1. The Slag Whisperer

    7/31/2018: The Slag Whisperer My name is Stefan and my fetish is fucking dirty older women, I don’t care on looks or age just that they have full figures and are no good whores. A bit about me, I am 26 yrs. Old, 6 ft tall average build with olive skin and a decent 9” cock that’s pretty thick. I got in to this fetish through a dating app on my phone, I was chatting to a lady who was in her early forties size read Sex Story
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  2. Now Serving #...- A story about the C-Train

    7/31/2018: I met Callie about ten years ago at our corporate office. I had been working there for just over three years prior to her arrival. She was this hot little blonde, tan, girl just 22 years old. She was short, around 5'5", petite, guessing 105-108lbs, tiny tits but looked perfect on her body frame, nice tiny waist an an amazing little ass. She was perky and very outgoing. Needless to say, she got noticed by the single guys and some older married guys too. As for me, I just happened to be friends with a girl who worked with Callie... My friend Jessica put in a good word for me and within Callie's read Sex Story
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  3. Emily

    7/31/2018: It was a quiet day then a simple phone call……. I had been a bull for some time, in fact I was bull for a couple just this past week. But I wanted something more regular so I joined a dating service. I am 5 foot 9 inches and in very good shape. The call, there was a woman interested in meeting me. I drove over and watched her video and reviewed her profile. She was probably a small C-cup, 22, 5foot 4 inches, blonde, since I was 33, I questioned the age difference. The lady at the dating service said that she did too and pointed it out, but she wants an older man. Her name was Emily. We set up a read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal Hardcore, Lesbian Author: auroran, Source: xHamster
  4. One of my many Anal experiences with a very obligi

    7/30/2018: I recently was having a wander about XHamster, as you do, admiring users postings, videos etc. I read a story about him fucking his wife in the ass, one time while she was asleep, and it brought back many tales I have about fucking many Ladies willingly in the ass. As i’ve said, I might be a novice at writing stories, but i’ve Had many pleasureable experiences with many many Ladies over the years. For some reason, i’ve Always been attracted to married Ladies. But I can honestly say, i’ve Never made a move on any of my friends wives, ever! I’ve spanked the monkey more than once thinking a read Sex Story
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  5. Just An Experiment - Part Two

    7/30/2018: After Mike was with Jack, the rest of the day he was confused. He knew he wasn’t gay, however he was having gay thoughts. He liked sucking cock and having his cock sucked. He wasn’t too sure about having his ass fucked. But, with practice anything was possible. With all these thoughts clouding his mind, he had to make sure he still liked women. He had to fuck a woman and make sure he read Sex Story
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  6. Ms. Morgan's Dilemma

    7/29/2018: I looked down at my paper and sighed. It had come back from my professor all covered in red ink. A B! I would never get into University of Chicago Law with these kinds of grades! But, drastic times called for drastic measures. Fortunately, my Classics of Political Thought professor was kind of cute, in a dorky sort of way. I could do this, I thought. I looked him up and down appraisingly, read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal Author: bybhanover, Source: Literotica
  7. Das Fremde in mir

    7/29/2018: Dieses Bild zeigt, wie ich am Zipfel meines Mannes lecke. Ich hatte ihn kennengelernt, als ich noch minderjährig war. Er war deutlich älter als ich und so verantwortungsvoll, dass es ein ganzes Jahr dauerte, bis er endlich versuchte, mich zu deflorieren. Das isr ihm aber nicht wirklich gelungen. Wie unschwer zu erkennen, ist er untenrum einfach zu kümmerlich ausgestattet und war deshalb nicht in der Lage gewesen, mein Hymen zu zerreißen. Erst als ich wenig später, immer noch vollkommen intakt, für ein paar Tage bei read Sex Story
    Categories: BDSM Anal Hardcore, Author: lene, Source: xHamster
  8. Jan en Jos spuiten in me.

    7/29/2018: Wij lopen naar het terras waar Jan op ons zit te wachten, met glimmende ogen kijkt hij mij aan. Zonder iets te zeggen staat hij op en pakt mijn hand, mij achter zich aan trekkend lopen wij de keuken in. Hij drukt mij tegen de achtermuur aan en zijn lippen liggen gelijk op die van mij en zijn tong schiet snel tussen mijn lippen door. Onze tongen beginnen een ruw erotisch spel, met zijn handen trekt hij mijn broek naar onderen en laat mijn harde pik in zijn handen verdwijnen. Als hij eraan begint te trekken kan ik mij niet inhouden en kreun diep vanuit mijn keel. Hij laat mijn lippen los en kijk read Sex Story
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  9. Taking Her- Face Down, Ass Up

    7/28/2018: "You're going to a what?" I asked, not sure if I'd heard correctly. "A 'Passion Soiree'". It's a sex toy workshop, where a group of women get together at someone's house and an "Educator" teaches about different toys and sex topics. A friend of Susan's invited me this Friday and I thought it sounded like fun". Sex toys and other enhancements were nothing really new for J and I. We had a small read Sex Story
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  10. A Gift For My Wife

    7/27/2018: My wife Dana had been there for me every step of the way as I went through my rehab sessions. We were only six months into our marriage when I fell from a scaffold on my job site. One of the doctors told me that I had a five percent chance of ever walking again. The investigators eventually found my job at fault for not having proper safety harnesses in place and I was awarded a settlement after a read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy Anal Black, Cuckold First Time Group Sex Interracial Author: m15artwork, Source: sexstories.com