1. BEA - der Beginn

    4/22/2018: BEA - der Beginn Autorenrechte & Copyright by ©DOM4U247 Weitere Veröffentlichung nur mit schriftlicher Zustimmung des Autors Alles fing damit an, dass mein Sohn meine Frau überraschte, als sie in sexy Dessous vom Badezimmer ins Schlafzimmer huschen wollte. Sie wollte sich für mich fertig machen, um mir eine Überraschung zu bereiten. Als er sie in schwarzen halterlosen Strümpfen und schwarzer Coursage, mit Halbschalen für den Busen und mit schwarzem String, über den Flur laufen sah; richtete sich sein Schwanz sofort auf. Bis zu diesem Zeitpunkt hatte er seine Mutter nur als Mutter read Sex Story
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  2. Roommate Shift Ch. 03

    4/22/2018: "Aaah!" Cynthia nearly screamed. Her body bucked as the hot wax strip was pulled away from her crotch. "Don't worry. I'll kiss it and make it better." Estley assured her. Robert had mentioned that he liked a well shaved woman. Cynthia eagerly wanted to please him. So she had asked her older Asian friend for help. The burning sensation in her crotch was more than she had bargained for though. "I read Sex Story
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  3. Der Pokerabend

    4/22/2018: Es war Samstag in Köln. Am Abend war ich mit meinem Schatz verabredet. Wir kennen uns nun schon eine ganze Weile. Er hat meinen Horizont sehr erweitert. Was wusste ich vorher von Dreier, Deep Throat oder auch Sandwich, um nur einige Dinge zu nennen. Ich liebe ihn, ohne Wenn und Aber und ich freute mich auf einen wieder mal geilen Abend, der allerdings völlig anders verlaufen sollte, wie ich vermutete. Ich ging in der City shoppen, wollte mir was Neues für den Abend kaufen. Neue Schuhe, wie sollte es anders sein für eine Frau und ein hübsches Kleid waren angesagt. Ansonsten wollte ich nur mei read Sex Story
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  4. Viel zu teure Mieten für Studentinen

    4/22/2018: Hallo zusammen Mein Name ist Luisa, bin 21 Jahre jung, und Studiere Tiermedizin. Zu meinem Aussehen, ich bin 1,65 klein, habe sehr weibliche Rundungen, also großer Po und ein 75D Körbchen, und auf den Hüften vielleicht ein bisschen zu viel Babyspeck. Aber den wenigen Männern die ich bis dahin hatte, hat das allen ziemlich gut gefallen. Ich habe Braune schulterlange Haare und dunkle Augen. Als ich von unserem kleinen bayrischen Bauerndorf in die große Stadt kam, war ich voller Tatendrag. Studium alles perfekt, einen kleinen Nebenjob in einer Bar, der aber leider nicht ausreichte für meine üb read Sex Story
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  5. Il Premio....

    4/21/2018: Sono sposato da molti anni ma mia moglie ha impiegato tempo a riconoscere che le piaceva dare dolore oltre al piacere. La prima volta è capitato per caso. Ingelosita dalle attenzioni di una comune amica nei miei confonti, una volta. mentre mi stava facendo un bel pompino ed eravamo vicini al momento di farmi spruzzare, ha afferrato un mollettone per i capelli che si era tenuto vicino e ci ha preso dentro il mio cazzo come dalle foto della mia galleria: Tortured testicles by my wife Si apettava che mi diventasse piccolo e non avessi un orgasmo, invece spruzzai in giro come non mai, avendo un or read Sex Story
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  6. Krystal Marie Bearden 2,

    4/21/2018: You "Why is your dick so rock hard." I "I dont know, I just wanna know if you forgive me, babe?" You "Yeah, nigga, but why yo shit on rock though?" I "Nigga, I'm sorry O.K." You "Yeah, well let me see it, pull ya drawls down." I pull my drawls down. You "You nasty ass nigga this shit is on rock" I "Cuz of you baby thats why." You "O.K. Well open ya legs up, hhhhah! Shlurp-Glurp-Slurp-Swollurp-Shhlurpy Glihshurp yeah give momma this pipe, shlurp sopple plop glurp, I'ma suck the dog shit out of this dick oooooh, Sluhhhlershy Glerpop- globble shlurp shlop-glop shlllurp-give me that nigga dick hh read Sex Story
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  7. A Gay Night at the Gym

    4/20/2018: It was a slow night at the gym, and less than an hour until closing time. Besides the staff, only myself and two other men were there. Having finished my workout, I headed to the locker room to shower and get dressed. What happened next was the most intensely erotic and thrilling experience of my life to that point. I had often fantasized about what it would be like to perform oral sex on a man, but had never ventured an actual encounter. I had doubts regarding my self-image following such an experience, and my concerns about potential self-loathing discouraged me from actively pursuing the read Sex Story
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  8. Unknowingly -Toothbrush Masturbation Revenge

    4/20/2018: Sarah thinks she can throw a house party and not invite me? Just because I let her boyfriend play with my tits? I flash them all the time to the guys at the park. Mark should have had more control when someone shakes a pair in front of his face, especially if his girlfriend is such a prude. I will make that bitch pay. Her parents were away for the weekend leaving just Sarah and her brother to look after their big family house. She threw parties often and invited all the popular k**s from college, including my occasional fling Mike. It was easy to convince Mike to sneak me into the party. He read Sex Story
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  9. Julia's Treat

    4/19/2018: A streetlight flickered as I drove the cherry-red '67 Ford Mustang convertible through the never-ending suburban streets. It was late, all the houses were dark with their curtains drawn. Nothing was moving, except possibly a back yard raccoon trying to steal food from somebody's garbage. Julia and I had flown into New York on the red-eye. We were trying to save a bit of money on our big American read Sex Story
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  10. My First Time on Stage in Ballet Tights!

    4/18/2018: I was asked by local amateur dramatic society could I help out on stage as an extra in their latest production, they said it was hard to get guys to wear ballet tights. I gather the only guys so far enlisted were all gay and didnt object to showing off their tackle! Most of us were not wanted until the two last nights of the full dress rehearsal. I went along early, still a bit wary of having to wear tights in public and was given 4 pairs of red and 4 of green. I was told where to go to change and when I got to the changing room, I found there was only one other guy I had to share with., Intr read Sex Story
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