1. The Night has Only Just Begun

    9/21/2018: The following is a story request for a fan about the characters Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy from DC Comics. In this story, Harley has been dumped by her boyfriend so she and Ivy go out for a movie, which leads to sex afterwards. I do not own the rights to these characters (obviously) but if my fan enjoys it, and you guys like the story, then I may write a followup involving these two girls or read Sex Story
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  2. Packer Does the Office Pt. 02

    9/18/2018: This is set in the TV show The Office. This story focuses on the character Packer and a lot of the lovely ladies of The Office.This will be quite different to my other stories, it will be a collection of quick tales, all in one story, of Packer seducing various women of The Office. To denote when these stories are taking place I will state which season and episode the story takes place in. Some of read Sex Story
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  3. Katy Perry, Her Ladyship Ch. 02

    9/15/2018: Note- This tall tale is inspired by, but not actually about anyone I know. It's pure fiction. xxx Katy Perry awoke late in the morning, her arms around a fluffy pillow. As it was Summertime the large fire was unlit and only a single sheet covered her sexy body. Henry, playfully referred to as Pumpy by his new bride, in actual fact The Marquess of Crumpet, had already risen. Wallowing in the king read Sex Story
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  4. iCan't Do This - Chapter 1

    9/13/2018: iCarly: iCan't Do This - Chapter 1: Shattered Glass My hand goes right through the window and the glass shatters; and the sound seems to rip through everything and leave a vacuum of silence behind where we're all just standing, stunned. And I don't remember going to punch it, all I remember is being angry and the stupid half-wall and window on wheels we were using for an iCarly segment being in my way. And now my hand is through it and there's glass everywhere, and it's not the best decision I've ever made. There's a beat where I can't hear anything and I can't move, and then Carly's read Sex Story
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  5. Keira y la tienda de la esquina

    9/11/2018: Keira y la tienda de la esquina Es de noche hay partido en la tele y no hay nadie en la calle, antes de volver a casa decido entrar en la tienda de la esquina a comprar cuatro cosas, queda poco para cerrar. Al entrar veo que solo está la hija de la dueña, sé que se llama Keira, debe tener unos veintitantos años, morena de pelo corto con un precioso flequillo que casi tapa uno de sus grandes ojos negros, ella es muy delgada, pechos casi planos, culo casi plano, destaca sobre todas las cosas una preciosa y enorme boca en la que se marcan unos dientes grandes que aparecen a nada que Keira esboz read Sex Story
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  6. The Girl with the Long Brown Hair

    9/5/2018: Girl Meets World - The Girl with the Long Brown Hair 17-year-old Maya Hart has always been attracted to her best friend Riley Matthews. She was the most important part in her life. Maya loved how sweet, funny, adorable and innocent Riley is. The two have been best friends in a long time since they were five. She was happy that Riley is in her world because without Riley in her world, Maya would be lost. It was a normal Friday night in New York. The city lights were shining bright, the traffic is packed and the sirens were blaring loud. Maya was in her room painting a picture on her ca read Sex Story
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  7. Frankie Sandford Special Delivery

    9/2/2018: We were there for a simple enough task, just your standard flat-pack-assembly job that would take up an hour or so to complete, so the last thing I expected was to "hook up" with someone new in the process, but that's precisely what happened. I knew almost nothing about the client, singer Frankie Sandford, who despite having two k**s in recent years still looked as gorgeous as ever. In fact the chemistry between us was undeniable as she watched the guys and I build her custom made cabinet right there on her living room floor. Strangely enough I almost felt sorry for her, as she literal read Sex Story
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  8. The Office - The Job

    9/2/2018: My version of Season 3 - Episodes 24 & 25. Fictional story about fictional characters. ***** It seemed to Pam Beesley that her life had come full circle, a full 360 degrees, and that she was right back where she had started that day a few years earlier when she had been hired as the Receptionist at the Scranton, Pennsylvania branch of paper company Dunder-Miflin. In the meantime, she had been read Sex Story
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  9. Kate Beckett's Dilemma Ch. 01

    9/2/2018: "Kate Beckett loves big black cocks. For her, it became an obsession. Until she lost everything. She needed to make a decision: Rick Castle or big black cocks. What if Kate Beckett/Lexington Steele had gone further than Baranbrat's "Blue Bloods meet Castle"?" Be indulgent, this is my first story and English is not my language. Of course, the characters don't belong to me... ***** Rick Castle and read Sex Story
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  10. Banter: Session Three "Silly Sip"

    9/1/2018: Banter: Session Three "Silly Sip" [Warning: u******e drinking. Author does not promote making this choice in real life. Be responsible.] Carly and Sam were leaning back against the cab of a truck Sam claimed to be borrowing from her mom's newest boyfriend. Carly suspected, even from the first sight of it, that Sam had stolen the keys, but she chose not to make a big deal of it for now. They drove to a dirt road on the outskirts of the city and ended up by an abandoned field where they had stationed themselves. Sam pulled out two 4-packs of Ike's hard lemonade, one in original and the read Sex Story
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