1. The Imperfect Storm, Chapter 3

    2/8/2018: Imperfect Storm, Part 3 (Trent has had a breakthrough fuck with his girlfriend, Whitney, after she read a sexy on-line story that happened to be written by Trent. Trent filmed their sex adventures, and has threatened to show it to Whitney's sisters. It's Sunday, early afternoon...) I don't know if you know much about video editing, but it takes a fricking long time. The Sister Bitches all went read Sex Story
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  2. Blacked and Betrayed (chapter 4)

    2/8/2018: * * * * * Blacked and Betrayed by rat_race * * * * * CHAPTER 4 - To Pee, or Not to Pee * * * * * It was on a Tuesday at 11:15 AM when Sally unexpectedly showed up on the doorstep of her Uncle Jerry's apartment. She was crying her heart out so much, that she was barely able to see through all the tears. She knocked on the dead-bolted entry door several times, and waited for it to open. When it read Sex Story
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  3. Piss Whores in Training: Sharing Dani With My Boyfriend

    2/8/2018: We lay on the floor at Dani's for a while, letting the feelings of recent orgasms subside, with Dani still curled up next to me, whereas Karissa rested her head on my chest. It was actually quite comfortable there, the shop had a thick, brown carpet that was soft enough to lay on, and coming down from the high of a wonderfully depraved and perverted fuck was just the best feeling. After a while, read Sex Story
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  4. A Cuckold's Loss

    2/8/2018: “What the hell’s wrong with you this morning?” My husband had a face like a wet weekend. It seemed everything I did was wrong and virtually every word I said was ignored. “You know what’s wrong,” he mumbled. “If I knew, I wouldn’t be asking you, would I?” “All right then, I’ll tell you… last night.” I waited for the explanation but he clamped up, just stared at me. I exaggerated a read Sex Story
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  5. meeting my ex lover Dirk

    2/8/2018: Tuesday morning while I was in the mall, I bumped into an ex-lover, Dirk. We chatted for a short while and when saying goodbye he gave me his business card and said to message him if I want to catch up sometime. When I got home, I decided to go have a oily foam bath to relax a while. Once in the bath and relaxing I started contemplating whether I should message Dirk or not. My loving husband had never met him and it would be better for me to keep my relation as a secret. Then I decided to save Dirk`s number to my phone and then I finally messaged him. I said it was real nice to bump into read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature / Older, Interracial, Author: Anitaslut44, Source: xHamster
  6. The Girls of ΛΕƩ - Further Rituals

    2/8/2018: “Evie, I love you.” Those words were still resonating in my ears as my eyes opened to a new day. I smelled the fragrance of Angel next to me and the warmth of her body against mine. Memories of yesterday brought a smile to my face as I stretched languidly next to her. Her leg was wrapped around me, and her hand rested against my breast. I felt her stir, and she nuzzled my neck. “Turn around read Sex Story
    Categories: Lesbian, Author: ChrisM, Source: LushStories
  7. My Daughter's Naughty Friend!

    2/8/2018: It was a shimmeringly hot summers day and my wife , daughter and her friend Jess were all on sun loungers on the lawn topless relaxing after just finished University. They were facing away from me allowing me only to get the occasional glimpse of well oiled breast between the beds. Occasionally they lent forward and let someone adjacent oil their backs. The wife boobs I had seen and suckled and read Sex Story
    Categories: BDSM, Author: byBack2egg, Source: Literotica
  8. Love My Sis (In-Law)

    2/8/2018: Love My Sis(-in-Law) Ch. 1 - 2 This is a true story about my wife's older sister Debbie, who lives 200 miles from us. She visits often, sometimes with her husband, sometimes not. He's somewhat of a DICKHEAD, and she's constantly complaining about him. Deb is very attractive, with a great body and excellent legs, and has long, curly auburn colored hair. Deb is the subject of most my fantasies, and read Sex Story
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  9. Georgia Ch. 07

    2/8/2018: Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the previous parts. It will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable. ***** When I woke up, I was on my back and Charlotte was asleep on her side facing me, one arm across me holding my tit. I gently lifted her arm off me and went and had another shower during which I had a good look at my pussy to make sure read Sex Story
    Categories: Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Author: byVanessaEvans, Source: Literotica
  10. Not so faithful - Part 2

    2/8/2018: Sally entered the Studio 1 in the gym for her fitness class. She noticed another younger woman there. It was a welcome change to see someone younger at a 10 a.m. class, as it was usually filled with much older women. Sally, a school teacher, could only come to gym this early on a weekday as it was summers and schools were closed. She couldn’t help but notice herself in the mirror, she was read Sex Story
    Categories: Cheating, Author: Jay00, Source: LushStories