1. Upsetting the apple cart Part 6

    3/10/2019: Lynn was in the middle of trimming her hairy bush, when she was interrupted by the phone ringing. "Hi darling"' she answered, having seen it was her husband. "Hi hun, you sound a lot better than you did this morning", Mark replied, adding, "did you manage to get a good couple of hours in bed ?". Lynn felt herself blushing as she recalled getting fucked in the arse as she spoke to him earlier. "Yes read Sex Story
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  2. Shadows Of Fright: The Goblin

    3/10/2019: His race lived in the sewers mostly. Goblins. Short moldy skinned monsters that fed off of rats and roadkill. Night time they would sometimes attack humans and make it seem like human or animal attacks. The smart ones would recreate events made by humans. Such as the missing kidney in a bathtub of ice. The cretins were devious and sadistic. Gaul was one such goblin. An extremely clever goblin who read Sex Story
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    3/10/2019: That was the title of my add when I decided I had had enough of chasing cocks at clubs and bars I figured maybe I could get the cock to come to me for a change I had seen another guy advertising on a gay porn website so I contacted him and asked him how he was making out finding cock he told me he had his pick any size shape and color it was the best thing he had ever done for himself well that convinced me and I took out my own add it was titled "I suck then U fuck" I thought it was cute and to the point and would catch the eye of horny dicks out there I posted a few pictures of myself in var read Sex Story
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  4. fun in the park

    3/8/2019: “The sun was rising in the east, slowly emerging from its slumber. The shadows fading upon the sarengeti. You could hear the galloping antelope spry with the new day and the roar of a roller coaster?....My name is Jack im a a****l caretaker at the park and my day has started to wind down after a long night shift. But I was not ready to go home as I had finally asked out this girl who works in the Rescue a****l show on the other side of the park.Her name was Dalia. And she had the most beautiful dark eyes and voluptuous hair I have ever seen.We decided why not spend a day together at the park t read Sex Story
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  5. Hands free self facial with a shemale

    3/8/2019: I was out at a little casino in Reno talking to this black girl. Her body was smoking and she was showing it off proudly in this tiny outfit and knee high boots. She was about 5'8" she had about a C cup. She was thick in all the right places. Sexy thick thighs. She was almost considered fat or a BBW. We talked, flirted, and had drinks for about an hour. After a while I asked if she was hungry. We got up and when she was getting she put her hand on my shoulder, I took a chance and leaned in for a kiss. She kissed me back and whispered in my ear that she had food at her house. I replied I will read Sex Story
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  6. brasilianische Überraschung - Teil 4 - Finale

    3/8/2019: brasilianische Überraschung - Teil 4 - Finale Glücklich unseren kleinen 'Fick-Zug" mit einem großen Knall in den Bahnhof gefahren zu haben stand ich mit zitternden Knien zwischen den Beiden. Mein Schwanz pochte immer noch in Luisas Möse und Angelas Schwanz steckte noch immer in meinem Anus. Alles vibrierte und der Schweiß rann uns allen dreien über die nackte Haut. Angela war es, die meine Gedanken aussprach, "Wir bleiben einfach so stehen... wir frieren diesen Moment einfach ein... für immer... oh Gott, ... war das groß..." meinte sie, während sich ihre Arme von hinten um mich schlangen, wo read Sex Story
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  7. Law & Order: Lesbian Detectives

    3/8/2019: In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit. Heading up the SVU team is twenty year veteran Olivia Benson, a highly decorated no-nonsense officer who has immersed herself in her cases with considerable success. They recently wrapped up a year long case of a white slavery ring that had eve read Sex Story
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  8. Norton Towers – the apartment block for sexy girdl

    3/7/2019: Adventurous Dora Unlike the other tenants in Norton Towers, Dora dressed smart but demurely. She was fairly attractive for a 60 year old but one thing I did notice was the fact that her demure dresses were always very tight – especially across her arse. One evening just as I was ready for home, she buzzed down asking a big favour. “Robert, I know you’re ready to leave but I am getting severe cramps in my thighs, I can hardly move. I am a bit embarrassed but as I know you’re discreet, could you by any chance come up and get my legs going, so to speak”. She went on to explain that what no read Sex Story
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  9. I Dream of Angels: Part 3 - The Promised Future

    3/7/2019: I hope you enjoy! Chapter 3 It was the first day after vacation, and everyone was following his or her morning routine. Angel and I were trying to figure out how we would survive the day without each other. “The tutor will be here at eight, and he’ll be home-schooling you for a few months while we figure out where you can go for a real education,” I said as I pulled on my backpack. “I’ll miss read Sex Story
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  10. DRIVING MISS DAISY--Part 1 of 5

    3/7/2019: “Driving Miss Daisy” >>>>>> I first met Daisy while a graduate student in college. Actually, it would be more accurate to say that she met me as she was the dominant driving force through most of our relationship. You see, I was a nerd, still am for that matter. I wasn’t ugly or fat, or even a sloppy, smelly person. I was tall at six feet three inches and thin as a rail at 165 pounds. I still have read Sex Story
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