1. Birthday party

    12/14/2018: This all started with Nancy introducing me to Bi sex and opening my eyes to the pleasures of cocks and pussies at the same time. I was hooked! We were planning my 30th birthday party, which had become somewhat of a tradition. We always invited all the friends single, married with spouses and c***dren however this year we decided that it should be adults only. After all it was a milestone 30-year-old! The planning began at the annual Memorial Day party, talking and deciding that it would probably turn into a wild event and that everyone should bring tents or campers and plan to spend the night read Sex Story
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  2. Spicing Up Our Sexlife with Unexpected Results pi1

    12/14/2018: Unintended? Well to start at first, but along the way there were points when the changes that occurred were fully embraced with a wicked smile or full on grin. I am a healthy man with healthy urges that I just thought were going unfulfilled. When I began we had been married for twenty years and we had lost that spark that we once had. Sex had become boring and not all that exciting, so I began by shaving my balls and trimming my pubic hair a little shorter than usual. I began working out a little and also began walking around in the nude. It didn’t take my wife long to notice the change, and read Sex Story
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  3. Waiting Out the Storm - Final Chapters

    12/14/2018: Chapter 4 The ice maker was on the far end of the hall from their room so that helped kill a little time. He wanted to give her time to get into position and wait there for him as long as possible. He wasn’t exactly sure what he was going to do next except that he knew that putting ice cubes into her pussy was going to be involved. He also knew that she was going to be there with her pussy read Sex Story
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  4. Ch 6 - Chico Tales - Joining the club

    12/13/2018: "So Mitchie are you ready to take the next steps to becoming a fully-fledged member of the DS club?" Julie asked as she watched her young neighbour and daughter of her lifelong friend, lie panting with her face and breasts pressed against the patio while her family dog Chico stayed locked inside her. Julie had just finished recounting the story of the wild time her and Sarah, (Michelle's mother) read Sex Story
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  5. Hayley's naughty night out with her sister

    12/12/2018: Standing in her apartment, Hayley looked at herself in the mirror. Petite with short dark brown reddish hair, big brown eyes and a cute smile, she checked out her ass. Wearing a tight pair of black jeans, she was glad that she’d been working out lately as she ran her hands over her perfectly formed behind. She turned and put her hands over her tits, which she was never very happy with, but at read Sex Story
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  6. Sudden Urges-2

    12/11/2018: Sudden Urges-2 Yesterday I invited Dennis, my neighbor over in a moment of weakness. I was horny and tired of masturbating on my own. I had gotten into using a butt plug to increase the experience and imagining what women must feel like when they do anal or suck a cock. I had been looking at porn on the computer, riding my plug when a sudden urge came over me. I called him and offered to suck his read Sex Story
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  7. Das besondere Wiedersehen Teil 2

    12/10/2018: Das besondere Wiedersehen Teil 2 Nachdem Kai einen tiefen und festen Schlaf in der Nacht hatte und am Morgen gut ausgeruht aufwachte. Stellte er fest das er eine gewaltige Morgen Latte hatte, also griff er unter die Decke und fing an seinen Steifen zu streicheln. Er wurde immer erregter und es kam das Erlebnis von gestern wieder ins Gedächtnis und auch das was die beiden damals in ihrer Schulzeit gemacht haben, seine Hand wurde immer schneller und sein Druck immer fester, es dauerte dann auch nicht mehr lange und sein Saft klatschte auf seinen Bauch. Nun hieß es aber erstmal unter die Dusche read Sex Story
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  8. Sibling Bonding Over Spring Break - Ch. 2 - "Waking Up in Heaven"

    12/9/2018: BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! The alarm clock wailed, displaying the time ten o’clock in the morning. John opened his eyes and blinked. He wasn’t very tired for once, something rather unusual for him when just waking up. Sarah blinked her eyes and stretched, yawning loudly. “Good morning, John,” Sarah said, the sun shining through the window kissing her naked skin, “how did you sleep?” “I slept read Sex Story
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  9. My FIRST Anal Orgasm

    12/9/2018: A couple of months after Carl and I had wanked each other off in the car he text me to see if I would be available to talk the following Tuesday evening. We arranged to meet a bar and I got there virtually on time, getting a glass of Coke I walked over to where he was sitting. “You’re not drinking” “No I didn’t come for a drink” he smiled and nodded. Downing his beer he said “Ok” as I necked mine we stood up and walked outside to my car, it started to rain so I went and parked in a lonely car park at the bottom of town, under a bridge. Parking up we had a cigarette and I noticed he was wear read Sex Story
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  10. Janet and I - The threesome

    12/9/2018: Janet and I – The Threesome. Janet and I spent about 6 months having sex. Very good sex (although at the age of 18 pretty much any sex is good sex). We’d progressed through oral and regular sex adding anal as well. I found out a few years later that there was something called the Holy Trinity. Oral, regular and anal sex, all in one session. One day though when I went round to her house she met me with a serious look on her face. “We need to talk,” she said. My first reaction was have we been found out or have I got her pregnant? “OK, what’s up?” “We’re going to have to stop seeing each other read Sex Story
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