1. Double trouble at lunch (true story)

    3/6/2019: I was recently doing some work for a client who just brought a large state house in the Somerset countryside. I had never met him in person, all business had been done over the phone and via email. After a couple of months of work he invited me to lunch to personally thank me for everything I had done. I gratefully accepted and we arranged to meet in a restaurant the following week. The restaurant he chose was exclusive and owned by a famous chef near where he lived. I decided to go and buy a new skirt suit for the occasion and picked a navy skirt that showed my pert bum perfectly. I matched t read Sex Story
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  2. A weekend with Austin and Kota

    3/6/2019: Today had began how yesterday did. Me and Austin sat around playing on his xbox and went to the beach again. It was totally normal again. After we got back and got dressed, Austin suggested we have an airsoft war. It was 6 at night and started to get dark. I agreed but he was only in shorts and I was only in a bikini top and cutoffs. Austin grabbed his green gun and handed me a blue one. As we read Sex Story
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  3. Confessions of a Cum Slut Pt. 6-10

    3/6/2019: Re-Introduction Hi, if we haven’t met yet, my name is Cindy; I’m a cocksucking, dick-riding, pussy-eating, ass-fucking cum slut. And these are my confessions. My very first orgasm, and the half-dozen that followed, I climaxed while a cock spurted hot cum in my mouth and I fingered myself. The next 20 or 30 times I came, I was squatting in a glory hole, again with a series of cocks in my mouth, read Sex Story
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  4. Morning Hook up at the Bathhouse (MT raw anal ceam

    3/6/2019: Morning Hook up at the Bathhouse MT I was done with a meeting early, and near the East Bay bath house and my Tranny lover Kayla. I texted her to see if she could meet me soon; she could make it around 11AM. The place completely was empty when I got there a little after 10AM; just the latino attendants. I chatted with them for a bit at the counter, while only wearing a towel around my waist and my hardon tenting out. As we talked, I used my poor Spanish, to learn that they they have seen me in there before, and I am kind of a legend there for my times in the sex swing. I was really hard now, read Sex Story
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  5. Melissa Blog 07.01.18

    3/5/2019: Ich trage eine rosafarbene Hipster über meinem engen Keuschheitsgürtel während ich nachts schlafe. In den Morgenstunden wache ich durch einen aufregenden Traum auf. Ich denke an einen starken und brutalen Mann. Er liegt neben mir. Schlafend. Nackt. Ich bin seine Sissy-Dienerin. Er besitzt viele Sklavinnen, auch weibliche, doch ich bin in dieser Nacht an der Reihe. Ich bin für sein Wohlergehen abgestellt. Ich krieche unter die Decke zu seinem riesigen, fleischigen Penis und beginne seine Hoden zu lecken. Mein runder Arsch und meine eingesperrte Klit ragen in die Höhe. Ich sauge an seinen män read Sex Story
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  6. mom banged hardly by my father in law

    3/4/2019: Hi guys this is veena and this is the story about my marriage life changed the life of my mom.My mom name is velamma and she is 42 yrs old and my father died in aRTA and my mom is a widow.she works in a bank.my mom is a typical southindian lady she is very fair and have long hairs.my mom have very big boobs which is round in nature her melons are 38g sized and are huge her lips are sexy and are read Sex Story
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  7. Carnal Cruise

    3/4/2019: "Oh? Matt's at the bar, probably getting drunk," Bridgette said. She opened up the door a bit more and I could see she was wearing one of those flimsy robes that came with the room. It was loosely tied and her teal and yellow swimsuit could barely be seen beneath the thin cotton. Bridgette played sports after work, and her body definitely showed it. I had peeked at her when she was at the pool read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal Author: byhotcheesycakes, Source: Literotica
  8. Shadows of Fright: Haunted Tides

    3/4/2019: The first thought this evil creature had waking up was revenge. Not that it could remember against who off hand. Waking up after being shot by your whole crew. Stabbed and hung afterwards tended to erase quite a few memories. However those memories were stuck in his undead, rotting brain. Every single one of his crew members. Even those he rose to infamy. And those who would've captained their own read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy Anal Oral Sex / Blowjob Cum Swallowing Death, Horror, Monster, Murder, Reluctance Violence / Cruelty Author: The Midnight Shade, Source: sexstories.com
  9. The Man of Sin: The Series

    3/4/2019: Chapter 1: Berlin, Germany: The young man climbed up out of the bed, leaving the naked woman to silently cry. He looked out the window at the rainy city, chuckling to himself in both satisfaction and anticipation. “What in God’s name are you?” the woman hissed as she curled up in the fetal position. She was beautiful in body but broken in spirit, her inner thighs red from the blood of her torn read Sex Story
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  10. Wrist-Deep in the Cunt Hole - The Housewife In The Sex Shop

    3/4/2019: The city I live in, like any other large city, has a number of sex stores. One of them, my favourite, is a female-exclusive store that is aimed at giving women a relaxed and protected atmosphere when shopping for toys, since we tend to be shy and embarrassed around men when it comes to our intimate desires. I love visiting there on occasion, because I'm always curious to experiment with new and read Sex Story
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