1. Cuckold Love #1

    4/8/2019: Cuckold Love #1 Even when you are a Cuckold Couple, normal things in life must be done. They can be “different” when all 3 of them share the experience. For instance, a simple trip to the grocery store to “grab” a few things. “No”, Agness shouted from her bedroom as she dressed. She sat applying her lipstick and laughing. She knew the boys were horny as usual, she had flirted with them last night and left them both “hanging”, since neither had her. She also knew if she let them have her, they all would be too fu read Sex Story
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  2. 51 Gay Slang Phrases You’ve Never Heard Before

    4/8/2019: 1. Angel food (n.) – homosexual male pilot currently serving in the Air Force. 2. Basket shopping (v.) – when cruising or checking someone out, British term refers to examining the object of your affection’s private areas through their clothing. 3. Beat (adj.) – extremely wonderful or great, “fabulous.” Example: “Did you see her at the club tonight? That look was beat.” 4. Bulldagger (n.) – a masculine woman, closely related to “butch lesbian.” Also see: “Diesel lesbian,” term referring to queer women who look like truck drivers. 5. Chapstick lesbian (n.) – queer identified woman w read Sex Story
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  3. Fotoshooting mit Laura

    4/8/2019: Ich bin ein begeisterter Hobbyfotograf und Fußliebhaber. Oft überlege ich wie ich meine beiden Vorlieben miteinander verknüpfen kann. Als ich auf einer Fußfetischseite sehe, dass Fotografen Bildserien einreichen und für Nutzer zum Kauf anbieten können, überkommt mich die Idee Freundinnen zu fragen, ob sie sich für ein kleines Taschengeld für den Zweck fotografieren lassen wollen. Ich gehe in Gedanken die Frauen in meinem Bekanntenkreis durch, deren Füße ich schon immer einmal aus der Nähe sehen und fotografieren wollte. Da wären Lea, Vanessa, Anna, Doreen, Maike, Laura, Janina. Als nächstes üb read Sex Story
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  4. My Step-Sister - Part 4

    4/7/2019: The first week after my step-sister Chrissy walked in on my masturbating, we masturbated in front of each other every day. The next week we started licking pussy and sucking dick. Now, almost every morning we were getting giving each other orgasms orally or manually. We were not ready to fuck yet, but we were ratcheting up our repertoire. One day I heard Chrissy in the shower. I went to the kitchen to make sure our parents had left for work. Then I got naked and joined Chrissy in the shower. We were kissing and soaping each other up and laughing. At one point my soapy hand went down her as read Sex Story
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  5. Elderly neighbour asks for help with enema

    4/7/2019: I’ve mentioned Elaine, my elderly neighbour before in a recent blog post here in Xhamster. Well, this Christmas, Elaine popped round to deliver presents for my family. It was 23 December and I was alone in the house - due to meet up with everyone the next day. Elaine knew this and said that she needed another favour from me. My heart leapt, and I asked her if this was my Christmas present early. She smiled and said that now were were in the same wavelength, she rather hoped that I would treat it as such. I said to Elaine that I was happy to help and that I looked forward to receiving her gift read Sex Story
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  6. Going Up

    4/6/2019: Hey all, this is a little one-shot with the lovey Justine-not my creation, though you've seen her by her creator's request before in The Operative Part IV. And yes, yes, it's a fan's request for some pretty serious wish-fulfillment...but hey, everyone wants their wishes fulfilled from time-to-time, right? I've got lots of stuff in the works, but I'm trying to pace my releases here so I can keep read Sex Story
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  7. All Dressed Up and Somewhere to Go

    4/5/2019: I recently had the opportunity to experience two of my favorite fantasies and I can't wait to share them with you! My wife Ann and I live in a condo complex in a big city. She travels a lot for work and she is aware that when she is gone I sometimes like to wear her panties and lingerie. We recently met another couple living in the complex, Scott and Susan. We have gotten to know them quite well read Sex Story
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  8. My shower exhibitionism thing

    4/5/2019: It all started when I was a teenager (not sure exactly what the age was) taking a shower and saw my uncle watching me thru the glass door. It was at Grandma's old beach house, after a whole day tanning I got some sunburn and tan lines. I was very hot and could see him thru a little mirror we had inside, used for mens shaving or something. This room had the bathroom inside so no need to close the door completelly. But the rooms door was a bit open also and I had left the bathroom not entirely closed. My uncle is just a little bit older than me, very athletic and good looking so instead of scre read Sex Story
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  9. Scuba Lessons - 1

    4/4/2019: Vanessa felt tired but tingled with excitement between her long swimmer's legs, as she walked from her pick-up truck to her apartment. Behind her young Andy was carrying two scuba tanks, his lean muscular body having no trouble with the heavy scuba gear. After another busy day at the dive shop, Vanessa returned to her flat from her Sunday scuba dive off the Florida Keys. She enjoyed working read Sex Story
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  10. Showing my slip recorded on Video

    4/3/2019: As part of my job I am called on to do various presentations to existing and new Clients. If it is part of a Sales effort I normally go to support the Sales Manager who has made the initial contact. When we do this it is in three parts. Part 1 is the Sales presentation, the second is technical (my part) and the third is questions and answers. Normally this is private but very occasionally the Client will ask to take videos for his review later. We always agree to this provided we get a copy. This is the story of one presentation that was videoed and hence it was clear what happened – even tho read Sex Story
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