1. Meister - T - Gülden Feen Haar

    3/3/2019: Meister – T –http://xhamster.com/users/meister-t Erziehungsplattform Mann – Frau – Sissi – Paare Frau und Mann Aus dem Leben eines Meisters. Der Fetisch - Naturblondes langes Frauenhaar "Gülden Feen Haar" Rosig ist – ihr süßer Mund – das tut heut – der Meister kund – frisch gewaschen – oft die Haare – diese duften – wunderbare – nach der Rose – dann. In der Hose – ganz weit unten – trägt sie Busch - nicht bunten – denn diese Frau – ist nicht rasiert – [image class="blog-image align-center large"] read Sex Story
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  2. Norton Towers – the apartment block for sexy gird

    3/2/2019: Joan and Jim – two into one Joan and Jim lived in number 34 and were by all accounts very quiet and not what the others would call ‘adventurous’. One Friday about 3.00pm I had a call from them asking if I would help turn in their new digital TV which had been delivered the day before. Jim answered the door and directing me to the living room added, “We’ve been trying to tune it in and link up the DVD but the thing doesn’t want to work” Just then Joan entered. She was buxom size 18 and looked around 60 but plain – not ugly – just plain ordinary and seemingly dowdy. “ Robert, we’ve hea read Sex Story
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  3. Falling For A Tentacle Monster

    3/1/2019: One day I was walking home from work, once again a very rainy day in my life. Recently I had lost a girlfriend who I thought was right but she played me for a fool like the last ones and I haven't had a true relationship in so long I started to feel like I would never be happy. I got home to my small 1 bedroom apartment and after settling in I went to bed saddened and once again skipped dinner. lately I haven't been eating well and it wasn't helping my health at all. I soon cried myself to sleep thinking of how much my ex laughed at me and how bad I was treated. Later into the night while read Sex Story
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  4. Ankes neue Wohnung - Teil 1

    3/1/2019: Mürrisch öffnete ich die Beifahrertür des Autos meiner Freundin und stieg aus. Mir schlug eine kühle, feuchte Herbstluft entgegen, welche einen krassen Gegensatz zum warmen Fahrgastraum des Autos war. Meine Freundin liebte es, die Heizung zu dieser Jahreszeit hochzudrehen und so wurde ich auf der halbstündigen Fahrt durch Berlin schonend durch gegart. „Ganz schön Trist hier“, hörte ich meine Freundin sagen, die nun ebenfalls aus dem Auto gestiegen und neben mir erschienen war. Wir standen nun beide vor einem Plattenbau mit grauem Mauerwerk, welcher sich über acht Stockwerke in die Höhe erstrec read Sex Story
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  5. In der Spezialklinik Teil 10

    2/28/2019: Teil 10 – Entspannung im Whirlpool Nach der Anweisung von Renate an Barbara im benachbarten Behandlungsraum, wo Michi für die Entspannung vorbereitet wurde, schiebt Barbara die Patientin mit dem Duschrollstuhl in den Raum, wo bereits Brigitte und Martina sehnsüchtig auf Michi warten. Nach dem Betreten des Raumes begrüßen Brigitte und Martina Michi mit einem Handschlag. Danach sagt Brigitte zu Michi: „Hallo Michi, ich freue mich, dass wir uns hier wieder begegnen und uns gemeinsam entspannen dürfen.“ „Ja, ich freue mich auch“, sagt Michi, und weiter „ich muss aber vorher dringend meine Blase read Sex Story
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  6. 268 Cuckolds distress part 7

    2/27/2019: 268 Cuckolds distress part 7 Micky arrived home on Friday, at the usual time, his meal quickly on the table, she took no food herself, and was dressed in her best green undies, and a button fronted dress in green that made her look terrific, her hair was perfect, and she wore the high heels she had worn last time. She seemed suitably nervous and said that her instructions had arrived by post that morning, she nodded at a letter behind the clock on the mantlepiece, Micky went as if to fetch it, but she stopped him saying “later,” in a commanding voice. He continued with his meal, Nan say read Sex Story
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  7. Becomng the Master of My Mother

    2/27/2019: Even though my mom and I loved fucking each other, when you’re committing i****t, you can’t escape moments of guilt and then, at times, want to try to cut it off. On one occasion, my mom told me that she was done, that we wouldn’t be “doing it” anymore, and I remember, at first, feeling a sense of relief. But that night, I lay awake in bed with a hard-on, thinking about Mom’s tits bouncing as she sat on top, fucking me, and then I wasn’t relieved anymore; I wanted to feel my cock inside her again while I watched her perky tits bouncing up and down as she fucked her son. The following Friday read Sex Story
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  8. Fluffy, Furry Angora CockTease Ch. 04

    2/27/2019: Your busty blonde Barbie-doll girlfriend is continuing to tease you, putting on a nice visual show after giving you just a little taste of her feminine charms. I've been strutting back and forth in front of you, sweet-talking you and calling your attention to certain sexy little places on my body...but you already know where they are, don't you! And now I'm employing that technique I love to use read Sex Story
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  9. Bar Trap 2 (Part time whore)

    2/26/2019: Bar Trap 2 (Part time whore) I was supposed to put on heavy makeup. Starting with the foundation, I applied a generous layer of a brand especially designed for the use on stage, that did a very good job covering up any dark shadows. After I was satisfied with the effect, I used a brush to put on powder and make it all smooth and feminine. Next I did my eyes, first with a black eyeliner on the lower lid, then a white, thicker one on the upper lid. Black shadow followed, and white towards the eyebrows. Three coats of mascara on both lashes to make me subtly wink with them at anyone I read Sex Story
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  10. Bisex-La profesora Morgade 1

    2/26/2019: Bisex-La profesora Morgade 1 Morgade es una profesora de cuarenta años, morena con el pelo largo y liso, con un precioso flequillo recto que se posa sobre unos enormes ojos negros, alta y exuberante en su silueta destacan dos enormes pechos, grandes, perfectos, dos enormes tetazas que vuelve locos a sus alumnos y alumnas Morgade entra en la clase de refuerzo, solo hay sus tres habituales alumnos, tres jóvenes de 19 años, un chico rubio, otro chico moreno y una chica morena. Como siempre que entra en clase nota como los tres la miran con deseo, no dicen nada, ella tampoco. Morgade coge una ll read Sex Story
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