1. School Bitch Gets Some Punishment

    2/15/2019: "Okay, class." Tom called out, as he stood up from behind his desk and picked up the stack of papers from in front of him. "Here are your essays. I finished grading them this weekend so I'm going to hand them back. Some of you did well, others did not." He began to walk down the rows of desks and passed back papers to each respective student in his senior english class. He could see students turn read Sex Story
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  2. Tamani the thick goblin seductress: Drugging the shy centaur girl, Vix

    2/14/2019: This story is much less of a story and more so of constant action. Tamani woke up slowly and comfortably. She smacked her puffy lips together, gazing around to see the sleeping bodies of various creatures and monsters. The air was warm so her green skin was glistening with sweat, no wonder she couldn’t keep herself from rubbing up against a passed out satyr. Her pixie style charcoal hair had line read Sex Story
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  3. THE WAGES OF SIN--Part 2

    2/14/2019: THE WAGES OF SIN—PART 2 Honest--there's real sex in this part. >>>>>> I brought a change of clothes for Andrea and Chrissy—jeans and a sweatshirt. It was early October and the weather can be chilly, especially on the beach. I’d spent too many cold walks on the boardwalk and I had no desire to repeat. I thought I’d warn Amy and Amber when I got there, however Andrea and Chrissy had obviously beat read Sex Story
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  4. Lily, A Hijab Wife : Chapter 6 : Both Holes Filled

    2/14/2019: Lily It’s been a few weeks since I got a cock in my pussy. No, really. Matt is busy and he already got his wife who will fulfill any fetishes he have, Mr.John is busy as the company need him to go meetings here and there lately as the projects are in a crucial state and Floyd with his big black cock got transferred to some other company. Though he managed to fuck me all day long on his last day read Sex Story
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  5. Sister helps after hard hit

    2/10/2019: Authors note this is FICTIONAL not real *#####*#***#### I got married at 24 to my college sweetheart marry we where happy and loved each other so much. A year after we got married she told me it was time and that she wanted her first child . I tried feverishly to do her right but to no avail. After the 2 year we went and had her eggs checked . Her eggs were fine so we set it up for me to get read Sex Story
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  6. The wish I never asked for

    2/9/2019: “Ugh...another long day. At least it’s Friday.” I thought to myself as I rummaged through my purse for my keys. My feet and mouth hurt from standing and smiling at total strangers all day. Finally, finding my keys I opened my door to find my cat meowing to greet me or maybe she was hungry no idea but it was nice having someone waiting for me at home. “Hi, Moon. You missed mommy?” I said in a baby read Sex Story
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  7. Moms adventure with tribal men

    2/7/2019: Hi this is jay and im 21 yrs old my dad is working in london and my mom is a scientist marine biologist her name is velamma.My mom likes so much adventures she hav travelled some aprts os the world she is 42 yrs old stunning beauty.she is so fair and have pink lips ,long hair ,big round melons,fatty navel,huge ass cheeks .so sexy is my mom she is lika sex godess.My dad visits mom every year once read Sex Story
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  8. A Dream Cum True

    2/7/2019: I sit in the hotel room alone, nervously waiting for your arrival. My heart is pounding my mind is racing. I have dreamed of this moment since we first messaged one another. That fire and desire for you has been burning relentlessly since I first laid eyes on you and kissed your sexy plump lips in that park. My mouth has watered for you from that very small taste I got off my fingers after making read Sex Story
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  9. Quick blow job from a hot teen!

    2/6/2019: I go to a local fast food restuarant every once in a while. I don't go often at least I didn't until Erica started working there. I am in my 40's and Erica appeared to be aroung 18 or 19, but she was always friendly and smiling and she seemed to always take extra good care of me when I came there. Erica had long curly blonded hair and beautiful eyes. Her smile was big and she had very perky little read Sex Story
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  10. Taking Emma Home (Part 1)

    2/5/2019: It was an average Friday night for me. I just got off of work and decided to hit up the local singles bar, my average Friday routine. I had been drinking my usual of Scotch on the Rocks, scoping out the women that were here tonight. There were a few of the regulars, and a few new gals, but nobody had particularly caught my eye. That's when she came in. The second she entered the room, all the eyes read Sex Story
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