1. Kaley and Katy Work Out

    3/18/2019: Note- I have never met either of these celebrities, and this tall tale did not take place in reality, I made it up. xxx Kaley Cuoco emerged from the Studio City Fitness Facility looking like a million bucks. Her fitness regime, together with her yoga and horse riding, had paid off with astonishing results. Her coach had given her a programme of push ups, planks and squat thrusts, three times a read Sex Story
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  2. Elton John Fanfic 02 - The Truth

    3/17/2019: Circa 1983. (Contains gay love. Deal with it.) The commotion had been far too long gone since just about everybody was leaving the recording studio. It was 9pm, and the whole crew was headed out for their delayed dinners. Elton, on the other hand, had himself perched up on a lanky, turquoise stool, sitting tall and lean like a he owned a director's chair. He was totally content with staying in the read Sex Story
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  3. Bird Watching

    3/16/2019: Girl Meets World - Bird Watching It was a beautiful spring day on a Saturday in New York City. The sun was shining bright, the weather was a warm 64 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. It was a day that everybody would go out riding bikes, taking a nice walk in the park and having a picnic with their loved one. Farkle and Maya were spending the day together bird watching in Central Park. The duo was both under a tree, Farkle was staring into his father's binoculars while Maya was lying on checked blue and red blanket barefoot and reading a teen magazine while eating a red apple. "May read Sex Story
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  4. Dance of a lifetime

    3/15/2019: By williacj I went to the office armed with a bouquet of roses for HSN host Connie Craig Carroll. I've always wanted to meet her and now here was my chance. I saw her in the hallway and stopped her. “wow are these for me?” she asks”ohhhh you shouldn't have” “holy cow connie'” I exclaim “you look.....wow” “why thank you" she says"well I'm glad you're here, just in time for today's special” “hope I'm eligible for hsn's 60% off sale today”i told her “you don't have to pay me shit read Sex Story
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  5. Scarlet Scale Ch. 008

    3/14/2019: A few hours later, we stood before the north-marked location of Shriekwind, by the road. "So here we are." I said. "You know why I'm here, Lydia. But before I seek to turn to vampirism, I must be sure of whether you're ready to go inside with me. If you want to go back to Falkreath, I will allow you to, and-" "No," she shook her head "you are my Thane, and my Love. Wherever you would go now, I read Sex Story
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  6. Sommerhitze und immer wieder Lena

    3/10/2019: Fest ist mein Blick auf deinen Mund gerichtet. Ein wundervoller Mund. Man könnte sagen, ein Kussmund. Nicht zu breit, Ober- und Unterlippe voller als ich es bei anderen Frauen in deinem Alter beobachtet hatte. Also quasi im Normalzustand schon zum Küssen geformt. Die Lippen nicht glatt, sondern eine regelmäßige Anordnung von aufrechten ganz zarten Furchen. Und die äußeren Linien schön geschwungen, eben so, wie ein Kussmund. Wie von einem Magnet angezogen hafteten meine Augen darauf. Ich hatte gar nicht bemerkt, dass du mich nun doch ansiehst. Fast wie erwischt kam ich mir vor, obwohl es ja nur read Sex Story
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  7. Erotic Essay #1: Single Spanking Secret

    3/10/2019: ONLY FOR READERS WITH HIGH IQ & STRONG GUTS, BECAUSE OF THE VIDEO I SHOW! Seems I am still the only one in the world, who understands the single secret of spanking & sex. Surely no porn producers of spanking videos have a clue. Logical, as all of them are American! Show you one short sexy spanking sight, which explains everything. A real rare gem here in hell. Surely you know 'hammie' is American, that is why no single thing works. As the top are criminals. Surely I am the only one in the world, who understands all aspects of sex & erotics best in the world. Seems ev read Sex Story
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  8. Law & Order: Lesbian Detectives

    3/8/2019: In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit. Heading up the SVU team is twenty year veteran Olivia Benson, a highly decorated no-nonsense officer who has immersed herself in her cases with considerable success. They recently wrapped up a year long case of a white slavery ring that had eve read Sex Story
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  9. Island Girls

    3/7/2019: The following is a work of erotic fiction and includes scenes of sexual activity. It includes characters that are copyrighted by United Artists Television, Gladysya Productions and the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS). The story is intended for the non-commercial enjoyment of fans and should be considered a parody. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit will be made from the read Sex Story
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  10. Robin vs Gotham City Sirens Pt. 02

    3/7/2019: The sequel, as promised. The characters that appear are all 18 or above and owned by DC Comics and Warner Bros. *** "ALL OF IT! In the fucking bag!" A clown-masked thug jabbed his pistol barrel in the terrified bank clerk's face. The clerk, a young woman with tears smudging her mascara, scrambled to shove thick wads of notes from the vault's trolley into several duffel bags. The bank manager read Sex Story
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