1. Dream Mistress Pt.5

    11/13/2018: I couldn't believe the situation I found myself in I had finally got to experience my first pegging that I had longed fantasized about and here I was mere moments later bound on my knees, blindfolded, with my only escape being to eat cum to have a chance at being free. Quickly I steel myself craning my neck down find my first bowl I began licking up the cum, a feeling of disgust coursing through me as my panic and fear had driven the arousal out of me. I lick up the cum lick a dog possessing an unquenchable thirst, Mistress Bellatrix words it’s possible one of the two keys I need might not eve read Sex Story
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  2. Birthday Pedicure

    11/13/2018: The birthday pedicure Pauline put on her shiny nylons. When she’d pulled them halfway up she hesitated. Should she put them on, or leave them off? She never before had gotten a pedicure. It always seemed a frivolous thing she associated with spoiled wealthy woman. She herself came from the lower class and she had worked really hard to move upwards in the world and now she’d made it to the position read Sex Story
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  3. She wanted it NOW

    11/13/2018: She got out of the shower her whole body tingling, nipples hard pussy wet with more then water.... It was late at night she had been out and now she wanted to cum.... She called the number. GET YOU ASS HERE NOW... hung up... He came to the back door, "take off your clothes.." He was on the back deck the neighbors could see, his skin was chilled but his cock was rock hard,,, Her demanding voice always excited him... She was naked when she grabbed his hard cock and pulled him into the room. She bent over the back of the couch and spread her legs wide..."Li read Sex Story
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  4. Piggy Buddies

    11/12/2018: When Hans’ parents got divorced his mom and he moved to Basel, a city in the north of Switzerland. It was a very modest one-bedroom apartment and not only did they have to share a bathroom, but Hans had to sleep on a sleeper couch in the living room. It was all they could afford at that time and Hans uncomplaining as ever, did not mind the inconvenience. Hans had always been easy going due read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, Author: Tuppie, Source: LushStories
  5. Tasting My Own Cum PT2

    11/10/2018: Last time I wrote about how I got my wife dawn to feed me my own cock by pushing my legs up over my head and gently pushing on my ass until my dick was in my mouth. We have been doing this once or twice a week for some time now, and my back is now limber enough for me to get about half of my 8 inches into my mouth, & I’ve gotten to where I actually look forward to sucking my own cum down. I said last time that my wives friend Pam was interested to sit in with us next time I perform. I have had a lusty crush on Pam for some time now. She’s 38, 5’ 10" with shoulder length red hair, green e read Sex Story
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  6. Jack Surprised 3 off 3

    11/10/2018: Jack Surprised 3. Continued from Jack Surprised 2 Tomorrow morning the ‘girls’ are all going food shopping. The ‘boys’ are going on a shoot. I don’t shoot so I will happily stay at home. With a lot of door banging the ‘boys’ leave at 6.30 am. I decide to shower and have breakfast. The ‘girls’ are all rushing around. Then without any words being spoken Jo hands me an envelope before the girls all leave for the shops. So by 7.00 am the house is at last quiet. I expect peace and quiet for at least 5 hours. Alone I’m now able to read the note. It says, • 9.15 am sharp go to your r read Sex Story
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  7. The Contract & the list Part 2

    11/10/2018: The master of the house was delighted to have been given the opportunity to punish his new victim and test out his new equipment that had been specially made for his pleasures,the tit whipping device looked stunning in its rosewood finish and padded leather cupolas,even more stunning were the pair of breasts now resting within its nest as the masters obvious delight was showing in his tight riding breeches and painfully straining at the crotch,Celia felt his hand placed onto her behind as he lifted her work skirt,her firm bum twitched as his fingers roamed between her legs in sexual exploratio read Sex Story
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  8. My traveling wife

    11/10/2018: The times, they are a-changing.....yes they are. Not many years ago, women stayed home, and men worked. And some lucky men traveled on business, stayed at hotels, drinks in the bar and happy life. Back then, women where jealous....do not ask me why. I have traveled the world like this, and in my opinion, it is boring and a lot of wasted time. So, when my wife got a new job, high salary and a lot of travel, I tried to warn her. But she wanted to try, and who was I to say no? And, quite honest, I was happy too. When she travels, I can do what ever I want, which basically is nice things li read Sex Story
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  9. My pregnant ex-girlfriend experience

    11/9/2018: Ally, an ex-girlfriend of a couple of years, called me one day out of the blue. She desperately wanted to see me, which I was a little surprised by because the last I knew she had married and was expecting. She told me her husband divorced her and she was living alone in an apartment. She was a very good person and our break-up wasn't bad, so I accepted her invitation thinking she needed a shoulder to cry on or something. I noted immediately Ally seemed even more beautiful then when I dated her. They say women glow when they are pregnant and now I witnessed first-hand this to be quite true read Sex Story
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  10. We both get His Big Cock Couple

    11/9/2018: We are a married couple of six years. I am 5'4", 34C pert breasts and wear a bikini well. My husband is 5'10" with a well toned build. We have always been pretty open and honest with each other when it came to sex. One night, while making love, my husband expressed his desire to watch me fuck another man, one with a large cock. I told him that I indeed was intrigued with the idea and that it turned me on. As I wondered why he wanted this man to have a big cock, I asked him if he was more than interested in the man's cock than just to watch him fuck me. This made David very hard and he admit read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, First Time, Author: 425olds, Source: xHamster