1. Sex Education with Mom

    10/17/2018: On Tuesday's, after teaching an early morning biology class, Samantha had time to use the university gym for an hour of cardio. She liked to finish at around 9:30 when the locker room shower was usually empty. The last thing she wanted to hear was a student of hers, present or former, saying hello or asking questions about class, while she was dressed in nothing but a towel. Or worse... while she was naked... It seemed like a normal day as she rinsed the shampoo from her hair and let her muscles relax after running five miles on a treadmill. The good mood was slightly dimmed when she hea read Sex Story
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  2. Una hermosa mujer llamada Carla Prt. 4

    10/17/2018: Como están queridos amigos, ante todo mil disculpas por la ausencia pero estuve recavando mas material para las historias. Una vez dicho eso continuemos con el relato.... Esa noche al llegar al hotel estaba a mil por hora por lo que había sucedido con Viviana así que me dirigí de lleno al penthouse de Dña. Tere, pero grande fue mi sorpresa al ver que estaba acompañada por otra señora que al verme se puso colorada, imagine que casualmente estaban hablando de mi, al ver esto me acerque a a saludar a Doña Teresa, ella me dio la mejilla con lo que entendí claramente que no quería que su amiga supi read Sex Story
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  3. Wife and He black Co-Worker

    10/17/2018: The last words I said to her as she went out for her works Christmas party were have fun. How little I knew..... She was all dressed up looking her usual sexy self as she does when we go out together but this time she was going out on her own. She was wearing a short black dress which had a plunging neckline, giving the perfect view of her cleavage. She looked stunning. Her taxi arrived and she gave me a kiss and told me she'd not be back too late, and left. After a few hours of watching the TV and having a few beers decided to check Facebook. As I was looking through my timeline I came ac read Sex Story
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  4. I Had Always Wanted ..... Part 1

    10/17/2018: I Had Always Wanted….. For a long time, I had wanted several things, and one was my own Barbeque Stand. I took an offer to buy the barbecue stand that had been my favorite since childhood. The owner had died, but left his pit directions, sauce recipes and even recipes for fried pies that hadn’t been offered in my lifetime. I spent time experimenting with frying fruit pies and, eventually put them read Sex Story
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  5. BLACK SATIN SLIP - Part One

    10/17/2018: I was 20 years old and still living at home with my parents. My sister (Kelly) who is 3 years older than me, had left home and got married (to Eddie) at the age of just 17. Kelly had a gorgeous little girl called Amy. I often visited my sister on a Saturday afternoon to see my niece and play with her, sometimes I'd take her to the park. Occasionally I would baby sit for Kelly and Eddie so they read Sex Story
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  6. The Neighbors Naughty Daughter

    10/16/2018: I leaned against the bar watching the action out on the dance floor and couldn't help licking my lips. God bless summer! Everywhere my eyes wandered, I spotted exactly what Doug and I had come here to find: plenty of hot young things. Even better, the first heat wave of the season had caused inspired the club had to open up its beachfront a week early. We'd caught wind of the opening last night ago, and after our usual Saturday-night dinner date, we'd taken a ride to the under 21 club and spent over an hour sitting out on a deck that overlooked the beach. The girls were out there wearing nex read Sex Story
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  7. My Horny Aunt Beth (Part 3 of 4)

    10/16/2018: My name is Sam, I just turned 18 and am still a virgin. I was babysitting my Aunt Beth’s 2-month-old little girl, Jane, while she went dancing with friends. My uncle was working 3rd shift and I was planning to stay the night. Beth was 9 years older than me and a very attractive woman. In fact, she has been my go-to fantasy since puberty and more of a friend than an old aunt. Beth got home a little after 1 and we settled in the living room with a beer. I ended up giving Beth a foot and leg massage. While I did this, we talked for a while and come to find out, my uncle has been neglecting my a read Sex Story
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  8. Debbie does Rio

    10/15/2018: There was little doubt that Debbie was a good-looking woman with poise and class. She had just finished university and was proficient in three languages. The problem was to find a job. It wasn't easy and she decided that it would be interesting to become an air hostess. After some initial training she was put on her first flight to Rio. It was a long flight and the next plane didn't return for read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Author: byFredsowner, Source: Literotica
  9. Fulfilling Indian Mom's & Son's Sexual Fantasies

    10/15/2018: Well my name is Parth and I came accross many Mom fantasy stories and I always wanted to share mine real story but was hasitant. Some how I got courage to write. Let me first tell you something about my mom. Her name is Varsha and is a very homely lady. She is 48 years old now but looks like 30 only because of day to day household work and morning routine exercise. My Dad was an aircraft engineer read Sex Story
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  10. Jane

    10/14/2018: Jane was older than Phoebe and me. She use to watch us when Mom was busy running errands or working late. She was a nice girl, but withdrawn. Perhaps it was because of the difference in our ages. She never said much to either me or Phoebe. Most of the time she sat by the living room window reading old books with worn-out, ugly covers. Jane usually looked like she had started to dress for a formal occasion and then changed her mind. She liked to wear skirts and t-shirts. If she wore makeup, she wouldn't makeup her entire face; some days she'd have on a little lipstick, other days she'd wear a l read Sex Story
    Categories: Incest / Taboo, Fetish, First Time, Author: melvin_czednek, Source: xHamster