1. A Cuckold's Loss

    2/8/2018: “What the hell’s wrong with you this morning?” My husband had a face like a wet weekend. It seemed everything I did was wrong and virtually every word I said was ignored. “You know what’s wrong,” he mumbled. “If I knew, I wouldn’t be asking you, would I?” “All right then, I’ll tell you… last night.” I waited for the explanation but he clamped up, just stared at me. I exaggerated a read Sex Story
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  2. Swaziland Gangbang Part Two

    2/7/2018: When we got back to the cabin Lisa plopped down into an arm chair, exhausted but fully stimulated. “Pour your little, big black cock slut of a wife a glass of wine please. I feel I have earned it after such an enjoyable afternoon of sex in the outdoors. I think you also enjoyed watching your young wife being fucked repeatedly by three black Swazi boys. I can’t wait to see your erotic pictures of read Sex Story
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  3. My wife's fantasy finally comes true - Part two

    1/24/2018: So what did happen after my wife's first double penetration? Once we returned from Amsterdam things definitely didn't return to normal. For some reason her first double penetration had stirred something deep inside my wife. Her sex drive had now found a new level and she wanted to experiment more and more. For me watching my wife with them two guys was maybe the most amazing thing I had read Sex Story
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  4. The Reluctant Cuckold - Part II

    1/21/2018: Billy found it hard to sleep that night. Jerry lay beside him fast asleep; at times emitting a quiet snore as she lay at rest. Billy found it hard to rest. Yes, he had always had this thing about sharing her with another man. Jerry was very sexy and attractive. He noticed that other men were attracted to her as well and there was something inside him that made him excited when he thought read Sex Story
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  5. Accidents happen

    1/21/2018: Hello, my name is Rebecca, a mother of three and a woman in a healthy and lengthy marriage. I had met my husband, Mike, at the age of nineteen. During our first night together we made a beginning for our first son, Jeremy. Accidents happen, as we say, but we just knew we wanted to keep him. A year later a little less accidental continuation happened in the form of our first daughter, Jessica. A read Sex Story
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  6. (red) Bull

    1/20/2018: A couple after seeing my pictures and reading my blog. They happen to live nearby and want me to be the Bull. I'm reluctant at first, so they offer to pay me $1,000 in "acting fees" as they would like to video the event for later enjoyment. Their house is nice and pleasantly decorated, if a bit conservative, and they're both very excited and happy to see me in real life, and eager to get started read Sex Story
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  7. MILF Bred by Hubby's Boss and Teammates - Part 2 (MILF Fucking)

    1/17/2018: In Part 1 of this story, we learned that my name is David, and my wife, Sarah, had encouraged me to join a men’s basketball league, to get some exercise and to help relieve my sadness at being an empty nester, after our kids left for college. I joined my boss’ team, and partially because of my feelings of inadequacy at having a small dick, I eventually became a cocksucker for my teammates read Sex Story
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  8. You are Mine

    1/13/2018: “You are mine,” Paul grunted, driving, his arousal rigid and brutal. “Mine!” he swore as he released the death grip on my hair to flip me onto my back and yank my legs up so I was folded nearly double. His thrusts were full, hard, ruthless. I pushed to meet him, striving for the golden moment, the instant of no return, the onset of ecstasy. “Dirty girl,” he snarled through clenched read Sex Story
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  9. Interratial weekend for my wife

    1/12/2018: Hello there. It has been a while since I have written anything, mostly because I rely on fact and not fiction to trigger my story telling. Well, here is a doosey! My wife left after work the other day to spend the weekend at her 1/2 sisters house in Philly. Just to get away and catch up and basically chill for a few days. Well, she sent me a pic today of the results of her first night. I read Sex Story
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  10. Young Wives Become Highly Paid Whores in Vegas

    1/11/2018: I’ve heard people say that it’s hard to break old habits, and my husband, our friends, and I found that out on a trip to Las Vegas. You will be better able to understand our situation if I start at the beginning. My name is Brooke, and I met Tina, the girl would become my best friend, during our freshman year in college in northern California. I was born and raised in the Los Angeles area, read Sex Story
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