1. My Second Time

    12/13/2018: I'm Ethan, and this is the second part in my nonfiction account of my first experiences with another male. If you haven't read and/or commented on the first one, please do! I love feedback, positive and otherwise on my writing style (can't do much for content on these nonfiction ones). Thank you to everyone that voted and commented on the first one! Again names are altered and some things left read Sex Story
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  2. Sluts confession

    12/13/2018: I have recently experienced my second time of having sex with two men at once, it was like the first time absolutely mindblowing and have berated myself ever since for allowing the number of years between the two to be so long On the first occasion I had been invited with my boyfriend to a Christmas do at his employers house, his boss had a chain of estate agents so consequently lived in a huge pile, more of a mansion than a house. Anyway there was plenty of food and booze and relatively early my boyfriend got well and truly shit faced, he could barely stand up so a couple of blokes took read Sex Story
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  3. Taking the Neighbor Ch. 08

    12/13/2018: Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. *** Melissa and I fucked again in the pool house, then headed inside for a hot shower, then off to bed. She was dozing when I got a text from Allen. "You up?" "Yes" I replied. "How was the rest of the evening with Wendy?" "Great, still no head, but jerked me off!" "Are you home yet?" "Yes," he replied. "About to jerk off, read Sex Story
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  4. Mother's Little Helper

    12/13/2018: Mother's Little Helper (F-solo, M-solo, f-solo, ff, MF, con, impreg, 1st) by Krosis of the Collective --- -------------- Two weeks ago: -------------- "But Dave, you know what week that is!" "I know, Linda, but it's my job, and we need the money." "Money isn't everything." ----------------------------- Jump forward - four days ago: ----------------------------- Hi! My name is Jessica (Jesse to my read Sex Story
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  5. The answer to my question part 1

    12/13/2018: When is **** not ****?, was the question I asked my online friend, who just happened to be a very sexy Puerto Rican, with a very pert body and well proportioned for her size, 4 foot 9 inches size 8 dress which is usually off more than its on. This had been debated on and off for a long while and Lucy was always dreaming of being ****d and she wanted more than anything to be suddenly taken from behind and have her pussy forced open and a huge member shove unceremoniously up between her thighs and its to ever open cunt , whereas to my view this was a total waste whereas taking and k**napping read Sex Story
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  6. Leanne’s Knickers

    12/12/2018: There’s no denying it, I fancy Leanne and I have done the whole time that I’ve know her. We’re old school friends that have reconnected thanks to Instagram. She’d been posting to her ‘story’ and I’d sent the odd reply to her in the hopes of striking up some conversation. Eventually we’d began messaging each other almost daily and I have to admit that I’d become quite impatient waiting for read Sex Story
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  7. Christmas Eve

    12/12/2018: Christmas a time for f****y and friends, although the 3 days of Christmas tend to be more for f****y, the house full with 3 4 generations, puts a strain on an any situation. The mother in law arrived first, picked up from the train station, mid-sixties still reasonably fit looking women with once heavy tits starting to deflate, and her dress style is still to show cleavage and some leg. Oldest daughter, heavy with second c***d, baby too young to appreciate presents but enjoying the attention from grandma great grand and the wrapping paper, husband trying too hard, splitting time between famil read Sex Story
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  8. Sister's Teasing Drives Me Crazy

    12/12/2018: My hot little 18 year old sister has been making me crazy for the past year or so. Amy is athletic, gorgeous with the hottest body around. She loves to show off her sexy little ass and C sized cups with the tightest sexiest workout clothes. She usually wears bright colored spandex tank tops and tiny little black or yellow shorts that show off her tight ass and camel toe when she gets home from read Sex Story
    Categories: Incest / Taboo, Author: bybogey4u, Source: Literotica
  9. My Wife at the Strip Club

    12/12/2018: We had gone out on a date that night: dinner and a movie, nothing to exciting. We had dropped the k**s off at my parents, so I thought that we could take advantage of it and not rush home. I suggested going for a walk in the park, dancing, or something else if she had any ideas. Hell, I was open for anything other than going home. Then she said no. She said that she just wanted to go home and relax. Frustrated is about the only word that I can come up with to describe how I felt. Our sex life hadn’t been the greatest lately, not that I was expecting any, but I really was hoping to get some read Sex Story
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  10. The Aftermath of War

    12/12/2018: I was among the first of our soldiers to march into Berlin, I didn't expect to be welcomed with open arms, but what we were greeted with was worse, far worse. It was total apathy; these people had endured everything over twelve years of tyranny, twelve years of being careful of what they said or who they said it to! Occasionally, we saw bodies still hanging from lampposts where the last read Sex Story
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