1. Sex Education with Mom

    10/17/2018: On Tuesday's, after teaching an early morning biology class, Samantha had time to use the university gym for an hour of cardio. She liked to finish at around 9:30 when the locker room shower was usually empty. The last thing she wanted to hear was a student of hers, present or former, saying hello or asking questions about class, while she was dressed in nothing but a towel. Or worse... while she was naked... It seemed like a normal day as she rinsed the shampoo from her hair and let her muscles relax after running five miles on a treadmill. The good mood was slightly dimmed when she hea read Sex Story
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  2. Una hermosa mujer llamada Carla Prt. 4

    10/17/2018: Como están queridos amigos, ante todo mil disculpas por la ausencia pero estuve recavando mas material para las historias. Una vez dicho eso continuemos con el relato.... Esa noche al llegar al hotel estaba a mil por hora por lo que había sucedido con Viviana así que me dirigí de lleno al penthouse de Dña. Tere, pero grande fue mi sorpresa al ver que estaba acompañada por otra señora que al verme se puso colorada, imagine que casualmente estaban hablando de mi, al ver esto me acerque a a saludar a Doña Teresa, ella me dio la mejilla con lo que entendí claramente que no quería que su amiga supi read Sex Story
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  3. Crystal Dreams

    10/17/2018: While we were in Germany last year my husband bought me a present for Christmas in the Crystal shop. He asked the girl who served us if she would gift wrap it for me, and while I stood in front of the counter she leaned over from the staff side while she folded and taped the paper, and tied it with a ribbon and bow. She was wearing a loose fitting chiffon blouse and I could quite clearly read Sex Story
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  4. Wife and He black Co-Worker

    10/17/2018: The last words I said to her as she went out for her works Christmas party were have fun. How little I knew..... She was all dressed up looking her usual sexy self as she does when we go out together but this time she was going out on her own. She was wearing a short black dress which had a plunging neckline, giving the perfect view of her cleavage. She looked stunning. Her taxi arrived and she gave me a kiss and told me she'd not be back too late, and left. After a few hours of watching the TV and having a few beers decided to check Facebook. As I was looking through my timeline I came ac read Sex Story
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  5. Family affair : Bathroom mommy

    10/17/2018: Note : This is part two of a family's journey into i****t. In part 1 (Backseat Sister), Phillip, unbeknownst to his sister Tanya, caught her masturbating... about him. A few days later the serendipitous stars all lined up and she ended up sitting on his lap in the backseat during a lengthy ride... a ride that ended with the almost silent taking of his sister's virginity with his mom and dad in the front. Although the father was none the wiser that his daughter had been deflowered by his son as he drove, the mother caught her two grown c***dren in the act and watched as her son coated his s read Sex Story
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  6. Her Father in Law

    10/17/2018: I was wondering how this had happened, what caused it, I was on my back, my feet in the air and over his back. He had his cock deep in me and it was caressing my insides driving me crazy, just like always. And I have to admit it, it was a fantastic cock, it took me to where I always so desperately needed to go, heaven. I am Tina Lorca, I am twenty two, I have been married only four months, and I read Sex Story
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  7. Ian's Indiscretions: The Matinee Performance...

    10/17/2018: It was a week ago since our trip to the theatre and I was having trouble shaking the incredible experience of Di sucking my cock in the back of the car on the ride home from the theatre, with my wife sat oblivious in the front seat. I couldn't forget the words from my head that she'd whispered to me, as my wife and I got out of the car read Sex Story
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  8. Theater sissy

    10/17/2018: This is a true story. No exaggeration, no BS. Hope you enjoy it. My ex girlfriend Tori and I had lived together for sometime. Our schedules were such that we had one day off together and one day off alone. I loved our together days but my alone days were porn days. And I LOOOVE porn. I would grab my case of beer, pack of smokes, a towel and head for the computer room. I would look up pics, vids, hop in and out of chat rooms. The whole nine. I was really getting into crossdresser vids at this time. I loved watching nearly passable cd's. I was also watching more and more gay porn. I was no read Sex Story
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  9. 238 A Dairy conversion (8)

    10/17/2018: 238 A Dairy conversion (8) After her work on the awaited day, Ann collected Sam from the station, a wind from Siberia was blowing and snow was about swirling in the air in heavy flakes as they made their way down onto the remote marsh. They [and I indoors] were glad to hear the familiar rattle of the cattle grid at our gate; it had been a slow journey. They appeared at the doorway all stamping feet and shaking coats. I had been very worried at the weathers had turned and had been on tender-hooks till they appeared. They were quickly wrapped around my finest casserole, and dumplings a read Sex Story
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    10/17/2018: ROMAN – BÖLÜM 18 – SELİN İLE ESKİŞEHİR III Tek kelimeyle nefes bile alıp veremiyordum. Aletimde hissettiğim hızlı ve sert kalp atışları bana mı yoksa Bengü’ye mi aitti anlayamıyordum. Her kalp atışında hem ben hem de Bengü hafifçe irkiliyorduk. Selin ise aşağıda diliyle belki de onun için hayatının en güzel karışımını; Bengü’nün kadınlığından dışarı sızan salgılarımızı; tadını çıkarta çıkarta yalıyor, biraz daha akar mı acaba diye yumurtalıklarımla yavaş yavaş oynuyordu. Aletimin kökünü parmaklarıyla kavrayan Selin birden aletimi Bengü’nün kadınlığından çıkarıp ağzına soktu. Bu aldığı hazla b read Sex Story
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