1. Perchance To Dream Pt. 2

    2/7/2018: Melanie found some of my daughter Alice’s looser fitting clothes and struggled into them. The Uber driver was two minutes away. Maybe, I thought. Just maybe, we can get Melanie out of here without a major scene with my hungover wife. Dressed in my skivvies, I creaked open Alice’s door and peered out into the hall. My bedroom door was shut, where my wife was still, hopefully, sleeping. I read Sex Story
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  2. I finally did the Milf next door

    2/7/2018: The neighbours had moved in about ten years previous to this encounter. The couple had four children aged from baby to late teens, and the mother was a little hottie, somewhat younger than her partner. I initially had eyes for the eldest daughter and we got close, spending time together and even kissed a couple times with some heavy petting. Eventually, the years passed by and I got read Sex Story
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  3. Exploring Adam: The Sequel (part one)

    2/7/2018: The year that followed my magical three days with Adam was decidedly odd. On one hand, I got really busy with school, spending insanely long days in the lab. And when I wasn't in the lab, I was writing up my results. The upshot was that, a little more than a year after the Adam interlude, I defended my dissertation and emerged with a PhD in biochemistry. But more on that later. The year was read Sex Story
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  4. TIM & ERIN

    2/7/2018: This story is about a young woman that is seduced by the wealth and power of her rich boss. All the characters involved in any sex are over 18. Thank you for reading. Enjoy! TIM & ERIN prolog ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The wedding bells were once again silent. The gifts opened, the honeymoon over. They had both lost their virginity on the first night in a honeymoon suite. Their sex was unsatisfying and painful for her and not much better than masterbation for him. She was shy and definitely inexperienced but read Sex Story
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  5. Bk 1, Ch 9: The Final Tally

    2/7/2018: Chapter 9: The Final Tally The next few hours passed by uneventfully. In addition to sorting through endless numbers of wounded, I spent some time wandering the town with my warriors. I even helped carry a few wounded Zavalans from houses to the square. I was a firm believer that a leader should be out amongst his warriors, leading from the front and doing what they do. Other nations had kings read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy , Death, Murder, Teen, Violence / Cruelty, Author: Jonesy_Dangerfield, Source: sexstories.com
  6. An Unconventional Convention

    2/7/2018: "And that's why I think 'Scott's Folly' has always been one of my favorite episodes," Maggie McAllister said as she smiled out at the two thousand fans that filled the ballroom of the Royal Grand Hotel. The cheers that greeted the fifty-two-year-old actress were such that an unknowing observer might think the short haired redhead had won an Oscar rather than her claim to fame having been that read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature / Older, Author: byAnn Douglas, Source: Literotica
  7. The Kingdom Ch. 03

    2/7/2018: We walked in silence for about a mile until we reached a large clearing. By now, the sun had nearly set. One of the gamesmen raised his walkie-talkie and spoke into it, "Gordon to base- be advised, team is approaching checkpoint 9. Prepare for entry" Then, the man placed the walkie back into his hip holster. Just then, I heard a loud, high-pitched beeping noise up ahead. It almost sounded like the read Sex Story
    Categories: BDSM, Author: bysouthrook, Source: Literotica
  8. First Time Nude Sauna Pt. 11

    2/7/2018: This is the story of our experiences in saunas and spas in Switzerland and Germany. It's a multi-part story based on true events. If you're looking for quick and hard sex look elsewhere! ***** Friday finally arrived. Even though it was only a few days since we had agreed to visit the spa with our new friends Jessica and Harry it had felt much longer. Jia and I were both looking forward to it as read Sex Story
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  9. "Take my cum, you little Bitch!" PT2 Gay

    2/7/2018: I left Atlanta knowing I had made a big mistake. The whole ride home with my parents, I felt ashamed about letting Jim, a man old enough to be my father, ravish my 18-year-old male body the night before. I was especially disturbed because I had loved it so much, being his girl and following his orders. He had called me "Wendy," the name of my ex-girlfriend, and I loved it. I also had loved being naked for him. I loved raising my ass, spreading my legs, and feeling him enter me. And it bothered me that I came harder than I ever did with a girl as he plowed into me that night. But read Sex Story
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  10. Oh my G o d e !

    2/7/2018: La femme de mon oncle traînait une mauvaise réputation. Esprit niais à vingt ans je discernais fort mal. Je ne comprenais pas ce qu'on pouvait lui reprocher. Autrement plus jeune que mon oncle, il était indubitable qu'elle fut jolie. Je lui concédais de la classe au lieu que les autres surtout les femmes ne lui voyaient qu'un genre vulgaire et aguicheur. Une cousines usa même du terme de pute. On mettait sur le compte de la sénilité de l'oncle d'avoir choisi une pareille femme. Quoiqu'il en soit j'avais sympathisé avec elle le premier jour. Nous partagions la même passion de la musique. La read Sex Story
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