1. My Asian Girlfriend Gets Fucked by a Retard and His Dad

    4/1/2018: My girlfriend and I have been dating for just around two years now. She’s 22 years old, from china and as cute as can be. I’m 24, half asian, half white and absolutely in love her. She is my baby. She’s very small in stature (around 5’ 0”) and just plain innocent looking, with perfectly smooth, light skin. She also has a surprisingly round little butt, especially for a Chinese girl. We’re both read Sex Story
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  2. Letter to an Expectant Father

    3/30/2018: So, the baby is due any day, now. Congratulations! You must be so proud of Annie. Truly, your little wife has never looked more beautiful than she does right now. You can tell she adores being pregnant. Look at the way she caresses the taut skin of her belly, with that drowsy smile. She’s so big she can hardly reach around herself. See how she cups her hands under those heavy read Sex Story
    Categories: Cuckold, Author: Little_Ishtar, Source: LushStories
  3. Max is a Freak

    3/28/2018: CHAPTER 1 Max was 22 years old, unemployed , & smoking a joint while sitting on the living room sofa . Beside him as a smooth jazzy porn like song played ,his mom Carol(52) was 5ft 8 135 pounds with 38dd juggs danced a sexy dance in her 5 inch spiked heels while in her yellow bikini. His stepmom Joyce who dispised him only a month ago was now sucking on his 9inch penis. As Max got high from the read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction , Cuckold, Hardcore, Incest / Taboo, Mature / Older, Group Sex, Water Sports/Pissing, Author: nutzbubby, Source: sexstories.com
  4. My Lady and How She Treats Me - Part two

    3/27/2018: For those who have read my confession in part one, it should not come as a surprise that L has once again sprung a trap on me. This is not a complaint. As you know, I admire her deviousness and see my suffering as a tribute to her superiority. I know I cannot hold a candle to her bright sadistic mind. I write these confessions as a way to honor L, and to masochistically relive them. It read Sex Story
    Categories: Cuckold, Author: fischer_mike, Source: LushStories
  5. A new Job for Wendy

    3/27/2018: A hand delivered letter was waiting for me when I got home on the day the company broke up for the annual summer holiday. “I don’t believe this shit,” I looked again, but I’d read it right, I’d been made redundant. Without speaking I handed it to Wendy my wife. “Oh for God’s sake,” she raged, “The bastards, the absolute bloody bastards.” “Everyone’s out,” I said, “They’ve shut the read Sex Story
    Categories: Cuckold, Author: davedax97, Source: LushStories
  6. The Wedding Vow

    3/24/2018: My cuckolding never would have happened if we didn’t take the snorkeling trip offered by the cruise line on our honeymoon. We traveled to a reef on a small snorkel boat that held maybe fifteen people. He sat across from my new wife, Victoria, and I could just tell something was up. He was a big guy, arms as big as my legs, and he had that Cro-Magnon/Neanderthal look some people have. As read Sex Story
    Categories: Cuckold, Author: B_Couric, Source: LushStories
  7. The Surprise - Part 1

    3/23/2018: Jacob was very much in love with his wife. They had already been married for two wonderful years. Nancy was gorgeous, with long blonde hair, really nice tits with pink nipples that he loved sucking on, a trim body that made her tits look even bigger than they were, an incredible ass. She had a wonderful sense of humor and a great personality. Her smile made the sun come out, even on a read Sex Story
    Categories: Cuckold, Author: Kim_She, Source: LushStories
  8. Penny's Promiscuity - 15 - Conference Call

    3/18/2018: It was late Monday afternoon when I felt the bump of the aeroplane’s wheels landing on the concrete runway of Geneva airport. It was late afternoon but when I had come home from Tony’s after our last ever fuck and booted up my laptop it was the only flight I could find that would get me there the following day. My husband Pete would have been at the conference since Friday evening; nearly read Sex Story
    Categories: Cuckold, Author: JennyGently, Source: LushStories
  9. Ugly Me - Humiliation Chronicles

    3/14/2018: Ugly Me: Humiliation Chronicles By Mathew Elizabeth ***With seven-billion people in a world; full of imagination and exploitation through the possibility of money; then people like this young man most certainly exist*** I was ugly; and I liked it; eventually anyway. Having grown up being surrounded by a town of beautiful people; I developed many feelings of jealously, resentment, envy and turned read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy , Violence / Cruelty, Cuckold, Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Extreme, Hardcore, Humiliation, Prostitution, BDSM, Teen, Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Teen, Author: mathew elizabeth, Source: sexstories.com
  10. The Rogue's Harem Book 1, Chapter 10: Naughty Fairy Spying

    3/14/2018: The Rogue's Harem Book One: Rogue's Sultry Harem Part Ten: Naughty Fairy Spying By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Note: Thanks to B0b for beta reading this. Chapter Twenty-Eight: Naughty Fairy Spying Princess Ava – Forest of Lhes, The Princedom of Kivoneth, The Strifelands of Zeutch My rose-quartz fingers spread apart Kora's pink petals. I licked my lips, staring at the flood of Sven's cum, her read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy , Anal, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Cheating, Cuckold, Cum Swallowing, Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Female solo, Lesbian, Incest / Taboo, Interracial, Group Sex, Straight Sex, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Wife / MILF, Author: mypenname3000, Source: sexstories.com