1. Becoming My Husband's Hotwife (Parts 1 and 2)

    9/26/2017: Part 1: The Affair About two years ago, I met one of my husband's friends before we got married. Around the time I met him, my husband and I were still just going out while he was going to college and I lived alone most of the time, so getting to know his friend helped me get out of the house a little more and not be as bored. I don't know why, but I felt like my husband, then boyfriend, didn't read Sex Story
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  2. The Rent Problem

    9/26/2017: "You have such a beautiful girlfriend," my landlord always said. It was many years ago when I was with her. When we met she was still seventeen years old, but she was already eighteen when our relationship became more serious and we moved in together. I was six years older than her, and much more experienced than she was. She was a gothic Lolita and it fit to her, because she was very read Sex Story
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  3. Penny's Promiscuity - 17 - Pregnant Pause

    9/14/2017: 'Pregnant! Oh my God, no!' The effort it took to keep behaving normally in the face of this entirely unexpected and completely unwelcome news deserves an Oscar. The shock and horror almost made me faint; my blood ran cold and a strange buzzing noise came into my ears. For a moment I thought I was going to pass out; thank goodness I still had the presence of mind to slip the test with read Sex Story
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  4. Sexy Wife Displays

    9/12/2017: Wife Displays herself. Voyeur, fm, cuckold, public It all started one Tuesday when my wife, Mary and I were in a department store cafeteria meeting for a late lunch. My office was nearby and she wanted to shop a bit afterward. It was on the top 6th floor behind the furniture department. A pleasant time and a good lunch. Until I noticed Mary was kind of distracted. She seemed to be watching someone read Sex Story
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  5. Penny's Promisciuity - 18 - Will Power (continued)

    9/8/2017: My head spinning, I offered my hands to the drop-dead gorgeous young man whose gleaming, saliva covered cock stood rampant only inches from my face. There was no way this young man would be content with the inexpert blowjob I had just delivered. Nothing but full hard sex would satisfy his desires and prevent my exposure as the slut I unquestionably was. As I rose unsteadily to my feet, read Sex Story
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  6. My un-faitthful Wife

    9/2/2017: Hello everyone. You can call me ‘Jeff’. I’ll be writing a short introduction so that you can get to know me and understand a little better, why I wrote this, and who I am (Except my real name, location, etc. of course!) If you don’t have time for that BS just skip to the third paragraph. First, I’m writing this out of some fucked up kind of frustration. I’m a little different, I need REAL porn. Or read Sex Story
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  7. Swaziland Gangbang Part One

    9/2/2017: My newlywed wife and I were offered a cabin in the Swaziland highlands to use over a long weekend. The highlands of this little Kingdom of Swaziland are planted to hectares of commercial pine tree plantations. Being on the escarpment there are mountainous areas with pristine streams and rivers that cascade over rapids and waterfalls as they make their respective ways through towering pine forests read Sex Story
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  8. You say i am A chuck I do not think so

    9/1/2017: Training continued After the delivery guy incident things were great our sex life was wild we would listen to the audio tape all the time or watch the video .Toni would call me from work ask me to come home for lunch she would be dressed in all kinds of outfits or just naked and we would have our afternoon delight and I would go back to work with a smile on my face I am sure many of the guys knew read Sex Story
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