1. Mommy is my first

    8/16/2018: My mom called herself a social drinker which meant to me that she drank every weekend and on a few days during the week. Some school days, I would come home and discover that my mom had usually fixed herself her first drink of the evening around 4 pm. She seemed to consume anywhere from four to six drinks during the evening. Some days, however, she would overindulge and end up sloshed. That would put me into the position of having to go out to some fast food place and pick up our dinner since she wasn't in any shape to cook. My dad was a P.R. representative for the company he worked for and read Sex Story
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  2. ein Augenblick zum Fick ....

    8/15/2018: Es sind diese Momente! Du siehst SIE in der Bahn. Eure Blicke treffen sich. Ein kurzes Lächeln! Ein kurzes Wahrnehmen., Und kurze Zeit später wieder. Ein Blick in die Augen. Sie lächelt zurück. Wir sehen uns an. Unsere Blicke verschmelzen. Unglaublich. Was das in mir bewirkt. Ich sehe SIE an. Wieder und wieder. Und sie mich auch. Während sie mich ansieht, lass ich meinen Blick zu ihren Lippen schweifen. Sie erwiedert das. Auch sie schaut auf meine Lippen. Wir kommen uns näher. Die Bahn ist voll. Ich will jetzt ganz nah bei ihr sein. Sie hält sich mit einer Hand an der Haltestange fes read Sex Story
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  3. The Journey ( a prequel if you will)

    8/15/2018: After her performance with her dog Turbo, a massive Rottweiler, Honi had been rushed by one of the onlookers, Chloe, who was abuzz with questions. The diminutive redhead with her startling emerald green eyes was in her early 20s, but looked more like 15, her skin was so soft and unblemished. Gushing with compliments about how sexy Honi looked when she was being fucked by Turbo, Chloe was beside read Sex Story
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  4. Queen Yavara: Chapter Eleven

    8/14/2018: Chapter Eleven PRESTIRA “We need to be careful with our words, Yavara. He will want to be treated as above you. You cannot allow that to happen, but you cannot disrespect him, or he will be compelled to dismiss you.” I explained to Yavara as we walked along the docks. The hood of my white robe covered my face, the symbol of the Loving Mother stitched across it. Yavara wore a similar priestess read Sex Story
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  5. Starting Anew | Part I

    8/14/2018: Note to the reader: This story is what one might call a slow burn. I have read many stories on this topic but I wanted something more true to life. This takes a real world approach and therefore may seem slow at first. However, I promise, you will not be disappointed if you commit to the story. Enjoy. “Back Story” Everyone keeps saying the economy is back to normal, people on the news, teachers at read Sex Story
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  6. How to Have Sex with a Horse - Part 1: The Initiation

    8/14/2018: Barbie Lez used to be a famous journalist and world-renowned trend chaser. Now she is the world’s most talked about celebrity and the year’s highest-earning author. And the year isn’t even over. The beautiful 22-year-old’s incredible leap to worldwide stardom occurred quickly and without warning. Initially, the rumors claiming she was involved in the latest, and most controversial, trend of recent read Sex Story
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  7. The Mortal and the Magic Wand - Chapter 04 - Thursday

    8/14/2018: THURSDAY Josh and Lara eventually returned to Josh’s bedroom, and got to work fucking on his bed, not caring in the slightest that they were soaking wet. They made love in just about every position you can think of, eventually passing into unconsciousness in the early hours of the morning. They were eventually woken up by Josh’s alarm telling him it was time for school. Josh’s still-erect cock was read Sex Story
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  8. My first time going out dressed like a woman

    8/14/2018: A few months back I met a dominant woman. We got along really well. After dating a couple of weeks, Melissa and I were out having drinks. She began asking me super personal questions. I was reluctant to answer her questions. She began buy whiskey shots. I believe in the intent to make me confide in her my most inner fantasy secrets. After a couple of shots, I confessed to her that when I feel submissive I'll put on some female items I had bought. Then I'd watch Shemale and crossdressing porn and masturbate. She continued to ask questions along these lines and asked me if I thought I could ever read Sex Story
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  9. Sibling Bonding Over Spring Break - Ch. 1 "A New Experience"

    8/13/2018: John sat in his living room in the big comfy leather sofa. He was watching television with his sister, Sarah. "We'll be back in a few days," called their mother, Alexis. "Behave. No parties, guys. Y’all know the rules," their father Tom said. Alexis and Tom were going on a cruise for a few days during John and his sisters’ Spring break. Their children were finally at the age where Alexis and Tom read Sex Story
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  10. First Time I had a Creampie

    8/13/2018: It's funny how sometimes things happen that don't hold great significance at the time, but which in retrospect mark a turning point, or a beginning of something important. I'm nearly 30, and I know now that the first time my curiosity about cum, about tasting and eating my own cum, was actually several years ago. Back then I was head over heels for my girlfriend Tanvi. We'd been dating nearly a year, were only 21 had the desperate, frantic, clawing kind of sex life that you associate more with teenagers. One night, in the middle of summer, we'd been drinking with friends at my house. T read Sex Story
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