching-new-direction-finding work. I hope that this read Sex Story
    Categories: Incest / Taboo Author: byBenevolentDCC, Source: Literotica
  3. Dear John--part 6 of 15

    8/31/2017: CHAPTER 16 Well I was pretty sure that this time I’d be left alone at least for a while. I was more than persuaded that I’d likely be getting Christmas cards from Abigail, but those would be returned unopened for sure. I didn’t like their attitudes or their phony sympathy and gift offers. The fact was I was beginning to actually hate the bunch of them. There was nothing I was ever going read Sex Story
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  4. Out Of Afrika, Chapter 8

    8/31/2017: Out of Afrika A fantasy by Julie Van and Curt B ******************** Chapter 8 So many changes had taken place in Hawksville in the two years since Rhino had established their headquarters in the sleepy conservative Southern town. Initially there had been unspoken resentment toward the imaginative company for its brash, go-ahead way of conducting business which ran counter to the traditional careful manner in which things had always been done around these parts. Then there were the other realities, not only was it managed by foreigners it was black-owned and uppity ones at read Sex Story
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  5. The Chronicles Of A Vicar. Part 1 - Lady Stephanie's Romans

    8/31/2017: The Nave had stood since the latter part of the sixteenth century. Surrounded by walls of climbing ivy, praising the Lord as it crept. A brume of dusk was befalling the approaching night as I adjusted my collar. I am the Vicar of St. Mary's, an Anglican church. A church with rumors, yet not approaching my perusal as I was inclined to avoid gossiping fools. My meager stipends awarded me with read Sex Story
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  6. A Perfect Fit Pt. 05

    8/31/2017: To the readers: I hope you are having a happy holiday season! Moreover, I hope you aren't sick of Christmas yet because our characters are still stuck in Christmas week. It was my intention to have this whole day in their lives up days ago, but I couldn't manage that. I did get a very nice gift from you: The previous chapter got a red H! That was encouraging, so thank you sincerely for that. I'm read Sex Story
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  7. Popsicles

    8/31/2017: Hem, medium heighted and curvy, had ass and tits that belonged in porn. She had shoulder-length brown hair and matching brown eyes... a little Barbie doll. But this Barbie doll was the dirtiest fucking slut. God, I loved her. Unnati was short, thin, but with a lovely ass. Her legs were toned, almost runner's legs, and her tits, while small, were perky, with perfect nipples. She had dark, straight read Sex Story
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  8. Bk 1, Ch 5: A Dirty Business

    8/31/2017: Chapter 5: A Dirty Business The sun had just risen in the sky. Zavala was ours. My plan had worked flawlessly. The townsfolk had behaved like cattle, and we’d herded them with ease. As I’d predicted, the arrows and our vicious charge had broken the enemy defense. Most of the townsfolk had fled towards the water—the obvious escape route—where Torstein gave them a violent reception. Maybe three read Sex Story
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  9. Afterglow

    8/31/2017: Across the bed the two bodies sprawled, each covered with a glow of sweet sweat. His leg was atop hers while her hand softly stroked his cheek. The sunlight came through the window; blinds casting contour shadows across the curves of their bodies. Bedding was strewn on and off of the bed and the sweet scent of sexual musk was heavy. “Water, love?” he asked. “Yes, but only if you don’t have read Sex Story
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