1. Cuck Husband and Hotwife Exploited at the Races

    6/7/2018: It was difficult for most college graduates to find a job at the time I graduated from the University of Georgia in Athens (Go Bulldogs!). With a degree in business management, instead of a more focused degree, such as accounting or chemical engineering, I knew that I would be competing with many other students for entry level jobs. I was fortunate to get an interview with a worldwide read Sex Story
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  2. The Game we play.

    6/7/2018: Solomon adjusted the camera and watched the view screen to make sure that when the activity started everything would happen right at center screen. The goal was a fun experiment. Karen and Solomon had flirted with the idea of allowing a third into their bedroom but had reservations about getting a stranger involved. The solution was this. Solomon and Karen would have sex, as they so very often read Sex Story
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  3. MILF Real Estate Agent Becomes a Whore for Listings - Part 2

    6/2/2018: Introduction It would be best if you read Part 1 of this story, so you can understand how my husband Mark and I evolved into a very active cuckold relationship. However, I will explain things briefly for those who want to start reading here. My name is Shari, and I met Mark in the Orlando area in church, after moving there for a job when I was twenty-two years old and just out of college read Sex Story
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  4. Awakenings Ch. 47

    5/30/2018: The next morning Jeanne and I were sitting at the kitchen table having breakfast. She had the front page of the newspaper. I was reading the sports page. After taking a sip of her coffee, she set the newspaper down and looked across the table at me. Realizing that she wanted to talk, I refolded the sports page, set it down and said, “There's something on your mind.” Jeanne nodded. I read Sex Story
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  5. A New Job For Wendy 2

    5/28/2018: It was almost lunch time before we surfaced again and the summer sun was blazing hot even through our bedroom window. “Let’s have a pub lunch,” Wendy suggested, “My treat.” “Good idea,” I said and reached a hand out to caress her sexy little bottom. “Let me check my site first darling,” she said. I looked over her shoulder at her laptop, manfully ignoring the mounds of her lovely read Sex Story
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  6. Fortunate Man

    5/25/2018: Chapter 1: The Start I am one fortunate man. I am a sinner that the good Lord has given a great blessing to. This is a true story that happened a few years ago. The names and events are not changed as I really don't give a crap. I am an older gentleman who has been overly successful in my business adventures. I have a been able to stash a small fortune while living a very comfortable lifestyle, read Sex Story
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  7. The Taking Of My Wife, Part 5: A trap is set

    5/22/2018: After that fateful night in Bangkok, where my wife cheated on me for the first time with a French model, we returned to our small town in Northern Thailand. Our life returned to normal, although my feelings about that night tormented me. I would get extremely aroused thinking about Viki being seduced by him in the nightclub and then being tricked into going to his villa where she was fucked read Sex Story
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  8. The Reluctant Cuckold - Part VI

    5/21/2018: Billy had to wait only a couple of minutes before they came in and sat down either side of him on the settee. Jerry sat on his right and handed a small gift wrapped oblong shaped package. “This is from Ian,” she told him. “It’s something to help with your cuckolding.” Billy was puzzled as he pulled on the red ribbon and then began to remove the paper wrapping. Underneath the wrapping was read Sex Story
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  9. The Knight and the Acolyte Book 10, Chapter 13: Discovered Love

    5/20/2018: The Knight and the Acolyte Book Ten: The Flaming Woman Chapter Thirteen: Discovered Love By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Note: Thanks to B0b for beta reading this. Xerathalasia – The Free City of Raratha My fingers dug into the cracks in the rotting mortar of the abandoned tower, my ears prickling. From the top, our destination, I could hear the passionate moans of sex, the plunge of hard cock read Sex Story
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  10. Confession - Swim Coach V2

    5/19/2018: When my husband discovers cum on my face after staying late to lend one of my star swimmers a 'Helping Hand', he demands to know how it got there...I never expected him to get hard listening to the explicit details read Sex Story
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