1. ein Jahr nach dem ABI

    12/3/2017: Ich hatte mein Abitur beendet und war 6 Wochen in einer Fabrik gewesen. Danach bin ich für 9 Monate nach Australien gegangen, Work and Travel. Es war eine schöne aber auch anstrengende Zeit. Nun war ich wieder zu Hause. Ich wohne im westlichen Münsterland, auf einem kleinen Dorf. Ich war von Frankfurt mit der Bahn bis Münster gefahren und nun saß ich im Bus Richtung Heimat. Der Bus war rappelvoll und ich bekam den letzten Sitzplatz. Es waren viele Schüler im Bus und dementsprechend laut. Immer mehr Menschen stiegen zu und dann stand eine junge Frau neben mir, kam mir irgendwie bekannt vor aber read Sex Story
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  2. My wife treats my friend

    12/3/2017: My wife Andrea and I had a camping trip planned back in September. We had just bought a camper trailer and couldn't wait to use it. As she and I loaded up our stuff I couldn't keep my eyes off her body. A five foot three and one hundred pounds she is a real knockout. Her short blonde hair accented her tan, she tans totally naked by our pool and she has no tan lines. That day she was wearing a white cotton tank top and extremely short cut off jeans shorts. About a quarter of her ass cheeks were uncovered by the tiny pants and her tanned tits could be seen through the thin cotton top. I had read Sex Story
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  3. how i buggered my girlfriends adult son

    12/2/2017: h I'd always had a thing for women with big asses but I never thought id feel the same about men.. I'd started dating a woman in her early 50's after I met her through a friend, we shared the same philosophy and she was quite attractive, although not a big ass woman - rather moderate in that area - very sensual and sexual. we'd been seeing each other for about a month when she told me she actually had a 19 yr old son who would be coming to live with her permanently, and that he was her only son to a guy shed lived with for a period. I didn't have a problem with that and I didn't think it wou read Sex Story
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  4. The Green Stone

    12/1/2017: 1: A fish starts it all It had been a long Saturday at the beach, not too hot, just nice and warm with a gentle breeze running on shore. I had been sitting, since six am and it was now lunchtime, on this flat rock fishing, and I had not had even a nibble at my bait. I was just thinking of packing my rod up and going home for some food when I heard the bell at the tip of my rod ring. A bite, at read Sex Story
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  5. Caugh by her mom and trained! 4

    12/1/2017: I had been trying to get some pussy from a young girl I knew while in H. S. but was caught by her mother and her friend ! This starts from there. Carolyns mom had just caught me hiding under her daughters bed ! I said nothing had happened but She was not believing me. Her friend just pointed out I was still hard . Carolyns mom "Heathers " hand grabbed my hard cock and dug her finger nails in . I dropped my cloths and grabbed her hand only to be slapped hard by her other hand and she yelled at me to let go of her hand. Her friend Samantha stepped next to me and g read Sex Story
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  6. Dam it's Big Hooked on Black Cock

    12/1/2017: This was my third swing party with my wife, Traci. The monthly event was held on Saturday evenings at a small hotel on Route 9 in Englewood, NJ, close to the Palisades. As usual, it was an attractive suite containing a kitchenette/living room and two bedrooms with a total of four queen-sized beds. My name is Joel and my wife and I live in Montclair, NJ. I'm 37 and stand 5'5", not the tallest of the species. (However, being from a diminutive family is helpful when it comes to buying clothing since I can save money by shopping in the Youth section). My weight is a trim 135 pounds and so far read Sex Story
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  7. Here Cums the Bride

    11/30/2017: Well I suppose I should tell you how this all happened. I had known Carla for about 6 years, and was involved in a long distance relationship with her. I live in Georgia and she is from Colombia. We met when she was visiting Atlanta where I was working. We became sweethearts right away, and although we only saw each other once a year when I would fly down to visit, we exchanged letters and phone read Sex Story
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  8. Episode 76: Jessica's Wedding Part 3

    11/30/2017: I woke up, bound and dripping wet – Alexis still kneeling over my sticky breasts, the two Ami SexBots nowhere to be seen. “Come on you – get up - time for a shower and breakfast” – she untied my hands, dragging me on hands and knees to the shower by the new leash attached to my collar. My Domme hooked the leash over the shower rail – turning on the shower, spewing ice-cold water down my 22-year-old chest and abdomen. I screamed until she filled my mouth with a damp washcloth. The nipple clamps dug into sensitive tit flesh while her knee held my thighs apart to ensure a rivulet of water slo read Sex Story
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  9. Cousin Jenna

    11/29/2017: It was Memorial Day weekend and my grandma, aunt, uncle, cousin Jenna, my dad, and I went up north to do some work. Put the boats in, clean the house for summer, mow the lawn, etc. I was excited because it was just going to be my cousin Jenna and I up there, without my brother or her brother in the way. For the last seven years, I’ve grown sexually attracted to my cousin. Maybe it’s because I’ve read Sex Story
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  10. My Dear Sweet Slave: Chapter 1

    11/29/2017: Chapter One Her sweet smile, that was the first thing Isaac noticed about her. Having just stepped into his favorite diner, he found his eyes drawn to the cute waitress maneuvering through the tables with a pot of coffee in one hand and a tray of food in the other. She was clearly eighteen; her “proportions” boasted her physical maturity while their perkiness showed her untapped youth. She was read Sex Story
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