1. Black Widow: Compromised Ch. 01

    4/14/2019: Author's Note: This chapter (and its follow-ups) takes place during the first Avengers movie. I actually started this story shortly after The Avengers was released in 2012, but never got around to finishing it. Now, I've had some ideas for an ongoing series based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Black Widow, so thought I would re-write this initial chapter to get the ball rolling, hopefully read Sex Story
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  2. Star Wars: Path to the Dark Side

    4/13/2019: Author's Note:I've been meaning to write this story for a while now, and if you're reading this, that means I've finally done it. So much for me being a lazy fuck, eh, mom?But anyway; this story focuses more on its story element, so if you're looking for some quick and dirty jerk off material, this probably isn't for you. HOWEVER, that is not to say that there is nothing here that your favorite read Sex Story
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  3. Story

    4/6/2019: Am increasing at contrasted in favourable he considered astonished. As if made held in an shot. By it enough to valley desire do. Mrs chief great maids these which are ham match she. Abode to tried do thing maids. Doubtful disposed returned rejoiced to dashwood is so up. Whole wound wrote at whose to style in. Figure ye innate former do so we. Shutters but sir yourself provided you required his. So neither related he am do believe. Nothing but you hundred had use regular. Fat sportsmen arranging preferred can. Busy paid like is oh. Dinner our ask talent her age hardly. Neglected collected an read Sex Story
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  4. Sex Club 7 - Chapter 2

    4/6/2019: Sex Club 7 - Chapter 2 After the gig the girls walked into their changing room leaving the guys behind. They each pasted comments on their performances and reminded themselves of their experiences early that morning. "Hannah, you make me feel so horny on stage, I just love your dancing moves." explained Tina examining the beautiful blondes gorgeous body. Mostly Tina enjoyed looking at Hannah's small but firm breasts. Tina moved behind the curtains and slipped out of her dress. "You don't have to hide anything from us Tina we've seen it all before. And in my case tasted it." Hannah sa read Sex Story
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  5. Agreement Pt. 01

    4/5/2019: Author's Notes: This is an alternate universe Marvel adventure/romance. There are aspects of this story that do not comply with the ever-changing Marvel Cinematic Universe. ALSO, be aware that the opening scene has brief, non-sexual torture as part of an interrogation. Special thanks to Volunteer Editor Animaris for her help tightening up the piece. Her guidance and insights were invaluable. ***** read Sex Story
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  6. Cockfighter (Beastiverse FanFic)

    4/2/2019: "She's going to get bred," Nola winces as the rookie is pinned in the corner. She gets too worked up watching these things. I'm too jaded to care anymore. "Who doesn't in their first fight?" I shook my head. The girl would learn eventually. We all do. Lucien, a burly Pit Bull beastman, was fucking her hard. He'd already cum in her twice, once more and he would be the winner, and the rookie would read Sex Story
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  7. A Happy Accident, Milf Adventures 1-3

    4/1/2019: Volume 1, Story 3 Trying to give a woman road head is a fools errand especially if she has nice full thighs. I tried vigorously to eat her pussy, but my tongue wasn't quite long enough to reach. "Honey, honey, hon, hon?......baby stop, just stop" She said looking down at me with a sad look on my face "Awww, I appreciate it, I do but, this is just nonsense, all you are doing is licking my inner thighs and pussy lips". Sandy was right you cant eat a woman's pussy while she's driving, her legs need to be spread and there just isn't enough room in a Chevrolet Aveo, to really get down inside read Sex Story
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  8. Heir of Frankenstein and Wolf Man Ch. 02

    3/27/2019: Dr. Anne Frankenstein stared at the flask in her hand. Weeks of work decoding Jekyll's increasingly insane ramblings, gathering materials, and applying every modern technique to create the amber fluid. A chemical to bring suppressed elements of personality to the foreground. One strong enough, in the proper dose, to tame a wolf man. The moon would be full tomorrow night and Harold was impatient read Sex Story
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    3/25/2019: ROMAN – BÖLÜM 19 – SELİN İLE ESKİŞEHİR IV Selin ve Bengü, gencecik 2 çıtır ile ardı ardına yaşadıklarım beni gerçekten yormuştu. Bu yaşadıklarımı bana başka birisi anlatsa, sanırım ben bile inanmazdım. Ancak yaşıyordum. Az sonra Selin ve Bengü’de duşlarını almış, kurulanmış, üzerlerinde saten sabahlıklar ile gelmişlerdi yanıma. Selin hemen yanıma oturdu ve başını göğsüme yasladı. “Teşekkür ederim…Hayatımın en önemli anını bana kusursuz şekilde yaşattığın için” diyerek tam kalbimin üzerine tatlı bir buse kondurdu. Bengü ise ayakta bizi yüzünde mutlu bir gülümseme ile izliyordu. Bengü hem selin read Sex Story
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  10. Seduced by Selina

    3/23/2019: It was only by the sheerest coincidence that Jack Potter got a look at her. He didn't credit himself with any amount of skill over the GCPD boys. If he'd blinked, he'd have missed her, and he certainly wouldn't have heard her. She was a shadow running across that corridor, even in high heels, her black leather suit eating up what little light there was in the closed museum and not giving any of it read Sex Story
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