1. Ugly Clair

    2/9/2018: I walked into a place to have some blood work done. There was a woman in front of me signing in. After I signed in I went into the waiting room to wait and the only seat left was next to that woman. She looked to be in her late 60's. She was not good looking at all she actually had a man face. Her hair was auburn and it almost looked like a wig. She was about 5'-8" and wearing tight clothing which showed all her fat and lumps. Over all not attractive at all to me. She struck up a conversation with me. The room was really crowded so we had a long wait. Our conversation was all over the place sh read Sex Story
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  2. Das Lost Paradise in Vietnam III

    2/9/2018: Vorwort und Hinweise: Gemäß geltender Gesetzte weise ich darauf hin, dass dies eine erfundene Geschichte ist. Jegliche Personen sind frei erfunden und bei ihren Handlungen volljährig. Zufällige Namensgleichheiten mit toten oder lebenden Personen sind rein zufällig und nicht gewollt. Die vorliegenden Geschichten sollte minderjährigen Personen nicht zugänglich gemacht werden. Ferner distanziert sich der Autor von den hier praktizierten Handlungen, da diese in manchen Ländern verboten sind. Alle nachfolgenden Episoden sind geistiges Eigentum vom Autor. Sollte ein Verlag an den Rechten Int read Sex Story
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  3. But a Big Dream - Chapter 2

    2/9/2018: She lay on the bed for a few moments, trying to decide on the mise en scène . The responsibility here was immense. So windows cracked, rear door open, the incomparable tropical breeze. Thirty-second shower, gelid, enough for four efficient soap strokes. Pubic hair proofreading: two flicks of the razor reinforced the champagne glass phase she was currently going through. Makeup retouched, read Sex Story
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  4. Snow White & The Queen

    2/8/2018: “Every fairy tale has a bloody lining.” -Alice Hoffman *** "Mirror, mirror, on the wall…" "What's that, mother?" The Queen turned away from the glass. Her stepdaughter sat at the tower window, embroidery in her lap, looking puzzled. "Just something I used to say when I was a little girl," said the Queen. "A rhyming game. There's a second part to it, but I can never remember how it goes." She read Sex Story
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  5. Blacked and Betrayed (chapter 4)

    2/8/2018: * * * * * Blacked and Betrayed by rat_race * * * * * CHAPTER 4 - To Pee, or Not to Pee * * * * * It was on a Tuesday at 11:15 AM when Sally unexpectedly showed up on the doorstep of her Uncle Jerry's apartment. She was crying her heart out so much, that she was barely able to see through all the tears. She knocked on the dead-bolted entry door several times, and waited for it to open. When it read Sex Story
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  6. Jessica's Power Panties

    2/8/2018: Jessica, knowing she was alone in the house, strode naked down the hall and into her bedroom. She turned a few dresses around on the rod in her closet to make a selection. She recalled last night’s conversation with Sharon, a friend who had held the internship for which she planned to interview. “I don’t think you’ll have any trouble landing the position,” her friend and told her. “He read Sex Story
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  7. The good old days...

    2/8/2018: I know that they will probably never be relived again in the same manner, but the memories are CERTAINLY still there. Always a believer of quality over quantity, my sex life and experiences seem to reflect that; so here is the 1st. of 3 true stories that while some of my partners names have slipped my mind, I still relive the events in my mind! First Time: No, not me losing my virginity...but the first time that a man's cock found it's way into my mouth. Ok, let me explain...A girlfriend that I was dating at the time who I had met online about 6 or 7 years ago in Baltimore, MD had me over to read Sex Story
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  8. A very pleasant breakthrough

    2/8/2018: Luckily this is not a story but it really happened :) Some days ago I woke up earlier than my wife (now, as temperatures has been falling down and she’s always cold, she uses to sleep under the blankets wearing her pyjama)… I began caressing her left leg starting from her knee rising up to her side (avoiding her sensitive area), passing on her chest between her tits avoiding to touch them… Then, when I noticed some movements I gently kissed her neck keeping the massage going on but now my hand “accidentally” passed on her tits and then moved away to the rest of her body…. That quick gentle t read Sex Story
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  9. Mein Fragebogen

    2/7/2018: FRAGEBOGEN FÜR FRAUEN Alter:21 Familienstand:ledig Kinder: 0 Körpchengröße:75b Kopf Haarfarbe:rot manchmal blond Kopf Haarlänge:lang Schamhaar Farbe: braun Schamhaar länge:mittel Wenn Rasiert wann das erste mal:13 Wie sieht deine Pussy aus?schön Augenfarbe:braun Größe:156 Gewicht:50 Tatoos:ja Piercing: ja Was hast du beim Schlafen an:Shirt Was gefällt dir an deinem Körper am Besten?Po Wie viele feste Beziehungen hattest du:5 Wie viele sexuelle „Partner“ hattest du:genug Wie alt waren deine jüngsten/ältesten Sexpartner?16/41 Wie alt warst du als du dich das erste mal selbst Gewich read Sex Story
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  10. TIM & ERIN

    2/7/2018: This story is about a young woman that is seduced by the wealth and power of her rich boss. All the characters involved in any sex are over 18. Thank you for reading. Enjoy! TIM & ERIN prolog ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The wedding bells were once again silent. The gifts opened, the honeymoon over. They had both lost their virginity on the first night in a honeymoon suite. Their sex was unsatisfying and painful for her and not much better than masterbation for him. She was shy and definitely inexperienced but read Sex Story
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