1. The Uncovering Pt. 2 - showed no limits

    6/5/2018: Chinese. Brown hiligts 5'-4" Skinny and dicate frame Size 0 Perky titties Has only dated white or native Cock worshiper So where were we? Less than 4 hours after discussing it seriously and 10 min since she met the young man from Craigslist, she is kneeling between his legs while he is sat back relaxed on our sofa. I have watched the closer up camera footage so many times of this that i almlost forgot my view of the situation. She only licked his long, straight cock once from bottom up after picking it up off his belly and already it was standing up hard. Her first g read Sex Story
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    6/5/2018: Double amputee gay guy with a BIG COCK. I have both legs amputated just above the knee and wear ;prosthetic ones. I used to love to wear pantyhose (tights) but due to the leg construction (metal pylons) no longer possible,, HOWEVER a friend has made me cosmetic covers and can now wear tights of all sorts..... I like to wear either jock straps, or lycra oanties under my tights for ease pulling them down. I am a bottom guy so speed is of the essence, If I wear tights under my trousers I don't need to wear socks or underwear to be honest.. pull my tights down and sit on the guys cock or whatev read Sex Story
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  3. The Electric Plant

    6/4/2018: I was stoked. I just landed a new job after months of searching. I had recently graduated college with a degree in electrical engineering and had been on the hunt ever since. The job seemed perfect. I was going to work in an electric power plant, for a decent salary, for what seemed like a great company. There was only one down side: I had to move Minnesota. I was a bit nervous moving to a state read Sex Story
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  4. Fucking my virgin college room mate

    6/4/2018: For months of my freshman year of college, I ha no room mate. Fine with me, as it gave me space to bring in other guys from the dorm and on campus for private fuck sessions. Then, one nite I got home from my bath house shift and VIOLA, I had a room mate. I gave him the once over eye, and damn if he wasn't a pretty boy. Shoulder length brown hair, a pouty mouth, very thin and pretty well hairless. We got to yapping and I found he had problems in another dorm because the jocks were trying to fuck him. Well, HELLO, guess who you just ran in to? I let a couple days go by, secretly giving him read Sex Story
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  5. A Horny Friend

    6/3/2018: * * * * * Author's Note: If this story seems familiar to you, that might be because I originally published it to this site as five separate-but-related stories, and you may have already read one of those stories. However, I have chosen to further edit and republish those five stories as one complete novelette-length story, comprised of five separate chapters (appropriately being referred to in read Sex Story
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  6. the dress

    6/3/2018: The dress slid along the body, discovering the large and magnificent breasts that, once freed from the heavy and tight velvet, rose up in arrogance, their nipples pointed and suddenly hard from the cold of the room. One of the sailors literally lifted Antonia from the ground, twisting her arms behind her back. Another grabbed her legs by forcefully opening them, while a third faced each other massaging the long hard cock to harden it more, bending her knees to get with her big open pussy cunt. After spitting to make it slippery, he leaned it against the wet slit and pressed it into the big coc read Sex Story
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  7. Willing Target

    6/3/2018: Hannah relaxed back into the comfort of the low leather chair, her Michael Kors handbag on the floor besides her, her plain white coffee cup on a saucer in front of her, her eyes scanning across the quiet cafe, looking for her friend, Victoria, who just a couple moments ago had been queued behind her, ordering her own life-giving drink. She raised a hand and waved as she saw Victoria, now with her read Sex Story
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  8. BimboTech Chapter 8: Bimbo Wife DPed

    6/2/2018: BimboTech Chapter Eight: Bimbo Wife DPed By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Alice Jackman, Chief Research Scientist of BimboTech Chemicals The fume hood roared as I worked with the chemicals in it. I had an idea for how to make the intelligence serum last longer than an hour. It required just the right combination and percentage of chemicals so the solution didn't burst into a toxic cloud. Hence, the read Sex Story
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  9. The Knight and the Acolyte Book 7, Chapter 2: The Shaman's Struggle

    6/2/2018: The Knight and the Acolyte Book Seven: Illusory Passion Chapter Two: The Shaman's Struggle By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Note: Thanks to B0b for beta reading this. Xandra – Baraconia, The Island of Birds I blushed the moment I stepped into my room at the Pirate's Noose, the inn in which we were staying the night in the city of Baraconia. It was the final shock of a day of shocks. Faoril was on read Sex Story
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  10. A Black gangbang after a concert

    6/1/2018: During the week end Ana and I had gone to Savannah to see a good rock concert. We got a nice hotel near downtown. My sensual wife looked stunning in a tight white dress that really showed off her tits and body well. The concert show had been great and after we had hit the bar across the street from the hotel for a few drinks before going to bed... A few margaritas turned into a lot and my sweet Ana soon got a little tipsy. I said we better could get back to our room if I wanted to get sex from her. Ana was horny and I was telling her that she could fuck any guy in the bar because she read Sex Story
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