1. She Gets Him Bi - Part 3a

    9/16/2018: She Gets Him Bi Part 3a - The Party Begins John could barely contain his excitement as he sat on the couch. Tonight was the night of the party Alex had invited him to. John had taken a prolonged shower earlier in the day to make sure he was properly shaved and smooth, but his mind was spinning with the possibilities of what the night might entail. Tiffany, John's wife, excitedly pranced into the living room in her white, cotton panties, carrying an iPad and a box covered in wrapping paper. She sat down next to her husband. "Is that Krystal's iPad?" John asked read Sex Story
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  2. Back, Crack, and Empty Sack!

    9/15/2018: This story based on a real life event, that I experienced with my sexy Spanish wife. Enjoy! A couple of years ago, Sophia was offered a promotion within the company where she works. It involved setting up a new office, in a totally new area, and it came with a two-year relocation package, which meant they'd pay our rent and any costs incurred. It couldn't have come at a better time as our friends read Sex Story
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  3. Das Wochenende mit den Schwiegereltern (Teil XV)

    9/15/2018: Anmerkung: Es ist wie immer besser die anderen Teile zu kennen. Richtig wichtig ist aber nur der Teil XIV, da dort die neuen Charaktere eingeführt werden, um die es hier zum Teil geht. Die Geschichte ist nicht ganz so versaut wie meine anderen, aber ich hatte eine Schreibpause und muss erstmal wieder warm werden ;-)... Hoffe sie gefällt euch trotzdem. Die Woche wollte nicht vergehen. Ich war so gespannt, was wohl an dem Wochenende alles passieren würde. Ich hoffte das Regine auch kommen würde und ich auch von ihr etwas mehr zu sehen und hoffentlich auch zu schmecken bekam. Ich packte read Sex Story
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  4. Gloria's Transformations - the Freak

    9/15/2018: “Babe, I want you to see your geneticist about some more changes to your body. Your asshole is tight, but I want it even tighter so you are screaming your head off when a big cock is in your ass. And your cervix should also be tighter so everyone in the room will hear when your womb is penetrated. I also want your orgasmic contractions much stronger so men can’t possibly miss the clamping of your read Sex Story
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  5. The Sex Shop

    9/15/2018: I had already shaved so showered and put on a little perfume before putting on my panties over my cage, rolling on my stockings and slipping into my cami. Looking in the mirror my tanned skin look pretty sexy against the white, even if I do say so myself. I then put on pants, slipped into my shoes and put on a coat. I was ready it was now or never. I was shaking a bit, trembling with excitement, nerves and a bit of fear. I slipped some lube and my cage key into the coat and I was ready. Driving to the shop I parked in a side street and walked the rest of the way. Upon reaching I did t read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal, First Time, Gay, Author: mmmichaelmmm, Source: xHamster
  6. Street Life, Redux

    9/14/2018: This is my favorite time and place. A warm, sunny early Summers day. A pavement café with not just good, but dynamite service and the best barista's in the world. Not just America, Brazil, Canada, or anywhere, but the whole world. Across the street a little way from the college. It's where I like to come after a hard day in the lab, just chilling out and girl watching. A copy of the UK Financial read Sex Story
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  7. Fantasy threesome meeting with my Swedish ex Charl

    9/14/2018: I was entering Torquay after my Swedish ex Charlotte contacted me online explaining she was feeling down and that she had missed me after all the years that had passed. It had been several years and I never forgot her tiny petite frame, shoulder-length blonde hair, bright blue eyes, athletic figure, small juicy boobs and intense high sex drive. We met at a hotel bar just on the outskirts in the evening. I walked into the bar and Lotta was wearing a skintight black lacy dress that shower off her toned legs and relatively small cleavage; like a tiny miniture version of Emma Starr. We kissed an read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal, Group Sex, Hardcore, Author: hector31, Source: xHamster
  8. A Gangbang with the Surgical Team

    9/13/2018: I was very young when i started experimenting with pleasuring myself, and ended up realizing that sticking something big and hard inside my ass felt rather amazing. It was something that i couldn't stop thinking about, i wasn't even especially attracted to guys, I liked when they were gorgeous with smooth muscle brimmed bodies, but really I was only interested in their cocks. I always enjoyed read Sex Story
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  9. Creating Catherine Part 5

    9/12/2018: Well, since you asked about when I started taking an interest in men, I guess it started in a very round about way in my later high school years. My father always had a subscription to Playboy magazine and, of course, like most boys my age I would sneak a peak whenever I could. The main difference was that instead of imagining slipping the lingerie and heels off miss November I always imagined being miss November! I could almost feel the tug of my garter strap against the silky smooth stockings that covered my long slim legs! I imagined having the long beautiful hair and pretty face and, yes, read Sex Story
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  10. Pizza Delivery

    9/11/2018: Pizza Gioconda is where I work. The owner is a friend of my dad's and was happy to give me this little job. He treats me well. On super bowl, I had two days off while the other employees busted their butts. When I was taking orders the day after, I was not really busy because everybody was stuffed with pizza from the day before. "Pizza Gioconda, my name is Mario, how can I help you today?" I read Sex Story
    Categories: True Story , Anal, Gay, Group Sex, Author: Tony Sodom, Source: sexstories.com