1. The Whore in Me part 2

    3/4/2018: As I stood and walked away with a huge smile on my face Kyle stood and followed me, I knew he would. It was still the middle of lunch and the hallways were fairly quiet. I made strong stride to make my ass bounce, I didn’t need to look behind me, I knew where his eyes were. I made a left into an empty classroom and turned, awaiting his arrival. A quick push up of my tits and I shifted my weight so read Sex Story
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  2. true BBC gangbang

    3/4/2018: This is a true story It was a normal Friday morning at work, not a lot going on, so I and a friend took off, we went for coffee, and talked, the chat turned to sex, I told her that I had not had any in a few weeks, we laughed and giggled like school girls, the decided to go shopping for underwear, we took her car and hit a few places, found a few good deals, jo-jo kept getting text messages, as we read Sex Story
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  3. Wife's Birthday Present

    3/3/2018: It was my wife's 35th Birthday. One of the gifts was a beautiful new watch. The other was a special evening I had planned for us. This evening would be one she'd remember for years to come. A little background information on my wife and I. My wife's name is Lisa. She is a beautiful 35 year-old. Hits the gym every day. She is in fantastic shape and has awesome curves in all the right places read Sex Story
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  4. My Christmas Present!

    3/2/2018: My wife Melissa was excited as Christmas approached. She loves this time of year and since we have been enjoying a new found seuxla freedom together our love making has gotten more passionate. Melissa and I have shared many sexual firsts and she knows how much I love the experience of a tight teenage pussy. I prefer girl who are not porn stars, but average girls who are interested in trying new read Sex Story
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  5. The Diner

    3/2/2018: Isn't it funny how a place can be everything to you, and then nothing. When I was in college I used to be here every night, grabbing a burger from the diner on the corner, or buying cheap beer with my friends in the grotty bar where a cockroach once fell from the ceiling into Gary's half full glass. But I haven't been here in years, and things have changed. Or maybe I've changed. I see a group of read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy , Anal, Bisexual, Fisting, Group Sex, Horror, Incest / Taboo, Violence / Cruelty, Author: John Cleland, Source: sexstories.com
  6. East of Nowhere Part two- Carries dream- Revised

    2/28/2018: After a while Carrie fell asleep, and dreamed of the game, and what else she could experience and have fun with and learn. In her dreams, she was in the game again, not as her character Sasha, but herself. When she woke up in the forest, she started a fire with the new flame magic skill she learned. She hunted for some deer, took a doe down with her bow, she then skinned and cleaned it before read Sex Story
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  7. Lesbian Cuckold

    2/26/2018: My wife Charlotte and I have been married for ten wonderful years. We meet by pure chance in an Ikea parking lot five years before that, when she'd had some trouble loading up her car and I stopped to help. I think she sensed right away that I was a submissive man, because she invited me back to her place that very night. Well, more like ordered me. I hadn't realized that I was submissive or that read Sex Story
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  8. My Story part 2

    2/24/2018: I am in the bathroom hiding from my two best friends fearing that I just ruined everything. They were both willing participants in our escapades, but still in my mind it was all my fault. I am trying to compose myself but it is not happening until Amber knocks on the door, “Hey my parents are home. John is stalling them but you need to get dressed.” She hands me my clothes and I get dressed read Sex Story
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  9. Gym Teacher 5

    2/24/2018: I hope you have read parts 1 through 4, to really understand this whole family and friends dynamic that my wife of almost 30 years had with her family, and our good friends Pete and Karen. They were our first swing partners and remained close friends through all of these years. We even got to be godparents to their youngest daughter, Tiffany. They also had a son too, Pete Jr. Those kids were read Sex Story
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  10. The beach trip part 2

    2/23/2018: Ok this is part 2 of the beach trip. If you did not read part 1 maybe you should but you don’t have to. After a world class blow job on the balcony we moved into the room and went to bed to sleep this time. In the morning, I got up for some coffee and left Tammy sleeping. I slip on my bathing suit and went down to get some breakfast and coffee and bring some back to the room for Tammy also. As I read Sex Story
    Categories: True Story , Bisexual, Group Sex, Wife / MILF, Author: My Sex life, Source: sexstories.com