1. Sarah Young and the Time Tunnel Ch. 14

    1/14/2019: Note- Just as in the sixties movie, 'One Million Years BC' the science in my story is questionable. It's only for a bit of fun. Sarah Young, we miss you wherever you are. x Project Tic Toc was a top secret effort to create and run an experimental time machine. A US Government funded project, the many specialists and scientists had built and very nearly completed the 'Time Tunnel,' so called after read Sex Story
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  2. Урок французского языка

    1/13/2019: В комнате стояла тишина. Женщина сидела за столом, подпирая руками голову, и смотрела в окно, за которым уже стемнело и только желтые глаза фонарей испугано моргали и горели то ярче, то затухали и вновь загорались. Вечер окутал дома. После долгого рабочего дня хотелось лишь одного - залезть в ванну и, наслаждаясь убаюкивающей теплотой воды, отдыхать. Женщина смотрела в пустоту, прищурившись, и о чем-то своем думая. Неосторожный звонок отвлек ее и она, неспешно, подошла к телефону. - Добрый вечер, извините, что звоню так поздно. Я по объявлению. Скажите, это правда, что Вы даете уроки фр read Sex Story
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  3. 3rd Chromosome: The Second Rivalry

    1/13/2019: *** "It's not going to work." Chloe put down her wine glass. "Are you sure?" Her host replied. "Quite." Chloe picked at some lint on her shirt. "Taylor is very particular and I don't think I can suddenly arrange something. She'll be suspicious." "Hmm," Katy Perry replied while contemplating. "Can you try anyway?" "I will." Chloe's phone beeped. The blonde glanced at it then hoisted her purse. "I read Sex Story
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  4. Girl Meets World - Farkle and His Dream Girls

    1/8/2019: Girl Meets World - Farkle and His Dream Girls It was a regular Saturday evening in Greenwich Village and a fun evening for Riley and her best friend Maya. Maya was spending the night at Riley's while her mother and Shawn have the whole apartment to themselves for their date night. Riley and Maya were in Riley's room. Riley was sitting by the bay window eating a piece of pepperoni pizza that her parents ordered from Bingo's Pizza while Maya was laying her pyjamas on Riley's princess-themed bed. The two were alone in the apartment: Cory and Topanga are out having date night at a fancy re read Sex Story
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  5. Eowyn: The Cage - Ch. 09b

    1/8/2019: [Setting the scene: Éowyn commands the Rohirrim who've retreated to the refuge of Dunharrow.]5 March 3019 (Third Age), Dunharrow Were she infinitely patient her wait might well have been eternal, for he stood rooted to the floor, looking increasingly anxious.I guess I'll have to grasp these reins. Sidling up to him, she delicately pressed her fingertips to his glistening chest. Stroking. Circling read Sex Story
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  6. Big Bang Theory Season 06 Ep. 15

    1/6/2019: Author's note: The series continues with this season 6, episode 15. The series doesn't reset, but follows the show's story sequence. One of my readers requested adding pictures of the new characters, but this is not allowed by Literotica. When a new character is introduced, I will put in parenthesis the character's real name so you can look them up on the internet. ***** Sheldon and Kripke read Sex Story
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  7. Pokemon - A Jewel of Journeys Ch. 02

    1/3/2019: Not repeating the disclaimer because I've already put it on the first chapter. I hope you enjoyed the previous content and there's more sexy action coming, so stay tuned! BTW I'm about to introduce sex with Pokemon - please don't kill me! It's actually providing a lot more scope, and...let's see! ***** Ch 2 - My First Companion Is So Fucking Hot On Route One, I decided to take a rest under a tree read Sex Story
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  8. Redemption Pt. 02

    1/3/2019: I did what I was told and stayed on the bed, why? Because I have yet to find out what made him upset. Seeing as I was naked I climbed under the sheets for warmth. When he stepped out of the bathroom he was dripping wet. Walked over and pulled the towel off my hair and dried himself off while looking down at me. "I thought I told you to stay where you were?" he asked in a serious tone as he tossed read Sex Story
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  9. Robin vs Gotham City Sirens Pt. 01

    1/2/2019: This is my first submission to Literotica. As the title suggests, will be part of an ongoing series. Thinking of doing a few other things depending on story success or failure, would welcome feedback and comments.As usual, these characters are owned by DC Comics and Warner Bros.*** Ah, Gotham. What a place. The clash of old gothic and neo-modern architecture. Police dirigibles gliding in the read Sex Story
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  10. Silver Screen Express Ch. 17

    1/1/2019: Author's Note: This story is completely fictional and did not happen. All characters and names are fictional and were made up. Special thanks to KMB for this idea. To LD73, this story is for you. I hope you enjoy! ****************** Los Angeles, California Friday morning had come, pushing the work week to it's desirable closing hours. As an old saying went, 'the eagle flies on Friday' and that read Sex Story
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