1. Boredom in the Tree Stand

    4/1/2018: It was 4:30 in the morning. The cabin kitchen was packed as we ate our breakfast. It was our second day of hunting, and we were all eager to start our day. My boyfriend, Ryan, his dad, four brothers, my dad, and I, all made the trip this year. It was my first year, but the guys had been coming for a few years. As we finished breakfast, we loaded the dishwasher, started it, and went to get read Sex Story
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  2. The Power over his best friend's MoM.

    4/1/2018: WARNING This novel covers a wide range of explicit sexual practices, so if you are offended, in any way, by stories with strong sexual content that you may consider abhorrent were it practiced in real life, please cease reading now and delete the file. LEGAL STUFF This story was Copyrighted by the author, who retains all rights whatsoever over publication in any form. It must not be published on any pay-site or used in any publication for profit, without the author's written approval. The file may be reposted to Newsgroups, but must not be changed in any way, must be posted in its ent read Sex Story
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  3. Weekends With Daddy

    4/1/2018: Stacy woke up with a wet spot between her legs on her sheets. She fell asl**p after sending a warm flood of cum into her hands. The liquid was sweet and sticky and as she was cumming she felt the fluid squeeze through her fingers and drip off of her knuckles. Her head rushed, her body tingled, and she fell asl**p. Now, she was awake and hungry. She pulled on a pair of loose fitting cotton shorts and a t-shirt and headed down stairs, smiling at the big stain in the middle of her bed. She looked down her thighs and saw they were stained with her own cum. Stacy licked her fingers and rubbed the s read Sex Story
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  4. Body Politic 2

    4/1/2018: Barbara had come to me after my night with Libby and Delphine. She'd come out of the shower and there she was with her strappy poking out of her silk sleep shorts. “Get over here then, Babs has something for you.” She stroked her dildo lasciviously. “Lift that gorgeous nighty and let me see you.” I lifted it and she urged me closer with a wiggle of her finger. When I was in reach read Sex Story
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  5. The Parent-Teacher Meeting Ch. 02

    4/1/2018: "Ahhhhhhhhh!" Shay let out a roar as he began to slow down. They had been fucking for about twenty minutes, and he finally came. Colette hadn't really got much out of the whole thing, she just laid there on the bed like a good wife was supposed to. "Shit, baby," Shay said while catching his breath. He grabbed a paper towel from his bedside table and wiped his cock clean. He threw it in the garbage read Sex Story
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  6. My Asian Girlfriend Gets Fucked by a Retard and His Dad

    4/1/2018: My girlfriend and I have been dating for just around two years now. She’s 22 years old, from china and as cute as can be. I’m 24, half asian, half white and absolutely in love her. She is my baby. She’s very small in stature (around 5’ 0”) and just plain innocent looking, with perfectly smooth, light skin. She also has a surprisingly round little butt, especially for a Chinese girl. We’re both read Sex Story
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  7. iCarly: iCan't Do This - Chapter 5

    4/1/2018: iCarly: iCan't Do This - Chapter 5: Surrender I'm outside Carly's door, fumbling at the lock. I don't know what time it is – so late that it's early probably, and I can't find the key and I feel like hitting the stupid door but I'm so weak. I make it inside and limp over to the sofa. It's dark and quiet and peaceful and I just needed to be here. And I can't stop shaking, and my insides are full of fizz that makes me feel sick and light headed. And it's like I could only hold myself together until I got here, and now I'm falling apart. I'm sitting on the couch with my head in my hands, read Sex Story
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  8. Driver: Selena Gomez

    3/31/2018: Disclaimer: All right, this story is not real. NOT REAL! Not to be read by anyone under the age of 18/21 yadda yadda yadda! I'd love to hear some feedback as per usual so please feel free to leave me a comment in the comment box at the end of the story! You see those big empty stars down there as well? Did you want to maybe fill them up? We don't want them empty and all alone like that. You're not read Sex Story
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  9. She offers the tough love

    3/31/2018: Introduction Hello there this is Paridhi, I am the one who would take you to this erotic journey. I am single 30 years old. I am an Indian brunette with fair complexion. With my 34D cups, I stand at 5'8 and a structure close to 38-26-36. I am the general manager of the leading bakery brand of the state. This is a story where I marry the man working under me. Sonak is 30 years old. He has been read Sex Story
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  10. Key Wested - Chapter 2

    3/31/2018: I woke up from my nap sporting the usual erection. Our hosts, Bret and Denise, were nudists, as were Laura and me, and we all wandered around their townhome in various states of undress. I had fallen asleep on the couch completely naked and now became aware of my hard-on as I stirred to consciousness. My hand wandered down to my shaft, and, eyes still closed, I explored my stiffness with read Sex Story
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