1. Stag Weekend, Part 1-Friday Night

    2/8/2018: My buddy Rick was getting married, so as best man I felt I needed to give him a last weekend of debauchery. So I Invited him and the two other guys Jason and Bill to join us at a hotel downtown for a weekend of partying. I myself was engaged to a little French girl but knew that a weekend of casually fucking strangers might be a nice change of pace. Rick readily agreed as he wanted a few last read Sex Story
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  2. Not so faithful - Part 2

    2/8/2018: Sally entered the Studio 1 in the gym for her fitness class. She noticed another younger woman there. It was a welcome change to see someone younger at a 10 a.m. class, as it was usually filled with much older women. Sally, a school teacher, could only come to gym this early on a weekday as it was summers and schools were closed. She couldn’t help but notice herself in the mirror, she was read Sex Story
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  3. I helped him cheat then cheated with him (part 3)

    2/7/2018: I led Ben to the bathroom, both of our naked bodies glistening with sweat and our sex juices. "I really enjoy this view," Ben said. I gave him a sexy smirk. I really enjoyed my view when I looked back at him. His tall muscular body, his abs, and especially his monstrous dick waving back and forth with each step he took. When we reached the bathroom, I turned to face Ben. He put his read Sex Story
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  4. The Threat

    2/6/2018: Some of you who may have read my first two stories ‘It’s a funny world’ and ‘My cheating wife story’ may wonder how I responded to being treated the way my wife, Sue who I often called S treated me. Initially for quite a long time I felt a great deal of pain and insecurity. During our courting days my wife and I had some major issues which will be subject for some later stories but for read Sex Story
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  5. The Proposition 1

    2/4/2018: Jake was the organizer of the conference I attended at the Joule Hotel in Dallas and, by chance, I sat at his table with 8 other people for lunch. I don't think we exchanged more than a couple sentences then, but later, before dinner, in the underground bar, he sat down with me. He invited me to dinner and I accepted on the condition that we split the check. He was gracious enough to allow that read Sex Story
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  6. The girls

    2/2/2018: It had been almost 10 years since I was reassigned, and left Bangalore. I'd kept in touch with a few friends, especially Raju, as he'd been a great friend. His daughter went to school with my daughter and they were inseparable. The tears and screaming that happened when we left, still haunt me sometimes. I had retired from the company I'd been working for for 25 years, and decided to start read Sex Story
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  7. Dani from the Antique Store II

    2/2/2018: Dani was the very cute twenty-two old College co-ed that filled in for her aunt at the antique store next to my office. We had become friends after I had agreed to give her access to my office Wi-Fi account so she could chat with her friends and do school work from the antique store. Dani had friended me on social media and I could tell by the photos she had posted on line that she was a read Sex Story
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  8. Weekend at the Caravan

    1/26/2018: Weekend at the Caravan By Docker5000 Chapter 1 John Holmes was in his room talking to one of his friends over the internet. He was in America. His family had taken him to America as a reward for him doing well in his final exams. John had done better than his friend in his exams and were was his folks taking him as a reward. To his uncles bloody caravan on the Welsh Coast. John truly couldn’t read Sex Story
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  9. Pat meets Peter part 2

    1/25/2018: Only four hours to go before Pat would be picked up by her new friend Peter. We met Peter one evening earlier this week on the beach. It was Pat’s first date in years, she was very excited; I caught her touching herself a few times. We had chosen the outfit she was going to wear, now all she had to do was get ready. I couldn't resist myself, though. As Pat leaned over the bed, I put read Sex Story
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  10. The Neighbourhood - Chapter 1

    1/25/2018: Neighbour Relations 101 I had recently moved into a quiet suburban neighbourhood on the west end of Ottawa from a rather rural and rustic military based community in Ontario. I had never lived in or near a city in my life so I was wondering how life would be in the “big city” as opposed to a small village of 15,000 (most of whom were either in the military or part of a military family). As my read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction , Anal, Ass to mouth, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Cheating, Hardcore, Author: Stitts Dude, Source: sexstories.com