1. Der gute Freund - Teil 2

    7/12/2018: so ging es in den nächsten Tagen weiter. Wenn Euch die Geschichte interessiert und geil macht, schreibt es gerne drunter. Teil 2: Die nächsten Tage vergingen, aber ich war immer noch total aufgedreht von den Stunden im Pornokino. Jedesmal, wenn ich daran dachte, stieg die Geilheit wieder in mir hoch. Nur konnte ich ja nicht jeden Tag wieder in das PK gehen. Also wichste ich mehrmals am Tag bei jeder Gelegenheit und an allen möglichen Orten. Aber befriedigen konnte mich das nicht wirklich. Eine knappe Woche später saß ich an meinem Schreibtisch und versuchte etwas für die Uni zu tun. Das read Sex Story
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  2. Rattenrennen

    7/12/2018: Barbie-Frust Essen, Montag, 14. März 2011 12:45 Uhr Noch zwei Stunden und fünfzehn, jetzt vierzehn Minuten. Bin ich das, die so laut und schnell atmet? Die Zeit vergeht quälend langsam. Qualen und Zeit kann man messen und erleben. Zeit ist immer gleich, aber die Warterei macht mich noch verrückt. Manchmal frage ich mich, wie lange ich das noch aushalten kann? Mir ist heiß und kalt zugleich. Ich bin nervös und meine Hände zittern. Der Tag ist kurz, und so viel ist noch zu tun, aber ich muss warten und tagaus, tagein wie eine hirnlose Maschine reagieren. Mein Kreislauf spielt verrückt read Sex Story
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  3. The Hidden World Of The Wizarding World, book:1 ch:2 back to the bath

    7/12/2018: The story is written by my friend and I, currently we are trying to do a better job of proofreading, but we are still looking for someone to help. The next 2 chapters after this will have more characters from the series, feel free to suggest any relationships or fetishes you would like to see. Back to the bath Hermione sat down in potions class her panties still missing, someone's took them from read Sex Story
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  4. Blackmailed by Fater-in-law

    7/11/2018: Blackmailed By Father In Law Ch. 1 by hot-hot (C) thanks you all liked my first story " spying the sister" hope you will like this one also. Toby was moaning in her bed as her first door neighbor pushed his cock in and out of his beautiful cunt. She was urging him to do so. She was in so much heat and in a wanton state for his cock. His huge cock was going deep in her cunt. Their affair started two weeks ago. Toby was 25 years old and was married for 2 years. She was living with her family in a good house and was having a very comfortable life. His next-door neighbor, James was a 40 year old read Sex Story
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  5. Slut : The Poker Prize

    7/11/2018: Slut: The poker prize. You may already of read some of my escapades involving different cocks sliding in and out of my pussy and ass. I’ve worked as a Stripper for a few years, have enjoyed the lusty pleasures of the swinging scene, been on the receiving end of a few photographers cock whilst posing for them and I’ve enjoyed the immense pleasure of numerous lovers. With regard to my next tale, it involves the time my husband James wanted me to be the perfect slut host to him and two friends for an evening of poker. Both guys were unaware of our open relationship lifestyle and James promised i read Sex Story
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    7/11/2018: His name was Harry Balzer but I called him Hairy Balls he was my college professor in advanced arts class we became friends after a term paper that I wrote caught his eye I think what really caught his eye was my cute round butt that I inherited from my mother but I like to think my term paper was good too! We stayed friends even after college and one weekend Hairy invited me over to his lake house he said he wanted to show me a painting he just acquired I said sure I had nothing going on anyway and a weekend at his lake house sounded like fun! I showed up at his place and we thre read Sex Story
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  7. Spanked at Work

    7/11/2018: The First girl that I had to spank was called Julia. She was 18 years old and worked at our largest store near Chesterfield. She had been working as a key timer every weekend and bank holiday since she was 16 and was good at her job. My office was 20 miles away but I still visited every six to eight weeks to check on things and sort any problems out, as well as completing staff assessments and read Sex Story
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  8. Amelia

    7/11/2018: With my circle of friends, our parents love go away for the weekends. So it is not uncommon for people to stay at each other's houses while they are gone and have some fun in the house. This was one of those weekends for Amelia's parents. Amelia was about 5 foot 8 inches, her boobs were about B cup almost a C cup. Amelia also has a fine ass which excited lots of guys. Amelia was pale brunette with read Sex Story
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  9. A Crude Awakening

    7/10/2018: Chapter 1 Since my divorce 10 years ago my sex life has been all but non-existent; Settling for the mouse of a man I foolishly married far before I even knew myself resulted in over a decade of mind numbing mediocrity. Here I was approaching my 40s, alone and childless;suffering from a lifetime of chronic sexual disappointment. I met Glen as I walked out of the only variety store in our small read Sex Story
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  10. the foursome continued...

    7/10/2018: I flipped over onto my stomach and got up on all fours to shimmy off of the bed. Or so I thought. No sooner had I got on all fours that I felt a stinging slap on my wet ass cheeks. "Fucking OW!" I almost yelled. I wasn't prepared for it and it smarted! "Where the fuck do you think you're going?" I heard L say. "You haven't been properly indoctrinated yet." I turned to face her and she was standing at the side of the bed with a large bottle of lube in her hand a large lube syringe and that strapon locked and loaded and ready for action It was big. Bigger than I had used before. I then reme read Sex Story
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