1. Lending a Hand

    2/5/2018: I stood in my room pleasuring myself, I placed mom's panties to my face and inhaled deeply then moved the panties to my cock and came in them, a large load but not very satisfying. I had this feeling that I was being watched. I looked at the load I just put in the crotch of mom's panties. Not as big as usual I thought to myself. Who would be watching me? I knew mom was deep asleep. I decided to quietly go check. Down the hall and to her room. I pushed the door just enough to see in. A small light was on and I could see the mirror on mom's dresser. Thru the mirror I could mom on the bed pleasur read Sex Story
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  2. My Transformation Story-Part II

    2/3/2018: Hope you liked PART I and now I presenting PART II, hope you enjoying it, and Kindly be reminded that you are free to say your comments and judgements, NOW I LET YOU WITH PART II: I was a closed secluded boy, had no friends at all, spending most of my time staying in my room where I living my secret life as a girl. Even I was shopping and purchasing my girly outfits and makeup tools from my own pocket money, also I was spending long time browsing on internet for what I love like girly outfits and girly acting videos and started to learn to put makeup moreover I was practicing to get a read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal, First Time, Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Author: Sissy_Trans_Haifa, Source: xHamster
  3. Summer Camp (part 1)

    2/3/2018: Summer Camp School had just gotten out for the summer and Liz was excited about an opportunity to go to a summer camp for high school students teaching leadership skills for a few weeks during the summer. She had just turned 18 and graduated from high school and life was good. The camp had a lake, swimming pools, horseback riding, and of course the hopes of meeting up with some cute guys. Liz's read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy , First Time, Teen, Masturbation / Toys, Romance, Teen, Author: jwells6995, Source: sexstories.com
  4. In the Old Farmers Cottage

    2/3/2018: Let me introduce myself to you; I am a 19 year old girl with short brown hair, and an athletic build, long legs,with rather large boobs that tend to make me look a bit top heavy. In between college terms, I scanned the local paper for a part time job so's I could earn a bit of money to tide me over until the new course started after the summer break. My eye was drawn to an ad which wanted a domestic, twice a week. That seemed ideal to me so I rang the number and an interview was arranged. I turned up on the due day on time at the address that I was given, although being very difficu read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Hardcore, Mature / Older, Author: azara19, Source: xHamster
  5. My Boss in my marital bed

    2/2/2018: I knew my boss was eager to get a little bit from me. Luckily for him, my loving husband was going to be out on Tuesday night and so I let him know this, hoping that it might spur him to action. That night I came back home from work in anticipation with my wet pussy tingling. I had a quick shower, enjoying the sensation of my soapy hands on my large boobs and imagining what I hoped would be the night to come. As I dried myself there was a text. It was my boss, asking if I was in. Fifteen 30 minutes later the doorbell rang. I walked to the door and opened it, wearing nothing but my waist le read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature / Older, First Time, Incest / Taboo, Author: Anitaslut44, Source: xHamster
  6. Unwrapping mommy on Christmas

    2/2/2018: If there is an i****t goddess I was a grateful recipient of her bounty on Christmas Eve... although at first it sure didn't feel that way as I drove through a wild winter storm. I was meeting my girlfriend three hours away at her parents'... as my family wasn't celebrating Christmas until the 26th; my sister was flying in later (fares at half the ridiculous pre-Christmas level). So I was driving three hours north (or perhaps it would take far longer since I was driving through a near blizzard) to spend one day at the in-laws, which would be torture. The one bright star was Shannon had pr read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Hardcore, Incest / Taboo, Author: iamsuperman007, Source: xHamster
  7. Cuckold for Life Pt1

    2/1/2018: This is a series of true experiences I have had with my wife of twelve years. Let’s start off by saying I have been a cuckold for the past ten years. I have watched my wife suck and fuck hundreds of men. I enjoy watching and participating in these sexual encounters. I will obey anything my beautiful wife tells me to do, in return I have had a wild sexual adventure that never stops. I can remember the first time my wife Amy took control of are sex lives. She told me that my cock belonged to her and that the only time I could cum was when she told me to. She had been looking at nasty magaz read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, First Time, Author: 425olds, Source: xHamster
  8. Hungry whores

    2/1/2018: Her still stinging stomach, slimy and embryoated with sperm, hits in my flaming strain that catches him so much. I adjust the rhythm of its motion to its violent breaks. I scream. Yelling. I'm gonna go, go fuck, fuck. It's powerful. I enjoy it in its grandest size. I clutched the linen under my shoulder, as he persistently penetrated into my hilarious depth. I had the impression that somebody in the pussy had embittered a burning piece of iron that devastated my interior. I'm on fire. I'm hot. It's nice to me. I'll explode. Here I come As for sex, I was always excited by a fantasy read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Interracial, Author: Brunhilda8, Source: xHamster
  9. The Virgin Gymnast

    1/31/2018: Jessica was a gymnast, she lead her team in school and was top of her game. She was flexible, strong and could take a hit if she ever fell from her apparatus. She was a confident girl, she knew she was attractive to all the guys and even the male teachers in her school which made her somewhat hard to get as she simply liked the attention and nothing more, she was far too busy with her gymnastics read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction , Oral Sex / Blowjob, First Time, Hardcore, Teen, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Teen, Teen, First Time, Teen, Author: MFUCK, Source: sexstories.com
  10. The teenage dream Chapter 1

    1/31/2018: I stared at the ceiling of my room thinking and exhaling clouds of weed. I was by no one’s standard a good looking kid but here I was with three beautiful girls lying on top of me, it sound cliche but I felt like I won. I’ll start with the beginning of eighth grade where this all began. I was starting out 8th grade somewhere between the popular kids and the normal kids. My lack of social skills read Sex Story
    Categories: Diary , Teen, Teen, First Time, Author: Mehtevas3, Source: sexstories.com