1. Caugh by her mom and trained! 4

    12/1/2017: I had been trying to get some pussy from a young girl I knew while in H. S. but was caught by her mother and her friend ! This starts from there. Carolyns mom had just caught me hiding under her daughters bed ! I said nothing had happened but She was not believing me. Her friend just pointed out I was still hard . Carolyns mom "Heathers " hand grabbed my hard cock and dug her finger nails in . I dropped my cloths and grabbed her hand only to be slapped hard by her other hand and she yelled at me to let go of her hand. Her friend Samantha stepped next to me and g read Sex Story
    Categories: BDSM, Fetish, First Time, Author: mytomg4u, Source: xHamster
  2. All Part of the Service - 2

    12/1/2017: For several weeks a discreet classified advertisement had been appearing on the back pages of our community newspaper, listed under 'Sundry Local Services.' It was an invitation for local men to attend the new hospital's sperm donation unit, to give samples for use in artificial insemination. I had read articles in the national media that said donation levels had slumped by as much as 40% read Sex Story
    Categories: Masturbation / Toys, Author: pentup47, Source: LushStories
  3. An Unexpected Situation Arises

    12/1/2017: Lets start with a little bit of background. My mother-in-law recently needed to move in with my wife and I due to financial problems. I have never really gotten along with her all that well, but my wife pleaded with me to let her come stay with us. After about 2 weeks my mother-in-law started complaining about how uncomfortable the bed was in our spare bedroom, and said it was making her back hurt read Sex Story
    Categories: Incest / Taboo, Author: byjeff0323, Source: Literotica
  4. Another from the GurlTown Files Softly

    12/1/2017: Soft Lee After working the normal day shift in the warehouse, Eddie had moved to night shift restocking. For over a year he had heard talk of “Softly”, the district auditor. She was said to be a dark haired beauty with alluring eyes, shapely and sexy. Her schedule was always uncertain but everyone brought their A-Game when she was around. It was implied that she was an “ice queen”, totally untouchable. Training with Charlie on night shift he asked more about her. Charlie took him up to her mezzanine office. It was more like a glass cub read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, Gay, Trans, Author: GurlTown, Source: xHamster
  5. Jess was a Bitch Ch. 05

    12/1/2017: Jess and Jon deal with the fallout of their encounter with Caitlin and Travis. This chapter was finished, other than editing, before I posted chapter four. I have not made any major changes based on the comments posted about chapter four but I have added emphasis regarding some of the topics brought up. Having said that, this is a story not an essay. My hope is the dialogue between Jess and Jon is read Sex Story
    Categories: Incest / Taboo, Author: byTurbidus, Source: Literotica
  6. Santa II

    12/1/2017: John Timberland was getting frustrated no matter how calm or at peace he was still nothing happened. Sighing again John tried to move the toy that was in front of him with his mind. A small smile lit up his face when it started to slightly vibrate, then nothing. The elder from... John was starting to lose track of time so far he'd seen the? He guessed it was a sun set twice that meant according to read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction , Fan fiction, Group Sex, Author: pars001, Source: sexstories.com
  7. Lady and her Maid Pt. 02

    12/1/2017: Author's Note: These scenes are from a full length novel I'm currently writing. Any feedback is welcome. I have shortened the scene to only include the steamier bits, and I may have missed editing out some things, so I apologize if there's extraneous details that seem out of place. ***** Evie went straight to her room. She went to her vanity and washed her face and hands with the fresh water and read Sex Story
    Categories: Lesbian, Author: byAptRow, Source: Literotica
  8. Dam it's Big Hooked on Black Cock

    12/1/2017: This was my third swing party with my wife, Traci. The monthly event was held on Saturday evenings at a small hotel on Route 9 in Englewood, NJ, close to the Palisades. As usual, it was an attractive suite containing a kitchenette/living room and two bedrooms with a total of four queen-sized beds. My name is Joel and my wife and I live in Montclair, NJ. I'm 37 and stand 5'5", not the tallest of the species. (However, being from a diminutive family is helpful when it comes to buying clothing since I can save money by shopping in the Youth section). My weight is a trim 135 pounds and so far read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Gay, Interracial, Author: 425olds, Source: xHamster
  9. Lost Empire 34

    12/1/2017: Derrick looked around the room at each and every hologram as each promised that Lucy would never be an outcast again. Each said that they were proud and would let her know just how proud. Derrick nodded at each of them as they made their pledge. Pride was starting to swell up in his chest, he had been so proud of Lucy, it had almost killed him when she didn't make it. Derrick decided right there read Sex Story
    Categories: Science-Fiction , Alien, Non-Erotic, Violence / Cruelty, Author: pars001, Source: sexstories.com
  10. Church Surprise

    12/1/2017: I've started taking in the contemporary service at our church since my wife passed away six months ago. I'm 59 and thought I would check it out. The last couple of weeks. I noticed a family across from me. She is slim, long blonde hair and wears her clothes tight and looks amazing. He is shorter a bald spot in the back of his head and dyes his graying hair. The parents are obviously trying to hang read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, Author: byDurtyWriter, Source: Literotica