1. Robert & Alexis, Part One

    1/6/2019: "Honey? There's something I have to tell you. Something I should've told you before we left, but...I thought you wouldn't understand until we left," I said to my wife of barely a day. "What is it, babe?" Alexis said, understandably looking worried. My 23-year old Mexican-American wife looked incredible. With her slightly tanned and toned body, D-cup breasts, seemingly long legs even though she's read Sex Story
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  2. My wife cuckolds me and i love it! chapter 5

    1/2/2019: Jason told the bar staff that anything I wanted was on the house. I nodded my thanks, watched them leave arm-in-arm, and turned back to the bar. “Your wife is a very sexy lady.” I looked over my shoulder and saw Precious smiling down at me. “Yes,” I smiled back, “I think so, too.” “Have they gone to the beach?” “No, they’re going home to bed.” “Oh, sorry, I should have known. I came read Sex Story
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  3. The Reluctant Cuckold - Part V

    1/1/2019: Billy had just sat back down in his seat when Ian walked in. He smiled at Billy and offered him a top up. Billy declined. He noticed that Ian chose the same brand of real ale and smiled to himself. “Jerry gone off to the shops then?” He nodded before picking up the menu on the table. “The fish and chips are okay,” Billy told him. Audrey suddenly appeared behind the bar and smiled across read Sex Story
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  4. An Aristocratic Coupling

    1/1/2019: Lady Jane Seymour threw down her book in frustration and got up to pour herself another drink. Across the room from her, Sir Richard looked up in surprise at his young wife's actions, "What ever's wrong my sweet?" he asked. "I'm bored darling," she replied, "I woke up feeling horny and it's just getting unbearable." His eyes took in her lush young body scarcely hidden under the ultra read Sex Story
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  5. MILF Ridden Hard on a Cattle Drive - Part 2

    12/30/2018: It would be much more enlightening for you to read Part 1 before reading Part 2. But for those who want to get started here, I will briefly describe what happened in Part 1. Joan and Jason are a forty-year-old married couple living in Denver, Colorado, where Jason is the CEO of an oil and gas exploration company. Their sex life had become a little strained due to the stress that Jason was read Sex Story
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  6. Breeding Beauty chp4 - Auction her off

    12/30/2018: I few weeks went by and I didn't hear from cory.... Ding! "bring the bitch friday night to the club down the street from you, I want to see her awake and dancing" I was knee deep into this with no way out.... I set up a date and told her there was a band playing at the local club that looked cool. She was totally into it and loved the idea. she hadn't been dancing in a long time. When friday came read Sex Story
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  7. MILF Real Estate Agent Becomes a Whore for Listings - Part 1

    12/27/2018: The real estate business can be very lucrative, but the majority of agents aren’t that successful. I got some good, although morally flawed, advice when I started my career in real estate, that helped me to be very successful. Looking back now, two years later, my husband Mark has accepted our somewhat perverse lifestyle, for the obvious monetary rewards that it provides. My name is read Sex Story
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  8. part 5

    12/26/2018: Turn the camera on : Toni is sitting at the edge of the bed with Joe and I standing on each side of her she is stroking a cock in each hand taking turns sucking and licking them in turn she starts to get really into it as she is deep throating moaning and gaging as she goes on she pulls us up onto the bed by our cocks and we get into position .Joe laid down on his back and Toni astride him she read Sex Story
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  9. The Knight and the Acolyte Book 8, Chapter 2: Cuckolded by the Orc

    12/21/2018: The Knight and the Acolyte Book Eight: Labyrinth of Love Chapter Two: Cuckolded by the Orc By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Note: Thanks to B0b for beta reading this. Xerathalasia – Uchmehn Oasis, Halani Desert “What is this trick?” Asma asked, the petite, ebony-skinned girl frowned as she stared at me stretched out naked in the new tent. Her head cocked to the side, then she glanced at Minx who read Sex Story
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  10. Cuckold Husband - Chapter 1

    12/19/2018: “You want what? You want me to get fucked by other men?” Kim's eyes flashed with anger. “You fucking pervert.” Paul winced as the lounge door slammed behind her as she stormed out. “That went well, then,” he muttered, sitting down on the settee and opening a can of beer. He had no idea why he'd decided that particular evening was the time to tell Kim of his fantasy of watching her get read Sex Story
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