1. Happy Thanksgiving from slutty little sister

    9/13/2017: CH: 1 A LOVELY FEAST What a day, just in time to smoke a blunt before I get picked up by my aunt and go over to grandma's for Thanksgiving. After a nice car ride, I get out the car and walk up to the house, wondering who's inside. Once I go in, I greet everyone and make small talk. "Happy Thanksgiving" I said to everyone. "Happy Thanksgiving to you too" everyone replied. Eventually my little sister comes in the living room while I take my shoes off and yells "Brother!" and hugs me pushing her head into my chest like she hasn't seen me in years. She gets fairly physical on family occ read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish Hardcore, Incest / Taboo Author: ReaperOfTheShadows, Source: xHamster
  2. Bigger Down There Ch. 11

    9/12/2017: I started to write about my journey into the lifestyle I now lead about eighteen months ago, and during that eighteen months I have attempted to cover a period of about three years, but I'm not quite up to date yet. I seem to have slipped into a rather deviant way of life, and whilst I wouldn't describe myself as out and out promiscuous, I have been able to explore several other ladies over those read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish Author: byAndrea_E, Source: Literotica
  3. Omegle Chat Log with a Mean Mistress

    9/12/2017: You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! You: want to watch? Stranger: okay You: ok Stranger: Doesn't it hurt? You: yes Stranger: do you like it? Stranger: Do you like being in pain? You: yes You: do u like? Stranger: Okay then hit yourself harder Stranger: I like to order around people like you You: im your slave Stranger: then act like it Stranger: that's it Stranger: good Stranger: It's what you deserve Stranger: is that cum what I see? You: spit Stranger: thanks god Stranger: I don't remember telling you to cum Stranger: so keep it that way You: yes mistres read Sex Story
    Categories: BDSM Fetish Author: cajn, Source: xHamster

    9/12/2017: Three of my best friends and myself had all been invited to a morphsuit party, by one of our other gay pals. We have never had the experience of the all in one Lycra or spandex body suits and thought it would be fun. Having checked the prices (Fucking expensive ) we opted for middle of the range priced ones and ordered four. We are all 6' footers so had to get XXL to make sure they fitted us properly. we all just went for plain colours, red ;pink, blue and yellow. they all arrived a few days later, and they came around to my place, as I live alone to try them on. Good job we are VERY CLOSE FR read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay Group Sex Fetish Author: fishnettghts, Source: xHamster
  5. Harry's New Teaching Method

    9/11/2017: Harry was a maths teacher and taught at a high school. He had just turned sixty but he was young at heart. Just lately he'd been getting more and more irritated and found he was losing his patience with some of his pupils. It wasn't like him at all and he knew he needed to find a solution. Perhaps he'd been teaching too long. Should he find a different job? No, he knew he was too old to start read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish Author: bystoryfella, Source: Literotica
  6. In The Neighborhood Part 2

    9/9/2017: This continues from part 1, please read it first.http://xhamster.com/stories/in-the-neighborhood-695348 Mr. V's House was neat and tidy, and despite the fact that his wife had been gone for a few years, it still had that woman's touch to it. He guided me through the living room to the stairwell by the front door. As I started up, he stopped me and spun me into him, giving me a big hug and deep kiss. My hard cock was poking into him and he slid one hand down onto it and stroked me. He then knelt down, pulling my cut offs down as he did and letting my y0ung hard cock spring completely free. M read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay Fetish Incest / Taboo Author: bltsc1, Source: xHamster
  7. Room Mate Dominates part 2

    9/9/2017: John lay there in utter bliss. Jennifer had left him on his back covered in his own cum. She slipped her strapon from his ass, got up and walked out the door, closing it behind her. He'd never believed being fucked in the ass could feel so good. His dildo, that he'd used on himself, paled in comparison. The feeling of Jennifer's cock pounding into his ass had been pure heaven. The way read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish Author: Trueren, Source: LushStories
  8. My and my wife's friends boyfriend

    9/7/2017: I’ve had quite a few bisex experiences over the years, mostly one or two offs with the odd exception such as one I had with an ex-lodger of mine and ex-wife’s. Her friend was down from York and my ex invited her to stay with us for a short period while they were flat hunting. She brought her 6’4”, slim, good looking b/f as well. One night (his birthday) we got a bit d***k with some friends and family members. Walking home he needed to rest so did so on a low wall on the boundary of a then empty hospital. We ended falling over onto the grass the other side. After laughing for a few seconds I read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish Incest / Taboo Author: PaulaXD51, Source: xHamster
  9. My amazing Thailand Holiday

    9/7/2017: am a bottom gay male, and also a lover of fem gear,, not c/d just tights, panties and stockings, usually under my suits for work, I try to just wear tights in tan or black as wearing suspender with stockings usually shows through my trousers. I also love to wear to spandex piece suits and lycra ballet tights, my only regret is that my cock and balls spoil the shape of my crotch. I have been thinking about getting a full penectomy but dont fancy just having a small hole to piss out of and nothing else!!! I have fairly big cock, its 8" and cut but as it onoy ever gets sucked or jerke read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal Fetish Gay Author: lycraguy, Source: xHamster
  10. Lottery Surprise

    9/7/2017: I'm still not sure this really happened. All my school debts and expenses have been paid. My tuition, my books, all my supplies, my living expenses - food, clothing, medical insurance, vacations, etc., etc., etc. are all taken care of! When I complete grad school, I will be debt-free. I will have the money to buy a home wherever I settle. And I didn't win the lottery nor marry into a rich family! read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish Author: bylegsfeettoes, Source: Literotica