1. The private dancer for the party

    8/15/2018: Nobody at the company knew that the woman dancing and entertaining us for the past hour was my wife except my boss and I. The only reason I had asked Anita to fill in was due to a last minute cancellation in the strip dancer reserved for our year end celebration. All had gone quite well until Desmond, one of my strongest rivals in the company slid his hand under Ana’s miniskirt, past her tiny thong and inserted his dirty fingers right into her wet pussy. Everyone in the room could tell he hit home with his first try as her eyes were fluttering closed. That black bastard then told everyon read Sex Story
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  2. Nice Guy Syndrome? Nope!

    8/15/2018: "Del, don't forget the damn toiletries I put on the top of the list, and as for the strawberry cheesecake, it's in the bakery section of Walmart," Marla Curling-Beaumont all but shouted at her husband Delvin Beaumont. Sitting on the couch, the tall, blonde-haired, alabaster-skinned, somewhat surly and very pregnant gal flashed her husband a smile a shark would recognize. She was in the middle of read Sex Story
    Categories: Interracial, Author: bySamuelx, Source: Literotica
  3. First time humiliated

    8/15/2018: Right before I meet my husband in 1980, I was out with some girlfriends drinking flirting with guys, we stopped off at a bar that was frequented by Americans, we had a few beers and a couple of shots, one guy a bit older than the rest, (18 to 22) he was around 30 kept hitting on me we danced , talked, played some pool, he would put his arm around me, brushing my boobs a lot, pat my ass, feel me read Sex Story
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  4. Older woman giving her good boy public blow job

    8/15/2018: This is a story my girlfriend text me about sucking a much younger guy in a car park. She's the woman in all my galleries, enjoy! Ok so a few years ago this young man I was chatting to came to see me and we went for a drink in the pub down the road from where I live He was only 18 and I was 32 so I was a lot more experienced than he was He had told me he was seeing other girls so I wanted to impress him I was wearing a leather mini skirt, knee high boots and a nice top When I sat down you could see my knickers as my skirt was so short! I used to call him my good little boy as he was yo read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature / Older, Incest / Taboo, Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Author: amaratsu, Source: xHamster
  5. Ankes neue Wohnung - Teil 2

    8/15/2018: Fortsetzung von Teil 1 Teil 1 :http://xhamster.com/stories/ankes-neue-wohnung-teil-1-738760 Wenig später waren wir alle mit unseren Aufgaben fertig. Ich hatte noch ein paar Lampen zum leuchten gebracht und die Frauen hatten alles, was derzeit verstaut werden konnte, an ihren vorgesehenen Platz gestellt und untergebracht. Während Anke sich in der Küche an der Kaffeemaschine zu schaffen machte, legte meine Freundin ihren Mantel an und wickelte sich sorgsam ihren dicken Schal um. „Also so kalt ist es dann auch noch nicht“, kommentierte ich mit einem Grinsen. „Naja, für heute Nacht haben si read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal, Incest / Taboo, Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Author: Herzritter, Source: xHamster
  6. LEP Ch03: SupaNova Part 1

    8/15/2018: All characters in this story are 18 or older, and the author does not in any way condone non-consensual sex. This story is fiction and contains, rough anal, pain, humiliation and degradation, ass to mouth, and rough oral; if you don't like these themes, please do not read or rate it. This work is purely fantasy, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is read Sex Story
    Categories: Cheating, Author: rayne416, Source: LushStories
  7. Meeting Ivory and our first encounter

    8/15/2018: Hello ladies and gents! First time writing here, love to hear your thoughts and opinions so don't be shy!! Quick intro here, Names Rocky 5'10, medium build with a fat 8 inch cock Her name is Ivory, 5'3 sexy from head to toe and them stunning blue eyes I'm not gonna bore you with much details but my god the day I met Ivory, my life changed for the better, she blew my mind like literally. Big read Sex Story
    Categories: True Story, Author: KingCock1991, Source: sexstories.com
  8. Feels so Good

    8/15/2018: Rachel Darrach moaned as she furiously fingered her clit. She was nearing her climax and feeling terribly horny. If a man were lucky enough to be in the room with her she'd be a sight to behold. At twenty-four, Rachel was a petite redhead with a body that drew glances from most men. Right now, she was lying down, with her flat belly exposed, her right hand down her athletic short shorts and read Sex Story
    Categories: Cheating, Author: DaleMcQuaid, Source: LushStories
  9. Steven Finally Fucks Mhairi (Alternate Reality)

    8/15/2018: It was the 13th of April 2016 and Steven arrived for his 3rd volunteering day at Forest Peace Farm Garden. Both days he was there previously he met new people and same applied this time too. One new person was this girl that he suddenly locked eyes onto shes was beautiful. Steven was saying to himself please let me work with her, Please. As they were choosing the volunteering jobs for everyone read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction , Job / Office Sex, Author: stevenlobel, Source: sexstories.com
  10. The Journey ( a prequel if you will)

    8/15/2018: After her performance with her dog Turbo, a massive Rottweiler, Honi had been rushed by one of the onlookers, Chloe, who was abuzz with questions. The diminutive redhead with her startling emerald green eyes was in her early 20s, but looked more like 15, her skin was so soft and unblemished. Gushing with compliments about how sexy Honi looked when she was being fucked by Turbo, Chloe was beside read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction , BDSM, Bestiality, First Time, BDSM, Author: Misty_Tiratzo, Source: sexstories.com