1. One of those days!

    4/3/2019: This is not a 'story' just the reality of what happened this Christmas Eve (2017) You know how it is – you just get one of those days when your erection just won’t go away. Whatever you do to it, it stays hard like a rod of iron. Well, I had one of those on Christmas Eve! We had the Staff Christmas party the night before and, as usual, a large amount of drinking had led to me waking up with a rock hard cock. Pity I was alone. ‘Perhaps I should do something about it’ I thought. With that I leapt on to the various hook up sites to see what was around. Looked like a fair bit but all want read Sex Story
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  2. Lusting for Amina

    4/3/2019: I think about fucking one of my best friends a lot. Her name is Amina, and I want her. Amina is Arabian, like me, and fuck is she sexy. Tan skin, thin hips, dark curls, and incredibly nice tits – a C cup, I think. Tight ass, too. Every time she wears high wasted shorts and a v-neck, I have to hide the fact I'm staring. Amina's 18, so she's younger than me, too. It turns me on a little more. If we fucked, I'd be her first lesbian experience. The fantasy of it makes me light headed. She's so shy, and gets really anxious about things. I think she'd start trembling if I even touched her t read Sex Story
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  3. God is a Slut Chapter 6: Jesus is a Douchebag

    4/3/2019: STORY SO FAR Chapter 1 Lucifer and God are both women, and both very sexually active. They make a bet, where God tries to create a human of ultimate purity, and Lucifer (called Lucy), tries to corrupt that child. Rachel is the main character here, a god-fearing, virgin, college freshmen with a killer body. She gets sent to hell, much to her shock, and is given the details of her quest. She agrees read Sex Story
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  4. Babs (english)

    4/2/2019: 12 years ago I've known Babs for 12 years. Well, to be honest i don't know her at all. However, every once in a while she pops up into my life and has been doing so for 12 years. We've once met each other through mutual friends i ques. My first recollection of Babs took place in the afternoon. At her parents house, straight out of high school. If you were looking for ways to communicate with a hot girl from school 12 years ago, you would turn to MSN or SMS. After some chat sessions filled with immature questions and sexual hints we decided to meet each other in person. We were you read Sex Story
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  5. My Friend's Hot Mom (Part 3 of 3)

    4/2/2019: You should really, really read parts 1 and 2 before proceeding, so you can get the whole story. My friend Ben's mom had just cum on my face after I got to eat pussy for the first time. It was incredible how much she shook and tensed up as I sucked and nibbled on her 1/2" clit which resembled a tiny penis. Her gush of cum at the end soaked my entire face, her pussy and all of her thighs. I moved from her clit to her hole and sucked up her cum almost as fast as it was coming out. Delicious stuff. Ben was a close friend of mine, so I called his mom Mom also and have fascinated about her read Sex Story
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  6. When I first knew what I was … gay

    4/1/2019: As always I must preface this story by stating that I am now in my 50s, but my realization that I am gay started at an early age. Both prepubescent and pubescent and will be told from my perspective at that time they occurred but they made me the man I am today. I am sorry if any of my stories offends you. I hope they will not only arouse you but give you a sense of understanding of the human read Sex Story
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  7. 3-some

    4/1/2019: This is a true story about my wife's 3 some when she was about 20 before we were married, and how she told me about it. Before this happened D and her friends Phil and Jo were good friends and used to go out for drinks quite often D fancied Phil and he fancied her and didn't try to hide it always coping a cheeky feel of her sexy arse and being very touchy and telling her how fit she was. On one occasion he asked her if she wanted to get together later when everyone had gone she refused because of her friendship with Jo. Jo asked D to come round for drinks on Friday night with her and Phil read Sex Story
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  8. Teaching my Baby Brother

    4/1/2019: My name is Jessi, let me tell you a little story of how one summer of having my brother live with me became the best summer of my life!! It all started out a few years ago, I don’t live too far from my mom’s house, about 30 miles. I get to visit every now and then and also get to visit my little brother every now and then. We didn’t have a normal Brother Sister relationship, we didn’t grew up hating each other. In fact it was quite the opposite, we loved each other and were always attached at the hip! Dad had died when he was just 2 from a car accident, since then Mom has been with s read Sex Story
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  9. The Dare… a game that goes too far Chapter 1

    4/1/2019: Jill stood in front of the hotel lift , a grinning stranger holding her dress behind a closing door. She was naked except her heels and stockings. Her cunt was on fire with passion and her husbands cock was threatening to rip his trousers. She was so turned on but confused..how had it got to this ? It had all begun at her partner’s christmas function. The usual boring affair, all the talk about work, people networking and very bored plus ones. Wine and beer flowed , chat got louder and more raucous, her and another bored lady were chatting about Christmas, just killing time when they overhea read Sex Story
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  10. David cums onto to his Counsellor

    4/1/2019: Just to remind you – David was 19 and he lived with his younger sister, a smothering mother and a rather authoritarian father in the apartment upstairs. He was about 5’ 8”, slightly built and his eyes, as I recall, were greyish-blue. He was a studious type, bright and articulate and he always had neat, gelled hair – except on the occasion when his mates dumped him, drunk, on my doorstep that read Sex Story
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