1. Well Disciplined Husband Ch. 01

    4/30/2018: This is a work of fiction! So please save your comments about him going to the police or getting revenge. ***** "I don't ever want to hear you being surly toward a waitress again...I don't know what gets into you some days! After five years of training I would have thought you would have known better! Now drop your pants and panties and get over my knee!" Without hesitation Alfred did as she read Sex Story
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  2. Of Gods and Love

    4/30/2018: The river runs strong and free, carving out rock and the very earth, forever shaping the land. The surface broke, and the king of the river rose with a mighty splash to greet the humanoid figure that was approaching the river. 'Welcome, boy,' Achelous said, and as he laughed the stream joined in with him. 'Another one of love's fools. Come to reclaim your sweetheart.' The river king was read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy & Sci-Fi, Author: oddlittledesires, Source: LushStories
  3. test555

    4/30/2018: “What no. I mean we had some very rough for me sex but she said that Katy was fine with it and it was odd for me but I figured Katy saying it was okay would make it fine,” Stuart explains and I can hear the wheels turning in Desmond’s head. “Please tell me she didn’t have you try to get her pregnant,” Desmond asks and Stuart shifts between me and my heavy hitter. “No she said not to. She only read Sex Story
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  4. Are you looking? [Can't you see?]

    4/30/2018: It was during times like these that she struggled with finding something to say. Too much to see beyond the blurriness of her vision, too many vowels and consonants to choose from, and there was a light bursting behind her eyelids and she decided she’d let him figure out what to say and she couldn’t focus anymore – “Fuck,” he panted from above her, shoulders gleaming with sweat under the light read Sex Story
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  5. Owned By Black Daddy PT 2 Gay

    4/29/2018: Suddenly the video cut out, Eric had been so entranced by it that he hadn't noticed Patrick return to the room. He found himself wondering what they boy had said in response to Patrick's question, thinking it might be information which could benefit him in this situation, but also partly out of pure curiosity. Patrick walked towards Eric and wrapped his large hand around Eric rock hard cock, it felt so sensitive Eric thought he was going to cum right then and there. Eric gasped and Patrick laughed. "Please just let me go, I swear I won't say anything." Eric tried pleading again. "I know read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Gay, Interracial, Author: 425olds, Source: xHamster
  6. Mijn lagere school

    4/29/2018: Toen ik in het laatste jaar van de lagere school moest ik na blijven van mijnheer Vermeulen en mocht pas een uur later naar huis nadat ik mijn strafwerk had gemaakt. Wij waren de enige die samen met juffrouw Zwartjes die op woensdagmiddag nog in school waren, toen ik mocht gaan werd de voordeur achter mij op slot gedaan. Ik bleef nog even rond het gebouw slenteren en liep via de dichtbeboste schooltuin naar voren en kon van hieruit naar de lerarenkamer kijken en zag dat juffrouw Zwartjes en mijnheer Vermeulen daar rond liepen. Tot mijn verbazing zag ik dat ze elkaar hevig zoenend omhelsden, i read Sex Story
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  7. The Black Lady

    4/29/2018: My old, rich husband dead when I was 55, a middle aged pervert busty brunette still very attractive, soft lips, beautiful legs. I was very happy to be suddenly rich and free at last… as a first step, the day of the funeral was epic. I paid a private investigator to know the sexual habits of the cemetery personnel, then I gave them a generous amount of money. The day of the funeral, going to the read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction , Drug, Incest / Taboo, Necrophilia, Teen, Author: maxmad1900, Source: sexstories.com
  8. Lust and Basketball

    4/29/2018: Chapter 1: The library It is 2 am and I am tired. I just finished tutoring the star of my universities basketball team, Devon Davis. He is at risk of not being able to play because his grades are so poor so I was hired to tutor him. He is about dumb as doornails in biology but oh my fucking god he is the hottest man I have ever seen. His dark chocolate skin looks so soft. His full set lips look so read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy , Consensual Sex, First Time, Teen, Teen, Author: Queen Carmen, Source: sexstories.com
  9. Incestuous Harem 17: Disciplining the Bratty Sister

    4/29/2018: Incestuous Harem Chapter Seventeen: Punishing the Bratty Sister By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Note: Thanks to Ron for beta reading this! Vicky Samuels “Okay, I want your worksheets filled out by tomorrow,” I said to my World History class, staring out at the students. There were smatterings of groans that made me smile while the more driven students, who cared about their grades, nodded read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction , Anal, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, BDSM, Lesbian, Humiliation, Incest / Taboo, Group Sex, Straight Sex, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Teen, Water Sports/Pissing, Author: mypenname3000, Source: sexstories.com
  10. Page Ch. 08

    4/29/2018: Notes [Last revised February 15, 2018]:○ All characters are the product of the authors' imaginations and are over eighteen.○ This serial has seven previous entries and we recommend reading them.○ Some characters from our storyThanksgivings appear here, reading that story would give only tangential information.○ The text includes Pinyin romanization for Chinese words and phrases used within read Sex Story
    Categories: Incest / Taboo, Author: byMindsMirror, Source: Literotica