1. Maybe It's Not So Bad Ch. 01

    1/13/2019: Life with a foot fetish is growing increasingly difficult as I age. I turned twenty one today, and my dad took me to have a few beers at a sports bar. My mom was very against me going, but she had the night shift, so she didn't really talk my dad out of it. I also stopped and got a tattoo on my back, an eagle bursting out of the water of a dark ocean, with the moon behind. My dad laughed at my read Sex Story
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  2. My journey part V1.

    1/13/2019: My journey part V1. Me and Matt just looked at each other and the wardrobe before again looking at Anne in wonder as she looked at both of us with that beautiful half smile on her face, “once you have chosen your outfits we can decide what wig and make up you want to use” she said. Anne had some beautiful clothes and as I began to go through her wardrobe I found a wonderful pink satin blouse that I put on the bed beside Anne and further exploration led me to a black knee length skirt that looked like I may have been able to fit in to. Matt had found a lovely delicate looking chiffon d read Sex Story
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  3. Your Girls Sexcapades - Sports Bar

    1/13/2019: The Sports Bar "Where do you want to go for dinner? I'm sick of what we have here. Let's go out." She said to you. "I don't care..wanna just go to the bar and get some pizza and wings?" You asked. "Ok fine, same place over and over. I'm going to get ready. Be done in about an hour." She replied sounding annoyed. She went into the bathroom and shut the door. It took her an hour and a half to get ready, but damn did she look good. -Leather jacket. -Low red top showing off her fabulous tits. -Low skin tight jeans with a black leather belt. -And black high heels. You knew she was go read Sex Story
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  4. The movie rental - Humping on the floor (Part 5)

    1/13/2019: Memories of a girlfriend from the 80's - She had wide hips and small saggy tits after having two k**s very young. Divorced and only 23 years old, but her sparkling eyes, sexy smile and open attitude opened the doors for her. What I learned from day one, was that she had a great sexual appetite - and my door was open for her! To get the full picture it is recommended to read the following stories first; How we met - She got the magic juice (Part 1) The next day - She got it again in a boat (Part 2) She called me - Got it in her own bed (Part 3) My birthday - She got it in my car (Part 4) O read Sex Story
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  5. Meeting Harry

    1/12/2019: My man is up-front and driving, I am sitting in the back, blouse, skirt, stockings and heels. I am also wearing a blindfold and my wrists are cuffed on my lap. A new adventure. I’m told we are going to meet someone. The car eventually stops, engine off and parked. My man gets out of the car, I can hear muffled voices. A little later the back door on the other side of the car opens, as does the driver’s door. Someone sits in the seat beside me and my man sits in the driver’s seat, doors close. “Harry, this is my slave Louise, I think you are going to enjoy meeting her”. “Louise, open your b read Sex Story
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  6. A store outting

    1/12/2019: Marion lounged on the couch a glass of wine lazily twirling in one hand, the other busying itself with a trashy paperback. It wasn't normally her cup of tea but for some reason it was causing stirrings in her today, her chest heaved and bosom ached and she was feeling the beginnings of moisture build up between her thighs. She hadn't bothered to get out of her work attire yet and was considering slipping her flattering (if somewhat plain) grey pant suit off and attending to the cause of her shortness of breath when a torrent of water cut through her vision of Kendall being swept away by the da read Sex Story
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  7. Das Böse in mir

    1/12/2019: In einem einschlägigen Kontaktmagazin hatte ich eine Anzeige gefunden, mit der ein Mann seine Frau anbot. Konnte das wahr sein!? Zunächst einam möchte ich aber berichten, wie es dazu kam, dass ich auf der Suche war: Verdammt, alles war so langweilig geworden. Ich braucht unbedingt etwas Neues, etwas Ausgefallenes, Verrücktes. Immer diese Eintönigkeit, das macht mich noch krank. Nichts Aufregendes geschah, immer wieder das Gleiche, das hält kein Mann aus und mit meiner Freundin war beim Thema Erotik schon lange nicht mehr viel los read Sex Story
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  8. 230 Holiday surprise part 1

    1/12/2019: c this is the first of a long trilogy of stories first put up in 2015, they are now broken into manageable parts,and polished i hope having had 2 years experience since then, they cover, bdsm, k9, bondage, branding, piercing and changing lives in general so if you don’t like those things better not to start cos its addictive… be warned lol Happy Englishmen like me toddle of for a holiday once a year, to get away from the world. Now if like me you had a stressful job (or at least I did have back in the 80`s) to avoid a stressful holiday, you needed to satisfy the wife as to where y read Sex Story
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  9. Jenn, my first BBW (part II)

    1/11/2019: I couldn't believe what I was doing, coming on to such a woman. Jenn started to blush. I stopped fondling her tits. and backed away, she leaned towards me and grabbed my crotch. So I leaned back in and kissed Jenn and we started kissing passionately. She pulled me down to the couch and took off my shirt and unhooked my belt and unbuttoned my pants. I pushed her up and removed her shirt. Oh my, her tits were gorgeous. Huge with nice round nipples with nice rock hard tips. I leaned in and started to suckle her nipple. Suddenly Jenn jumped up. "Are you sure you want to do this?" Jenn asked. I di read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, Mature / Older, Hardcore, Author: dj133, Source: xHamster
  10. Household Chores

    1/10/2019: I had gone up to bed early and, have to admit, left the curry dishes and the containers on the kitchen table. I was just drifting off to sleep when the bedroom door opened and I feared the worst. There was no reprimand and she slipped silently into the bathroom; close escape there then. Time plays tricks on you as you drift in and out of consciousness but she seemed to take longer than usual to read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, Author: bySlowandeasy47, Source: Literotica