1. Huge Breasted Friend

    4/3/2019: Everything in this story is 100% true so it won't be as exciting or thrilling as a fictional story. *** When I was in my mid 20's I worked at a restaurant in Northeast Ohio to help myself pay my way through college. One of the people I worked with was a bartender and my initial reaction to her was not positive. I found her grumpy and abrasive and didn't hide the fact that she wasn't my favorite read Sex Story
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  2. Stretching Pt. 07

    4/2/2019: Part 8. The Big Pussy Project. Circa 2010 There was only one way to approach Amy, and that was head on. Here we go. "Do you have any fantasies I don't know about?" I asked Amy. "No, you know what they are." She responded. "Yeah, I know. You like your pussy stretched and you like to be dominated. Is there anything else?" Amy responded, asking the question I was baiting her to ask, "Why do you ask, read Sex Story
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  3. The Milking Herd Ch. 07

    4/2/2019: Bulls breeding with a hucow After a few days living in a milking stall, Margaret worried that she might have been abandoned by Mathew, her boyfriend and master. He'd sent her for hucow training which she agreed to because he was her master, and had to be obeyed. As soon as she got to the farm, she was attached to a milking machine, which meant she couldn't just walk away. If she'd known it was read Sex Story
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  4. Meister - T - Tagebuch eines Meisters - 1

    4/2/2019: Meister – T –http://xhamster.com/users/meister-t Fetisch und Voyourismus als Kunstform Meister - T - Das kleine Tagebuch eines Meisters - 1 Dienstag. 05. Dezember 2017 – Nacht vor Nikolaus Mittwoch, 06. Dezember 2017 – Nikolaus Naturblonde Haare von Fee Aus dem Leben eines Meisters - Der Fetisch als moderne Form der Kunst" - mit der Möglichkeit für Dritte , die "Ansprüche an das Schöne" und Ausgefallene stellen - als "Voyour" - ein "Beobachter" zu sein.- Lest nun das "KleineTagebuch" des Meis read Sex Story
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  5. We both get Black Cock!

    4/1/2019: I guess that you could say that I am one of thousands of men married to a beautiful sexy wife and who desires to see her pleased and ravished by a man with a large penis. My wife Yvonne and I have been married for 19 years and she is more beautiful today, than she has ever been in our whole lives. It is attributed to her natural good looks, but also to the way we eat healthy and workout regularly. She is Latina, born here in the USA, but of Central American parents. Her skin is a beautiful brown tone, making her look tanned all year long. She has a wonderful full head of hair that women alw read Sex Story
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  6. Agony/Jane (part two)

    3/30/2019: I couldn't get the experience out of my mind. Anywhere I happened to be, at any time, I was prone to be overtaken by thoughts of Phoebe standing astride me like a monument as I laid on the floor; as she tantalized and humiliated me. My penis would erect suddenly, and without realizing what I was doing, I would start to rub myself. Usually, at least when I was in public, I could control myself, and managed to stop before anyone noticed. I felt like I had a perpetual stream of pre-cum running down my leg. When I changed my underwear every day, the insides were filmy with residue and smelled of d read Sex Story
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  7. පුස්තකාලේ නංගි

    3/30/2019: අයිතිය සහ ගෞරවය මුල් රචකයා සතුය - විභාගේත් අත ලගම. පොතක් අතින් අල්ලලත් නැ. පාඩම් කරන්න කියලා ගෙදර ඉන්න හැමදාම ඉතින් කරන්නේ වැලක් බාන එක නැත්නම් ගේම් එකක් ගහන එකනේ. මෙහෙම හිටියොත්නම් අනිවා විභාගේ කෙලම වෙලා යනවා. යන්න ඔන ලයිබ්රිය පැත්තෙවත්. එහෙම හිතලා මම පොත් ටිකත් බැක් එකේ දාගෙන ලයිබ්රියට ගියා. අපේ ලයිබ්රිය පට්ටම පොඩියි. පාඩම් කරන මේස තියෙන්නේත් පහක් වගේ. සති අන්තයේනම් මේසයකට ලන් කරන්නවත් බැ. හැබැයි සතියේ දවසක් නිසා අදනම් සෙනග නැ. මම පස්සෙම තියෙන මේසේ ගිහින් වාඩි වුනා. මේ මේසේ එහා පැත්තෙම තියෙන පොත් රාක්කේ තියෙන්නේ බුද්ධාගම පොත්. මොකට බුද්ධාගම පොත් මෙච්චර මෙක අස්සෙ තියෙනවානද මන් read Sex Story
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  8. Life is Still Good

    3/29/2019: The night is getting late but it's been fun. Jennie and I are still enjoying ourselves. She comes back from a dance with a dude. He kisses her and then finishes his drink. "Bye ladies. Gotta work tomorrow. I hate working weekends. It's been fun tonight." Nice guy. He's paid for several drinks. I glance over to the corner. The cute guy is still there and he's looking. Definitely at me read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish Author: Green_Man, Source: LushStories
  9. My Forth Story by blueslipman

    3/28/2019: As you are standing in the bedroom wearing your long red gown, I come up behind you and wrap my arms around you. You can feel my hard and throbbing penis thru your gown and you push yourself back into me. I stand there with you in my arms as I start to kiss your neck and shoulders and rub my hands up and down your body. You then bring your hands up and start rubbing my arms, trying to get me to hold you tighter. As we embrace I feel you push back against me harder and start to rub your silky covered body against my cock. I respond by slowly working my manhood in between your butt cheeks and read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish Hardcore, Author: blueslipman, Source: xHamster
  10. Janice's Story

    3/27/2019: My name is Janice and I’m 39. As you can see I have a bit of a muffin top, a bit of a belly and no ass. So I never thought it would happen to me. I’m a secretary in a dental office, it consists of making appointments, cancelling appointments and confirming appointments. It’s not the place to meet men. The majority are either happily monogamous or not looking for anything beyond a one night stand. I have had a couple of those though. I had just gotten home on a routine Thursday evening. I used my key to unlock both locks to the front door, I remember that. I put my shoes onto the shoe rack and read Sex Story
    Categories: Incest / Taboo Hardcore, Fetish Author: camay1997, Source: xHamster